Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Rehab Bound After iHeartRadio Outburst

There’s a lot that viewers might have expected from Green Day’s iHeartRadio performance this past weekend. But unless guitar smashing and explicit ranting was on your list, you would be wrong.

While performing Basket Case, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong noticed the one minute warning sign flashing, signifying that the band wrap up their set. He quickly halted the band’s performance to make room for an outlandish tantrum.

One fucking minute!, Armstrong screamed, Let me tell you something. I’ve been around since 19 fucking 88!  And you’re gonna give me one fucking minute? You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers!

As the teleprompter flashed that time was now up, Armstrong continued on with his outburst.


Tour Update Day Nine: Jitta On The Track, Live in D.C.

“Rise” Competition winner Jitta On The Track has been giving us a behind-the-scenes look at his new life on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour, and now we finally get to see him perform on stage! Check out this video of Jitta’s set from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. and stay tuned for more news on his rise to fame.


Live Wired: OurStage Artists Wow Us With Unique Performances

This week, Live Wired is exploring the world of Pro Performance Videos on OurStage! This channel is full of wonderful and diverse representations of OurStage artists’ live performances so we decided to find some of our favorites to discuss. From local, intimate venues to huge stages that thousands of people will see, live music comes in all different packages. Performers like Anunnaki, Jeremy James and The Bright represent the assortment of live musicians on OurStage. It takes a lot of preparation for any artist to get on stage and play their songs to an audience. Whether it’s just a singer and their guitar or a full band, the art of live performance is a whole other aspect of musicianship.

Anunnaki are a group of musicians from Georgia who play classical music fused with the sounds of progressive gothic music. They consist of a pianist, four violinists, two violists and two cellists. The performance of their instrumental song “ISHTAR Gates” is a piece over ten minutes long but it’s extremely captivating. While other musicians in different genres may view crowd interaction as crucial, Anunnaki are focused on the precision of each of their instruments and how they work together. An interesting part of the performance is when the group incorporates vocals for a portion of the song. Instead of being the main focus, the singer is standing in the background and her voice is more like an accompanying instrument rather than the focal point.


Viewer Discretion Advised: Late Night Lineups

There’s been a lot of movement within the talk show circuit in the last few months. Between the resignation heard round the world of Conan and Larry King’s recent departure announcement, things are shaking up”and ratings are slowly but surely slipping. Despite the sensational spectacle of Conan’s battle with NBC, late night rankings have sank over the past 3 months, ushering hot shots like Jay Leno and and David Letterman into the twilight of their careers. Added to the takeover of DVR, and the maturing of an audience that would rather go out at night and check out monologues and performances on YouTube the next day, its safe to say execs are scrambling to find fresh appeals.

Lucky for them, the music industry is also in a transition period. Music is being sold (and not-so-sold) online, concerts aren’t selling out and the Internet is flooded with material from both emerging and seasoned artists, making it hard for individual acts to stand out and make an impression. So, musicians have taken to the tube to access their audiences in the comforts of their own homes. After all, 73 million people tuned in to watch The Beatles make their American television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show back in February of 1964. Here’s a fun, only slightly random fact: In an effort to promote the return of Jay Leno to The Tonight Show, NBC spots featuring the Beatles song “Get Back” ran during this past winter’s Olympics. While the version wasn’t performed by The Beatles, the singer did sound a bit like Paul McCartney.

Below you can check out your favorite artists that will be making appearances on a TV near you this week as well as the performance that started it all”The Beatles on Ed Sullivan”just for kicks.

Late Show with David Letterman, CBS

Mo 7/19: Robyn
Tu 7/20: Sheryl Crow
We 7/21: Alejandro Escovedo
Th 7/22: Steve Winwood

The Tonight Show with Dave Leno, NBC

Mo 7/19: KISS
Tu 7/20:  the Black Eyed Peas
We 7/21: Metric
Fr 7/23: Gaslight Anthem

Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC

Mo 7/19:  N.E.R.D
Tu 7/20: Runner Runner
We 7/21:  Raheem DeVaughn
Th 7/22: Keane
Fr 7/23: Rerun TBA

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC

Mo 7/19: Widespread Panic
Tu 7/20: Jemaine Clement, Crowded House
We 7/21: Selena Gomez, Halestorm
Th 7/22: Sheryl Crow
Fr 7/23: Rick Ross

Lopez Tonight, TBS

Tu 7/20: Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars
Th 7/22: Enrique Iglesias