Limp Bizkit Kickstart Comeback With "Ready To Go" Video

Before you reach for the refresh button, make no mistake: this is not 2002. Limp Bizkit have returned to the music scene with a new label and single that must be heard to be believed.

“Ready To Go” is the first single release by Limp Bizkit via their new label Young Money Records. Yes, the same label owned by Lil Wayne and Birdman. The group signed with the hip-hop label in 2012, but their debut effort has just now reached our ears (and eyes). The video is a montage of footage on and off stage, which any diehard is sure to enjoy, but the real pearl of this post is the song itself. Click below to experience “Ready To Go.”

We like to keep an open mind, but we’re not sure the world is ready for the return of nu-metal. Comment below and let us know your thoughts. (more…)

Limp Bizkit Cover Rage Against The Machine

Limp Bizkit have been ramping up promotional efforts in anticipation of releasing a new album later in the year. Recently, the group broke their long-standing US touring silence and already the group’s live show is sparking discussion and outcry.

While performing in Ft. Lauderdale on April 25, Fred Durst and crew debuted a cover of Rage Against The Machine‘s “Killing In The Name.” LB did not perform the full song, but the most notable moments were of course used to spur on an already wild crowd. You can view fan captured footage of the cover at the end of this post.

Whether or not a new Limp Bizkit album actually surfaces in 2013 is anyone’s guess, but those hoping to catch the band live will have plenty of chances throughout the year. Click here for tour dates. (more…)

Limp Bizkit Stream "Ready To Go"

Last week we brought you news of a potential Limp Bizkit nationwide tour, and today we’re back with a new song from Fred Durst and company to help further the dozens of rumors currently circling the net.

“Ready To Go” is  song that has been teased almost as long as Limp Bizkit have been “back.” The song was recorded with Young Money hotshot Lil Wayne shortly after the group inked their label deal, and was even teased last year on a number of sites, but it took over a year for the full song to make its way online. Not much has changed in terms of sound, so it seems likely fans will still love everything they hear. You can stream “Ready To Go” at the end of this post.

Limp Bizkit are rumored to be releasing an album in 2013, but no concrete information is available as of yet. Stay tuned to OurStage for updates and comment below to let us know your thoughts on “Ready To Go.” (more…)

Limp Bizkit Planning US Tour (Without DJ Lethal)

Fans of Limp Bizkit were bummed to learn last year that the band would again not be touring in the United States. When asked about it, frontman Fred Durst said something to the extent of wanting to wait until he knew Limp Bizkit could bring their absolute best performance before returning to stateside stages. Now, new information from around the web is beginning to outline what seems to be a lengthy US Spring outing for LB, but to the dismay of many it seems one of the band’s key members will not be along for the ride.

According to a handful of music sites, Limp Bizkit will indeed be announcing a US tour in the coming weeks. Until that time, fans can get an idea of potential routing for the run by looking at the dates that have been confirmed thus far: (more…)

The Musicians With The Most Eyebrow Raising Pieces Of Body Art

Many musicians have talents and creative energy that require outlets music just can’t provide. Some are writers, penning books of turgid prose to match their affected prosody. Some act, and can be seen on both big or small screens with a bit part here or a cameo role there. Then there are those that feel the need to express themselves through the static visual medium of paint. And what greater canvas is there than that of the living canvas, the human body?

Yes, it seems like every musician is getting inked up these days. Hell, 45 million Americans of all walks of life now have some form of permanent body art on their person. But, as any fateful walk on along the beach these days will tell you, not every tattoo is a winner. It’s hard to say that any work of art is bad, per se since taste is subjective. One man’s Rothko on his pec can be another woman’s velvet Elvis on her wrist.

In this spirit, join us as we chronicle some of the most, um, “eyebrow raising” pieces of body art on some of our favorite musical acts.


Metal Monday: What If Rage Against The Machine Never Had A Hit?

Think of any nu metal or rap metal band from the late 90s or early 2000s. Limp Bizkit, Hed PE, Linkin Park, Crazy Town, P.O.D., just for examples. I would almost bet that each and every artist you could think of would list Rage Against The Machine as one of their main influences. What if, however, Rage Against The Machine never actually had any success as a band? Would the influence from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Living Colour and Biohazard be enough to leave the rap metal and nu metal landscapes unchanged? Hard to imagine it would”RATM really had their own style that kicked it up a notch from their musical colleagues.

RATM really only lasted for about a decade, but their impact on the music world was pretty huge. Would the world be able to laugh at Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst year after year without RATM’s influence? Probably not. Would anyone have been Crazy Town’s butterfly, baby? Let’s hope not. Somewhat unfortunately, bands that followed RATM musically didn’t so much follow them lyrically, nor did they pick up on their fashion sense. Backwards caps, tripp pants, spiked hair, etc. would probably all still have existed”Rage Against The Machine didn’t roll with that.

Lyrically, however, there is a major disconnect between Rage Against The Machine and other bands who would be a logical musical descendants. These bands, like Korn for example, had a different approach. Instead of raging about the government and how messed up the world was (the United States especially), they mostly connected with family life, being an outcast, etc. Perhaps it was the lack of major political movements or the fact that life was pretty great for the US in the mid to late ’90s (comparatively). Maybe it was just another rebellion by the youth. After all, who wants to be just like their predecessors? Seems to be the way of the world, generation after generation.