Meet AJM, July's El Headliner!

Every month OurStage and Tr3s team up to bring one Latin music artist to the top and crown a new El Headliner. And after thousands of battles in the competition, we have a winner. AJM has been performing for years with a number of different projects, including a stint as a vocalist for Latin GRAMMY winning act Kumbia Kings. But he has truly struck Latin pop gold with his solo material. The fans on OurStage apparently agree, leading to AJM’s win in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel for July. And, of course, with the title of El Headliner comes great publicity. AJM will receive upcoming promotions in Music My Güey, Free Latin Music, Blogamole, and on Tr3s’ Top 20! Sigh, it must feel good to be El Headliner.


Check out AJM’s winning track “Enamorando” along with some of his other songs in the playlist below.