For Today Seeking Fans For Music Video Shoot

For TodayFor Today will be shooting a new music video for “Break The Cycle” today, Jan. 28, and are seeking fan involvement. The shoot will take place from 1pm-5pm in Los Angeles, and will feature Memphis May Fire‘s Matty Mullins on set. All interested fans have to do is show up to 1200 Hope St with a few friends, and prepare for your 15 minutes of fame.

You can check out more information below, and grab the band’s new album, Fight the Silence when it drops Feb 4.


The Eagles' 'Hotel California' Becomes World's Largest Vinyl Record

The Eagles vinylWhat would the world’s largest vinyl record would look like? Maybe a little like your old copy of The Eagles’ Hotel California? But, uh, bigger? And what better place for this vinyl than a city in California? As it turns out, that’s actually a thing”and it’s happening on the rooftop of Inglewood, California’s the Forum. The vinyl weighs in at a whopping 50,000 pounds, and measures 407 feet in diameter. It even spins at a leisurely 17 miles per hour. Extremely limited edition. So what’s the cause for such a gigantic Eagles tribute? The record was installed to coincide with the re-opening of the Forum, and the six shows that will be staged by the ’70s rock giants to mark the occasion beginning on January 15. You can check out a video documenting the construction below.


Artist Vs Poet Stream "Close To You"

Artist-Vs-Poet-300x212Happy New Year’s Eve, music lovers! As a special treat for fans, Artist Vs Poet have released a new single called “Close To You,” which you can take a listen to below. The band will be touring Japan this February with William Beckett for shows in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, in support of their latest release, Keep Your Secrets.

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Review: Local Natives – 'Hummingbird'

Writing a sophomore album is a tricky prospect, especially when a band has received a massive amount of buzz and critical praise in relation to their relatively short lifespan. Groups crumble all the time under the weight of these expectations “ whether from themselves or from the media “ and often are unable to recapture the magic of their first major release: the one that they had their entire lives to conjure, instead of just a few months between tours and promotion. The rapid pace of the blogosphere has magnified the effect of this pressure, churning out new acts by the day that are effective sonic replacements for any formerly beloved group that has failed to pass muster on a new release. Add in the democratic and anonymous nature of the Internet, which emboldens the opinionated to release the type of caustic criticism that most would hide in person, and it is understandable why many bands today would have some trepidation regarding the release of new material.

Local Natives seem like they may be aware of, if not certainly reactive to, these perils. In part, because their second release Hummingbird does not stray far stylistically from Gorilla Manor, the debut album that put the Los Angeles group on the map in 2010. The band’s chiming guitar parts and multi-part harmonies remain, as do their intricate percussion lines that often form the focal points of their studio compositions and their energetic live shows. For some bands, the re-creation of a uniform sonic profile reminiscent of a past release could be interpreted as an insurance against loss, a way to satisfy those listeners who are expecting more of the same from a band they already enjoy. For other groups, the preservation of the same style could simply signify their love of that particular sound, and their desire to wring it dry for all of its latent value.


Chris Brown And Frank Ocean Fight At Los Angeles Recording Studio

Well, this was unexpected.

TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a fight at a Los Angeles recording studio last night following a dispute over parking. Apparently, Brown was at the studio working with an artist he recently signed, when Ocean rolled through and complained to Brown that he was parked in the wrong place. What followed exactly is unclear, but according to tweets from Frank Ocean (seen below) it seems Chris and his security jumped Ocean, with Brown landing at least one punch on the “Pyramids” vocalist. This is contrary to other reports, which claim Frank’s guards were the first to start the fight. Police were called to the scene, but Brown left before they could arrive. Ocean stayed to answer questions, and as a result is currently being considered the victim in the situation.

Police are still hoping to speak with Brown about the altercation, but as of 8AM (EST) he had yet to step forward and cooperate. Stay tuned for further developments. (more…)

Review: The Bronx (IV)

Photo by Lisa Johnson

If you were to ask a dedicated fan what “punk” means in 2013, you would probably receive a long-winded dissertation on innumerable subgenres. Make no mistake: this conversation might be interesting, but it is not informative. At its core, the spirit of punk has always entailed “ in one form or another “ the forging of an individual path in the midst of a sea of conformity. It has reveled in a promised escape from the drudgery of the nine to five existence, a comfortable suburban home, and the meaningless trappings of a materialistic middle class life. It rejects the enforcement of the status quo. It pushes ceaselessly back against mindless repetition. That is what punk still is.

