As I Lay Dying Drop Off Killswitch Engage Tour

In light of their frontman being arrested in connection to a murder-for-hire plot, Christian metalcore band As I Lay Dying have announced they are officially dropping off their planned Summer tour with Killswitch Engage and Miss May I.

It was an expected announcement, but one fans still needed to hear. While Tim Lambesis sits in a California prison awaiting trial, the other members of As I Lay Dying, as well as their crew, are going to be taking some time off. A message from the band reads:

To our fans,

In light of recent events, As I Lay Dying will unfortunately not be taking part in the upcoming tour with Killswitch Engage. Given the circumstances, we feel that it is best for the band to be off the road while the current situation gets sorted. We’d like to thank all of our fans for their ongoing support at this difficult time.

-Jordan, Nick, Phil, and Josh

Darkest Hour and The Word Alive will be replacing As I Lay Dying. If you have tickets, we highly encourage you to still attend.

Killswitch Engage Stream "The New Awakening"

There has been so much great music thus far in 2013 that it is already becoming hard to keep track of all the good still to come. One release that has yet to venture far from our minds, however, is the forthcoming studio effort from New England’s Killswitch Engage.

Headed for an April 2 release date, the new album from Killswitch Engage seems poised to be their biggest to date. The singles that have already surfaced proved to fans that the return of the group’s original vocalist also ushered in a reignited passion for metal, and the track released this morning is no different. (more…)

Killswitch Engage Release Album Teaser

The return of Killswitch Engage is one of the most talked about releases of early 2013, and today we finally got our first taste of new material.

Disarm The Descent will not arrive in stores until April 2, and the lead single won’t be on sale for another two weeks, but thanks to a new video teaser fans can finally hear the first thirty seconds of the new KSE album. Don’t expect too much, but it rocks hard and those who pay close attention will see the album art hidden in the clip. Click here to view the trailer.

Preorders for Disarm The Descent are scheduled to begin in Early February

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The Beat Generation: Dan Gravelle And Finding Melody In The Breakdowns

Dan Gravelle is a musical double threat in that he’s a great composer and a gifted remixer (no word on how well the guy can dance). Gravelle has had a lot of success in the Electronica Channel. The young man placed in the channel’s Top 40 during the first three months of 2011, and managed to crack the Top 10 in February. We’ll go into greater detail on his OurStage successes in a minute, but let’s switch gears and talk stuff that hits a little harder than regular old house music.

England is the epicenter of the new rave and the trancecore scenes.  Many fans in the states might find the combination of the melodic, synthetic strains of electronic and the bracing chug of hardcore  heretical, but not the Brits (who can count Gravelle among their number). Fitting then that Gravelle should first make his mark on the web via his YouTube channel Metal2Trance. Rather than melding the disparate rockist hardcore and electronica, Gravelle’s take is a bit subversive; he makes epic trance remixes of some of his favorite metal and hardcore songs. Gravelle has covered a number of tracks from Killswitch Engage, A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada and many others. Though he calls them remixes, many of the original traces of the tracks”outside of the structure and the melody”are more like re-imaginings. The term remix doesn’t give Gravelle enough artistic credit. Check out his take on Of Mice & Men‘s “Second & Sebring” below.

Gravelle’s OurStage profile, on the other hand features his own original compositions and they’re just as impressive. “One Week in July (Radio Edit)” is a trancey piece of goodness. Beginning with an understated melody, the track takes about 2 minutes for the big meaty synth to kick in, but when it does, it comes in hard. “With Open Arms (Radio Edit)” is another choice cut. The track is a study in contrasting dynamics featuring both delicate piano and the eventual euphoric wash of sound that Gravelle makes us wait just long enough for; it’s a beautiful thing.

Metal Monday: OurStage Metal Awards '09

OSBlog02_MetalMondays_MASTERAt the end of the year, when all is said and done, 10 top albums is simply not enough to give credit where it’s due. As a supplement to last week’s  Top 10 of Metal, I’m giving props to all the other bands who did something right this year. Think of the following lists as the “superlatives” section of your yearbook”but for metal albums.

