Soundtrax: Viva La Fiesta

We love a good Latin party song, and this mix highlights some of the best on OurStage and beyond. From hip-hop to pop (and even some rock in between), we’ve showcased a broad spectrum of Latin music from around the world. Viva La Fiesta features OurStage artists LokixximoLuci, and CuCu Diamantes.

Exclusive Q and A: Lokixximo Talks About Challenges, Hard Work, And Sebastian Krys

LokixximoSeven years of hard work has taken Latin urban artist Lokixximo to a whole new level of stardom and all over the map”from The Bronx to The Dominican Republic to Los Angeles. After catching his big break in the Tr3s Dame Un Break Competition, OurStage artist Lokixximo has nowhere to go but up. He was awarded the opportunity to record with four-time GRAMMY-winning producer Sebastian Krys, along with professional direction and production of a music video for his club single, Noches Europea. We caught up with him after the whole experience to see how things went, and to find out where he’ll be going next.

OS: Your music career started over seven years ago, how would you say you’ve developed as an artist since you first began making music?

L: Well I started when I was 13 years old. You know, doing shows and stuff like that, I think it was 2005. That’s when I really branched out and started doing songs and stuff like that. It takes years, you know, to come up with your own style.

OS: What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve had to face so far in your career?

L: The biggest challenge for me really is just trying to get my music to the fans. If you’re working alone, and you don’t have a label or anything, it’s really hard, trying to work and trying to make money in your career. That’s always been a big challenge. But to tell you the truth that’s really like, the fun part of it”the struggle, the process¦ It’s a challenge, you know? Not everyone is willing to do that, to spend their money on their own talent¦ That’s where it really comes. The ones who really believe in themselves are the ones who go far.


Lokixximo Catches A Break

After two months of heated competition, New York Latin urban artist Lokixximo is finally catching a break after being crowned the Grand Prize Winner of the Tr3s Dame Un Break Competition with his song Noche Europea,” featuring DJ Mesta. Growing up in the Bronx, Lokixximo teamed up with partner Jose Josexx to form the Lokiximo Boyz in 2005, and the Latin duo began establishing a name for themselves on the underground Latin scene. After appearing on various radio stations, Latin charts, and tours through the US and the Caribbean, founder Bonao took on the name ‘Lokixximo’ when parter Jose Josexx parted ways. Now, the club hit, ‘Noche Europea,’ has claimed victory over more than 200 formidable Latin artists with its unique style and catchy lyrics. Lokixximo will have the chance to film a music video created by a professional producer selected by Tr3s, receive a one-day recording session with a GRAMMY Award-winning producer, and will be awarded a cash prize of $2,500. Congratulations to Elshamusic, Lilo, Xcelencia, and Radial for finishing in the Top 5 finalists.


Give These Latin Artists A Break!

With just four days to go before the final voting round closes, the five final Latin artists in the Tr3s “Dame Un Break” Competition are racing to pull in the votes necessary to win the Grand Prize”a one-day recording session with GRAMMY Award-winning producer Sebastian Krys and a music video shot in L.A., which will premiere on Tr3s and Check out the music of Radial, Elshamusic, Xcelencia, Lilo, and Lokixximo then vote here for your favorite before July 16 to help decide which artist will finally get their lucky break!