Konshens Performs “Militant” At Kennedy Center

One of last month’s Finals winners, Konshens The MC, often performs with his seven-piece band State of Mind. A recent project of the group is Classically Dope, a show that incorporates with the band a classical ensemble. We wanted to share this great video of them performing Konshens’ winning track “Militant” at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts back on February 8th.

Konshens Teases New Album
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Hip Hop Habit: Konshens

Top OurStage Artists In January 2017

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Konshens Teases New Album

konshensDC hip-hop artist Konshens has posted a teaser video for his upcoming album From The Hotel Room, due in July 2014. The album is the follow-up to last year’s The Progression. The video is brief but packs some serious energy into 15 seconds.

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In other news, we were psyched to give an assist to OurStage artists 2nd Half and Thank You & Goodnight, who got some exposure during this past weekend’s ESPN broadcast of the NCAA basketball games. Listen and vote for your favorite on the ESPN Home Court Facebook page. And keep watching the games for more.

And speaking of TV and movie placements, look out for the upcoming indie film, Compliance, directed by Craig Zobel and currently generating tons of buzz at the Sundance Film Festival. OurStage artists Ed Leavitt, Daniel Whittington, Admiral Twin, Gar Richmond, Jesi Kettering, Bearin’ Peace, Blacklisted Individuals, Ashley Robertson and Konshens will all be featured on the soundtrack. Yeah man.

Compliance (2012)

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Hip Hop Habit: Konshens

A glance at this artist’s profile will reveal nine Top 10 awards, one Number 1 Channel Prize and a “Best Of” recognition. His biography is cluttered with a laundry list of various awards, including nominations for Best Live Performance from the DMV Entertainment and Music awards and winning Entertainer of The Year, Best Male Rap Artist and Best Rap Album as decided by Velocity Magazine. He even finished Number 1 in our very own Beat Kangz Independent Artist Challenge in April. But rest assured, Konshens (pronounced Conscience) is still hungry for more.

Konshens (born Tarik Davis) exhibited such musical potential as a child that he was a guest performer with his uncle’s band at the age of 4. It wasn’t long before he was enrolled in a school for gifted and talented students where he focused on piano ” an event that undoubtedly impacted his decision to enlist real musicians to play his beats when performing live instead of a DJ later in life. As the young prodigy grew so did his tastes ” Konshens adopted hip hop as his true love around the age of 10. Though that was some time ago, his veteran skills are now evident both in flow and hearty vocals. He’s even received mentoring from producer Richie Davis (Beyoncé‘s Crazy in Love and Destiny Child‘s Soldier). Fusing hip hop with jazz, funk and even a little DMV Go-Go, Konshens creates a sound that is all his own.

At his core, Konshens is a loving person ”just look at the first page of song listings on his profile and you’ll see 3 pieces dedicated to women in the sincerest ways possible. First Lady celebrates the feminine objects of his affection (both as lovers and mothers) for surviving day-to-day with grace. The beat meanders along the path of blind devotion with a hint of uncertainty highlighted by spooky moans in the back of the mix and an ethereal synth ascending synth. Moment of Time stays in the same mind frame in terms of theme, but this time the bleeding heart is thrust out of the comfortable confidence audible in First Lady and into pleading his worthiness instead, rhyming I’m done with playin’ games/ my aim has only changed/ I proclaim that I will never cause pain/ I’m a grown man/ seein’ more clear/ yes I’m sincere/ baby girl come here. This track is perhaps the best example of jazz/funk/rap Konshens and his band, State of Mind, have created. And while the live band’s organic energy adds to the composition as a whole, the unchanging form of the beat itself becomes redundant in the final stretch.

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