Mac Miller Streams "Watching Movies"

Pennsylvania native Mac Miller has released another new song off his upcoming Sophomore album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

“Watching Movies” is a relatively straightforward song backed by a simplistic-and-fun beat that allows for Miller to flex his lyrical muscles with multiple flows on a variety of topics. If he didn’t sound so focus, even when uttering lines that border on silly, I’d say Miller was rhyming off the top of his dome. It may not be a hit radio song, but it does showcase the skills that helped Miller develop the dedicated following he has today and furthers our excitement for his new album. You can stream the song at the end of this post.

Watching Movies With The Sound Off hits stores in June. (more…)

Mac Miller Debuts "S.D.S."

Pennsylvania native Mac Miller has released a stream of his new single, “S.D.S.”

Mac Miller has already proven that has the ability to write a platinum-selling songs and tour to sell out crowds. He has already taken over the world and made more money than any sane-minded person could spend in a decade. So, what is left for him to accomplish? On “S.D.S.,” which stands for “Somebody Do Something,” Miller seems to say that his new focus is making music that is far denser that any previous works. The pop radio elements of many of his debut album cuts has all but vanished and instead been replaced with a stunning beat from Flying Lotus and lines about life after making it. Everything that is lost in terms of catchiness is made up for in honesty and engaging lyrical content, but whether or not younger fans will feel the same way remains to be seen.

Miller is set to release Watching Movies With The Sound Off later this year. “S.D.S” will appear on the album, but we have no idea when said record will be available for sale. Stay tuned for updates. (more…)

Mac Miller Releases New Mixtape

Mac Miller has returned to the headlines once again with new music produced by his alter ego, Larry Fisherman.

Marking his first release focused mainly on instrumentals, Mac took to the internet early this morning to release a brand new mixtape entitled Run On Sentences Vol 1. The release features eight original compositions from the “Donald Trump” artist, as well as a handful of new verses. You can find the artwork and official download link after the jump. (more…)

Mac Miller Premieres "One Last Thing (Blue Slide Park Anniversary Edition)"

Pennsylvania-born artist Mac Miller just celebrated the one-year anniversary of his debut album, Blue Slide Park. To mark the occasion, Miller has released a brand new song and video entitled, “One Last Thing (Blue Slide Park Anniversary Edition).” Both the song and its visuals reflect the last year of Mac’s life and where he sees himself headed in the years to come. You can view the video below:

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