Monday, October 15, 2012

Adele Wrote The Theme To The New James Bond Movie "Skyfall" And Surprise! It Sounds Very Adele

There have been hints and rumors for months that Adele was to pen and perform the theme for the most recent installment in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall. Hell, she apparently had a pretty good shot at doing the theme for 2008’s Quantum of Solace alongside fellow Brit soulstresses Leona Lewis and the late Amy Winehouse. While that honor eventually went to the duo of Jack White and Alicia Keys it looks like the film’s producers were nice enough to give the famously under-appreciated Adele another shot.

But really, Adele seems like a no-brainer for doing a Bond theme. She’s British, and Bond (and his actor surrogate Daniel Craig) is British. Plus you’re guaranteed some soul and some serious brass which harkens back nicely to some of the classic themes of the Bond franchise sung by Shirley Bassey. All of that is on display here though the track does start off sounding like a B side to “Set Fire To The Rain.”

Check out the lyric video for Adele’s theme for Skyfall, appropriately titled “Skyfall,” after the jump.


Is the Next Adele a Guy?

For at least another year or two, all of the U.K.’s up-and-coming sisters (and brothers) with voices will have their work cut out for them. As if it’s not already tough enough to rise above the pop pack, they’ll also have to contend with all of those inevitable Adele comparisons.

Is she (or he) the next Adele, the future of U.K.-bred pop talent hoping to achieve global domination?

Admit it: You wonder, too”every time a great new voice emerges from the British music scene. With the ruling pop diva of the last two years now between albums (perhaps she’ll be back in the autumn singing the theme for the next James Bond film, Skyfall) and expecting her first child with boyfriend Simon Konecki, the battle is on for the keys to the kingdom that the princess hasn’t even yet vacated.

If you’ve got a great voice and/or a slightly unconventional pop sound and/or look, if you’re more substance than style, to the front of the line you go. It’s the latest greatest aspiration in pop since the days when it was all about being the next Amy Winehouse, whether you sounded anything like her or not. Challenging Adele might be as scary a proposition as walking in the late Winehouse’s scuffed shoes might have been (terrifying for reasons that had everything and nothing to do with Winehouse’s talent), but at least fans are in for some great music. Recently, I heard a Rumer (the off-the-beaten-pop-path singer behind 2010’s Seasons of My Soul and this year’s Boys Don’t Cry), and my first thought was “Is this it?”

Rumer isn’t the only talented singer who’s making me listen and wonder. Here are three others:

Emeli Sandé (Current hits: My Kind of Love and Next to Me) In June, a friend sent me the video for Sandé’s recent single, Next to Me, on Facebook, with a short and sweet message: love… After watching the clip, my first impression was Sara Bareilles with a really dated look. White on black is so mid-˜90s! My second impression: How is it that everybody all over the world doesn’t already know her name (which, incidentally, is actually Adele Emeli Sandé)?  (more…)

"The Voice": Ladies' Night

The boys have brought an insane amount of energy, passion and skill to this season of The Voice. From Jesse Campbell and Anthony Evans, Jr., to Pip and Tony Lucca, Season 2 has been ripe with talent from a fresh crop of male vocalists.

Last night’s episode, however, was all about the ladies. Sure, there were still some solid performances from the guys (Jonathas and Jermaine Paul both tore it up), but we were extremely impressed by the matchups of Katrina Parker and Angel Taylor on Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” and Erin Willett and Gwen Sebastian on Pat Benatar’s “We Belong.”