Friday, January 27th, 2012

Artist Access Gives Premium Members A Foot In The Door!

The music industry can be a hard place to navigate, but here at OurStage, we want to help you get your foot in the door! We know that a huge part of success in the music industry comes from having great connections, and so once again we are giving our Premium Members the opportunity to connect with industry consultant Bruce Tyler by entering our October “Artist Access” Competition!

Bruce Tyler is the former EVP of both Sony Music and Columbia Records and is widely recognized for his efforts in working alongside artists such as Beyoncé, John Mayer, John Legend, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz and The Fray. In his over twenty-five years of experience, he’s worked with major record labels, artist managers, radio giants, music producers, TV and film production companies, leading music Internet sites and even some of the biggest artists in music today. He is widely regarded as one of the music industry’s best resources.

One winner will be chosen to travel to New York City and meet with Tyler in hopes of building a connection that could further their musical career. Want this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be yours? Sign up for an OurStage Premium Membership here, log on and enter your best pop, rock, urban or country song by October 23rd for your chance to win!

Shining Rae Nabs Exclusive Mentoring Session With Bruce Tyler

Shining Rae is about to experience what so many strive for but so few accomplish in the music business”a mentoring session with an industry giant. Bruce Tyler to be precise. Shining Rae entered her acoustic / pop / soul ditty “Dreaming” in the July “Artist Access” Competition, rising all the way to the Number 1 spot. While the talent in the competition was abundant, Shining Rae’s blend of acoustic pop and soul stood tall.

And now for a little on the man she’ll be meeting:

Currently employing his entrepreneurial expertise to some of the most influential companies and artists in music, Bruce Tyler’s résumé also includes time spent as the former EVP of both Sony Music and Columbia Records.

Shining Rae is about to join the ranks of artists privy to his highly sought after advice, including John Mayer, John Legend, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, The Fray and many more.

Note: due to a scheduling conflict, Bruce Tyler will be filling in for Don Ienner for the July “Artist Access” Competition Grand Prize.

U2 360° In Numbers

Two years and one month ago, a group of Irish fellows by the name U2 set off on a record-breaking musical adventure around the world. Spanning five continents, seven tour legs, and over 100 performances, the band was about to make history. Their first date (June 30, 2009) was at the legendary Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain, to a sold-out crowd of over 91,000. Their last performance was last Saturday in Moncton, Canada, a venue that has played host to over  75,000 concertgoers in the past. “What’s up with all these numbers,” you ask? To commemorate the culmination of their tour, we’ve gathered some of the ridiculous statistics to ponder.


Records Broken:

– Highest attended tour: Over 7 million tickets sold

– Highest grossing concert tour: Over $700 million in ticket sales

– Most watched live stream on YouTube: Nearly 10 million people

– Highest set structure: 167 ft.


– Three sets built: Since each set took four days to put up and three days to take down, U2 had to stagger their tour dates and adjust to each of the caravan’s travel times

120 trucks to move each set, including all the sound and light systems, the structure, instruments and crew

– Cost of each individual set: Approximately $25 million

– Crew size: 137 in the permanent touring production, plus over 120 hired locally at each venue

– At the end of the tour, all sets will become a permanent venue somewhere in the world, each with its own high-quality sound system and tracked screen

– U2 sold out all 104 shows, many in mere minutes after tickets went on sale

– Daily cost of concert operations: $750,000. It was estimated that the tour would not break even until the second leg was over

– Major artists appearing as openers: Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz, Muse, Florence and the Machine, Interpol, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs

– The moving and expanding video screen has over 500,000 pixels: The band paid $2 million to raise the “Jerry-tron” at Dallas’ Cowboys Stadium during their performance so they could fit their own screen

These numbers leave us perplexed. How can U2 be such a powerhouse, even in a recession? One thing is for sure, though: There was no way you could not enjoy this concert. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with for their next tour.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mellow Rockers Misions Win Mentoring Session With Bruce Tyler

Take the piano steady drive of Coldplay, the sonic aesthetic of Grizzly Bear and shake it all up with some good ol’ fashioned pop writing and you’ve got Misions. The Henryetta, OK quartet has been making waves on OurStage since last summer”placing in the Top 10 during the regional rounds of the Shout It Out With HANSON and Subway Fresh Artistsâ„¢ Competitions.

The band is still turning heads, specifically those of the judges in the May Artist Access Premium Member Competition. Their hard work has earned them a mentoring session with industry veteran Bruce Tyler! Tyler’s music career spans over twenty-five years and includes having a hand in the success of artists like John Mayer, John Legend, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, The Fray and many more. He currently employs his entrepreneurial expertise to some of the most influential companies and artists in music.

Tyler will be sitting down with the guys in NYC to share with them his years of experience in the music business. Join us in congratulating Misions on their win, and check out some more mellow tracks from the group in the playlist below.