Macklemore Releases Pro-Gay Hip-Hop Cut "Same Love"

Seattle, WA based rapper and member of the 2012 XXL Freshman class Macklemore has made his stance on homosexuality known in a big way with his new track “Same Love.”

The song, produced by constant collaborator Ryan Lewis and featuring vocals from singer (and OurStage artist) Mary Lambert, was released yesterday through the emcee’s Soundcloud page. This isn’t the first time that Macklemore has voiced his supported on the issue of gay rights. The rapper had previously appeared in a video for the organization Music For Marriage Equality, advocating for the legalization of same sex marriage in the state of Washington.

Macklemore isn’t the only artist trying to effect change on hip-hop’s homophobic tendencies. Rapper Murs made a few blog headlines earlier this week when he released the video accompanying his track “Animal Style.” In the clip, Murs plays “Roderick,” the love interest of Jonathan, wears a “Legalize Gay” t-shirt and kisses his male love interest in the video. And of course, the whole Frank Ocean thing doesn’t really need to be mentioned at this point. You heard about all that, right?

Check out Macklemore’s “Same Love” below.

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis – Same Love feat. Mary Lambert by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis