Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Ellen starts music label, signs Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance on Ellen

OK, remember last week when we made up that big lie about wunderkind Greyson Chance being signed to Interscope? Kidding! Yeah, looks like that was just one of those Internet rumors. Sahhrrry. Chance was actually signed by Ellen DeGeneres ” he’ll be the first artist on her brand new label, Eleven Eleven Records. We’re not sure if Eleven Eleven is actually an imprint of Interscope or an indie, and until we’re sure, we’re not saying a word.

Ludacris builds playground for Atlanta school kids


That Luda, bless his heart. When he’s not going door-to-door reminding people to fill out their Census forms, he’s providing for the children. This past weekend the rapper joined volunteers to help construct a playground for Venetian Hills Elementary School in Atlanta. The charity event was a collaboration between KaBoom ” a national nonprofit that provides play areas to underserved areas ”The Ludacris Foundation, United Healthcare’s Do Good. Live Well campaign and EIF’s iParticipate program. Look, we knew how low he could go, we just never knew he was such do-gooder to boot . Hats off to you, Mr. Bridges.

The Bad

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato break up

Sniff. Sad. Moving on ¦

Lady Gaga tested for Lupus

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga revealed to the London Times this week that she underwent testing for Lupus after collapsing from exhaustion and cancelling shows in March. But when it comes to the results of those tests, she’s keeping her lips sealed. I don’t want anyone to be worried, she explains. The singer lost an aunt to the disease, which is genetic and causes the body’s immune system to attack itself. Lucky for all of us little monsters, Lady Gaga is superhuman and immortal. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

The Ugly

Liza Minnelli sings Single Ladies for SATC2

Liza Minnelli

Looks like Liza Minnelli will be croaking out Beyoncé’s hit in the new Sex and the City movie. According to SATC2 promos, the 64-year-old performer tackles the number during a wedding scene. And, since Minnelli has a brand new replacement knee, maybe she’ll even attempt to do the choreography, too. That would be infinitely better than watching the chicken dance.

Key of Awesome spoof Owl City in Electronic Wuss

Ugly for Owl City, but hilarious for the rest of us.  Musical parody group, Key of Awesome,  delivered a sonic smackdown to the maudlin vomit that is “Fireflies” with their spoof, Electronic Wuss. Enjoy.


Viewer Discretion Advised: "Mocking" The Video

It’s important to keep a sense of humor when dabbling in the deep dark depths of music-related video content. In an age where producing a music video can sometimes resemble the set of a Tom Cruise movie (remember MTV’s Making The Video) we sometimes have to bring these heavyweights back down to Earth. Luckily, the funny guys and girls of Key of Awesome have gotten off to a pretty good start.

Key of Awesome is a weekly musical web comedy show that spoofs our favorite artists and celebrities. No one within the pop-culture realm is safe. The web series is produced by Next New Network‘s Barely Digital, an online video site launched in 2009 that strictly satires the technologies we all know and love so well. Barely Digital in itself is actually a spin off of the NNN’s Barely Political Channel, which is responsible for 2008’s viral sensation”17 million YouTube hits strong””Crush On Obama.”

Just this past January, Weezer paired up with Key of Awesome to scour the Internet for the funniest (web) music videos of 2009 that mocked or parodied a current music video. Winners Rhett and Link won a cameo in Weezer’s video for “I Want You To” thanks to their submission “Fast Food Folk Song“. In their video they poke fun at the drive-thru raps in commercials by singing their order at a Taco Bell drive-thru. And despite the almost 3 minute song naming off multiple fast food Mexican snacks, the Taco Bell employee totally nails the order. We highly recommend you check it out.

But we digress. Like we said, no one is safe from the clutches of Key of Awesome. They’ve parodied everyone from Metallica to Adam Lambert to Lady Gaga. So it comes as no surprise that their latest victim is none other than tween/web/soccer mom sensation Justin Bieber. “Lil Wayne” even makes a spoof-tastic cameo from behind bars. Check it out below!