What happens, then, when a punk band turns that same critical eye on its own career; a career built upon the inevitable and predictable annual cycles of album releases, touring, and promotion? The result is The Bronx (IV), if not the most ferocious album that Los Angeles’ The Bronx have released to date, then certainly the most self-reflective. Thankfully, singer Matt Caughthran‘s throat-tearing screams remain intact on this release. There is no restrained breathing, no Zen of Screaming here. Only what sounds like Caughthran practically bleeding through the microphone in feral glee. (more…)

Perry Farrell Working On Jane's Addiction "Immersive Theater" Experience

In a recent interview with Prefix, Perry Farrell of seminal ’90s alt-rockers Jane’s Addiction announced that he is currently developing a Jane’s Addiction play. No, make that a musical. No, wait. It’s actually an “immersive theater” project. We give up. Well, whatever the category of Farrell’s ambitious new undertaking, it will definitely combine the music of Jane’s Addiction with a larger-than-life sense of theatrics. According to Farrell, “It’s not going to be in a theater. I’m going to create an environment and the music will be within that environment, and Jane’s Addiction will be within that environment.” Though recent plays like Sleep No More have offered audiences the chance to become part of the productions themselves, a major band has yet to jump on the burgeoning artform of interactive theater. Will we get a chance to pump iron with Dave Navarro?  To apply eyeliner with Farrell? We can only hope not.

If you love Jane’s Addiction, check out OurStage act Boys.

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The Game Reveals 'Jesus Piece' Artwork

Most God“fearing Christians know that Jesus was all about that forgiveness stuff, but The Game might be pushing it with this one. Yesterday, the rapper revealed the cover art for his upcoming album Jesus Piece, which features a stained glass“style depiction of the artist dressed as Jesus, the original Nazarene baller. He sports a red bandana, a teardrop tattoo, and, fittingly, a gold Jesus piece. Speaking to Rap“Up about the concept behind the album, The Game clarified his gleefully unorthodox personal dogma. “I don’t want to feel like I can’t love God or appreciate Jesus and have to put down that blunt,” the rapper said.

While The Game’s typical Sunday schedule, which includes strip club visits and pre“mass blaze sessions, will undoubtedly strike many fellow Christians as just a tad bit sacrilegious, the rapper is actually very perceptive about the hypocritical relationship that many hip“hop artists have with religion. “Self-consciously rappers just throw on a Jesus Piece. We spend like 25, 50 grand on a Jesus Piece, but then we’re reluctant to put $100 in the collection plate,” The Game said. Surprisingly, the Compton“bred rapper isn’t the only emcee who’s been willing to wade in the water recently. With Rick Ross releasing The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape several weeks ago, it seems like hip“hop is taking a momentary turn towards the Tabernacle, with 40s and joints included, of course.

Fans of The Game should check out OurStage artist Skweeky Klean!

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Tr3s Dame Un Break Narrows To Five Final Artists

After a heated first round of judging, the Tr3s “Dame un Break” Competition is now down to just five talented artists for its final voting round.  Listen and vote for your favorite undiscovered Latin artist between now and July 16th to help them win the Grand Prize: a one-day recording session with GRAMMY Award-winning producer Sebastian Krys and a music video shot in L.A., which will premiere on Tr3s and  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.  Vote now!



Tr3s Dame Un Break Competition Heats Up During Semi Finals

Now that submissions are officially closed, the Top 100 artists in the Tr3s “Dame un Break” Competition are locked in, and the fight to the finish is on. One hundred undiscovered Latin stars are competing for their chance to score a trip to L.A. to record with GRAMMY award-winning producer Sebastian Krys as well as win a music video from Tr3s. Help your favorite artist rise to the top by judging between now and June 25. The number one ranked artist, along with four other artists selected from within the Top 40 by Tr3s, will advance to the final voting round, which is set to launch July 7, 2012. Get ready.