Like a Prayer

7eventh Time Down

God rock is a big industry, but booking Madison Square Gardens by following the path of righteousness is no easy thing. Those who make it to the mainstream often try to downplay the Christian angle (Creed, we’re looking at you) while others seem to break the surface for only a hit or two (See: Stryper). Still, popular acts like Skillet and Reliant K prove that there’s success to be had, which is good news for Kentucky’s 7eventh Time Down. Young, Christian and proud of it, the band delivers hooky guitar rock buffed to a nice studio sheen. What About Tonight, with its snarling guitars and growling bass lines, is galvanizing enough to be a convincing fit for any action flick soundtrack. Do You Believe is heavier on the ministry as well as the earnestness: shimmering cymbals, contemplative piano and lyrics like A voice of love coming down from above may not exactly be music to secular ears. But then there’s World Changer an equally posi message wrapped in a sticky sweet, irresistible melody. By the time the epic chorus kicks in, you’ll be hooked on the Kool-Aid.