Exclusive Q and A: Sohanny Talks Tr3s, 'Step Up,' Collaborations

Latin artist Sohanny knows what it’s like to be on the grind. While she puts in hours of songwriting, singing, dancing, rehearsing, and promoting, it all seems almost effortless to the talented Dominican songstress. This past summer, her collaboration with Vein, “Get Loose,” was featured on the Step Up Revolution soundtrack, and she is currently working on her first English album. Though Sohanny is poised on the threshold of huge crossover success, she doesn’t forget where she came from. This month, she’s teaming up with OurStage to be the celebrity judge for the Tr3s “El Headliner” competition and to give back to up-and-coming artists who are looking to hit it big.  We caught up with Sohanny to chat collaboration, inspiration, and hard work.

OS: Your music has a lot of different influences that work together.  How would you describe it for somebody who has never listened to you before?

Sohanny: I’d say Tropical.  Tropical fusion with a little bit of urban pop for sure.  I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and also the US so it’s a mix of my roots together with what I grew up listening to.

OS: You also embrace newer electronic sounds like Moombahton as well.  What do you like about newer styles like that?

S: To a lot of people who are listening to it now it’s a recent thing, but it’s so underground. In most of what I do there are a lot of original sounds that came from the streets, like my first single that had a bit of Perico Ripiao, which is more of an upbeat mambo. Moombahton has been happening as well in Puerto Rico for a while now, but now all these Latin sounds are starting to come back and it’s a lot of the underground stuff that people loved but that was never really commercialized in the US. I’m very proud to be one of the pioneers to bring out the fusion of sounds from my country. (more…)

Meet AJM, July's El Headliner!

Every month OurStage and Tr3s team up to bring one Latin music artist to the top and crown a new El Headliner. And after thousands of battles in the competition, we have a winner. AJM has been performing for years with a number of different projects, including a stint as a vocalist for Latin GRAMMY winning act Kumbia Kings. But he has truly struck Latin pop gold with his solo material. The fans on OurStage apparently agree, leading to AJM’s win in the Tr3s Latin Music Channel for July. And, of course, with the title of El Headliner comes great publicity. AJM will receive upcoming promotions in Music My Güey, Free Latin Music, Blogamole, and on Tr3s’ Top 20! Sigh, it must feel good to be El Headliner.


Check out AJM’s winning track “Enamorando” along with some of his other songs in the playlist below.

Latin Artists! The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Awaits In This Month's "El Headliner" Competition

Have you been working ’round the clock to perfect a song that will capture that attention of Latin music fans everywhere? If so, OurStage and Tr3s have the opportunity for you.

Submit your best material to the Tr3s Latin Music Channel by July 23 for your chance to become July’s El Headliner. Our community of music fans and judges at Tr3s will listen to the entries and decide who they feel deserves the title. If you win, you’ll gain instant traction with the 6.1 million households who watch Tr3s on TV and the masses of Latin music fans on Tr3s.com through features on Lo Que Te Pica, Music My Güey, Free Latin Music and Blogamole.




Tangled Up In Blue


Imagine Fiona Apple and Janis Joplin joined by Neko Case and Radiohead for a Saturday night out, reads the splash page of the blueVenus Web site. And although that suggests a supergroup fronted by three alpha women, blueVenus is in reality just one woman”singer-songwriter Andrea de Boer. That’s not to say the music isn’t larger than the sum of its parts. De Boer weaves a lot of ideas into each song, changing up time signatures and vocal parts like an actor trying on new characters. Killing Time introduces you to the warm brush of de Boer’s voice as she drifts through hypnotic, moody soundscapes. Grin, on the other hand, uses the wiry scrape of plucked strings and bleating horns to create a jazzy, Latin-infused number. Things may sound upbeat, but there’s distress lurking at the fringes. In Happy Tune”a creeper of a melody”de Boer tries to outrun her demons, telling herself Instead of dark I’ll be light. We hope she hangs on to a little of the darkness. Keeps things interesting.

“blueVenus” – Killing Time

Latin Artists, Enter To Win Big On MTV DEMO!

Attention Latin Artists: We have a new site especially made for you!

OurStage has partnered with MTV to launch a new Spanish language site full of amazing opportunities geared  towards Latin American artists! MTV DEMO is designed to illuminate emerging Latin American artists that the fans have taken notice of. The concept is simple. You upload your best original music into monthly competitions, the community of music fans ranks all the songs competing in the channels according to their favorites and these favorites are awarded cash or career advancing prizes.

To start things off, MTV DEMO is awarding  $1,000 USD to the Number 1 ranked artist in our music Finals. Additionly, all Number 1 ranked artists from the music channels from the February competition will receive a prize of $100 USD. So what are you waiting for? Go to MTV DEMO and enter your best original song into one of the five available channels. For more information read the FAQs.

GuacaMusic: Victor Maldo

When does music turn into poetry?

OurStage Latin artist Victor Maldo is an excellent candidate to answer this question. The singer, songwriter and poet from the Dominican Republic started his career in music many years ago, with the simple goals of expressing his feelings and changing the world.

On his Web site, Maldo states that, beyond transcending and becoming famous, he intends to express his feelings and everything that he has inside. Play Victor’s song Dulce Cruz on OurStage and you will immediately understand what he means by this. With passionate lyrics and phrases like vienes con la sonrisa de las flores (you come here with the smile of the flowers) you can immediately tell that Victor is a true romantic who needs to write in order to survive.

Maldo started his musical carrer as a member of the band Café Latino where he was the main vocalist. He then traveled to the United States to study music and went back to the Dominican Republic to begin his adventure as a solo artist. Since then, he has established himself as a bewildered pedestrian who sings about what he feels and, by doing so, sings about what others are feeling too. On his Web site, Victor writes: I am that pedestrian and will sing my love for you, a love that is yours. My pain is your pain.

If you are into poetry but cannot understand a word of Spanish, do not worry. Maldo’s romantic voice is a beautiful poem by itself. If you do know some español, however, you’ll be delighted to hear that Maldo’s inspiration comes from legends such as Julio Cortázar, Jorge Luis Borges and Mario Benedetti, as well as from contemporary singer-songwriters like Joaquin Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat. So really, what could be more poetic than that?

Victor’s pieces are resonating well with OurStage fans. Dulce Cruz made it into the Top 10 OurStage Latin charts in both November and December of last year and is getting very positive comments. Will he continue to rise to the top in 2011? We certainly think so. Enjoy this playlist. ¡Provecho!