See who the winners (and losers) are in metal for 2009 after the jump

Metal Monday: Best albums of '09

OSBlog02_MetalMondays_MASTERIt’s about that time, folks. Everyone and their dog are making their year-end top album lists then checking it twice, and I’m following suit. This has been a quality year in the metal world thanks to releases from three of the biggest acts in thrash metal (Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth), many a  breakthrough releases, not to mention some newcomer juggernauts.

So, here it goes, my top 10 metal albums of 2009, starting at number 10:



One Without, an OurStage act from Sweden and recent addition to Germany’s Lifeforce Records, is a band on the edge of stardom. A bit of a surprise coming from the heart of Gothenburg, known for acts such as In Flames, At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity, the band has an undeniably pop-hook driven sound that still manages to be completely metal. Listeners might compare One Without to some of the other female-fronted metal bands out there, notably Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation, but the band has found their own little niche (and as they say, please don’t compare them). With a new album coming out in September, One Without could be the next female-fronted band in the metal spotlight.

One Without banner

MTD: Your sound is a bit different from that of the more well-known bands of Gothenburg (the forefathers of Melodic Death Metal). Is this an indication of the next trend of music in Gothenburg?
OW: Well, you never know! It could become a trend after our breakthrough! But we don’t think so, people are pretty stuck in the traditional Gothenburg Metal Sound over here, and we can honestly say that we are the only band with this sound, at least that we know of!

MTD: Whom would you say you have drawn the most influences from?
OW: We can’t really pin-point any special bands. We all listen to so much music in so many different genres, so it comes down to hundreds of bands. We have never strived towards sounding like any other band, we just play what we like. Everyone in the band is involved in the making of songs, and that’s probably why we get the sound we have. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of band working like that, which is a shame in our opinion.

MTD: I see that you are releasing an album in the fall (your debut, right?). Can you give us some cool insight on the new album?
OW: The most important part for us in the making of the album, was that we didn’t want to have any songs that we weren’t 100% satisfied with. We didn’t want to have 4-5 songs that were hits and that the rest of the songs would be standard songs just to fill out the album. So you can expect an album filled with hits! Other than that we have worked with some great people in making the album, which resulted in a very explosive, dark and emotional sound in the production.

MTD: If you could play one show with any band, who would you choose?
OW: Killswitch Engage, they seem like a nice bunch, and besides from that most of us love their work, or possibly Katatonia, a great Swedish metal band.

MTD: Are you going to be touring the US any time in the near future?
OW: We have been contacted by some tour bookers and clubs that want us to come over and work with them, but at the moment we haven’t started working with anyone concerning that. But of course we will come over and play for you guys in the near future, we just can’t say when right now!

MTD: If you could have any band cover one of your songs, who would perform it (and what song would it be)?
OW: Jose Gonzales would have been an interesting candidate, and Your Game would be the song of choice.

MTD: What is the weirdest fan interaction you have ever had?
OW: Some years back we played a gig at a small club in Gothenburg, I mean REALLY small, and back then we had not started promoting ourselves in the manner we do today, so we were a pretty unknown band. After the show two guys came up and talked to us, and they told us that they had come all the way from Belgium just to see us that night, and that they were huge fans. That felt pretty surreal. [laughs]

MTD: Describe your band in exactly 8 words.
OW: Emotional, dark, hopeful, explosive, heavy, beautiful, unexpected, unique.

MTD: What would you say if someone wanted to compare you to, say, Lacuna Coil or Within Temptation?
OW: Please don’t.

MTD: Any fun songs you cover live? Any you would want to cover live?
OW: We actually play a song called Om Du Var Hí¤r By Kent, a big Swedish pop/rock act that we all like very much, and people seem to enjoy our metal version of it!

MTD: How did you come to get signed by Lifeforce? Any cool story here?
OW: It actually wasn’t anything special to it, we sent them our album and they liked what they heard, so we started negotiating! Wish we could have given you a great, sick story, but that’s how it went!

MTD: Who is your best friend band at Lifeforce so far?
OW: Nightrage! We have been hanging a bit with Marios in the band, and he has really showed us what a great person he is. Cheers man!