'American Idol' Is Nothing Like Coca-Cola

american idolBillboard today has a piece regarding the highs and (more recently) lows of American Idol and the show’s upcoming season. It rather sadly exposes the whole production as a microcosm of the floundering, old-school end of the music industry. The players are scrambling behind the scenes to figure out why ratings plummeted in later seasons, changes are being made, and the faces of the show are desperately trying to make us remember Idol‘s former glory as a ratings bonanza and a legitimate factor in the music industry. Harry Connick Jr., a former mentor and now judge on the show (along with Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban), says:

Remember when they came out with new Coke and everybody was upset by it? It couldn’t have teed up the return of Coke Classic any better. When Coke Classic came out, it exploded even bigger than it was before because it created this void and people missed it. And I think that’s what this year can potentially do for this brand. People sort of missed their classic ‘American Idol.’ And it’s back.

Yeesh. New executive producer Per Blankens, who had great success running the Swedish version of the show, similarly stresses a “back to basics” formula. We think that this is the best show there is — the original that’s inspired others,” he says, “so it’s not that viewers necessarily want that big gimmicky change in order to come back to the TV couches. They want to see the show they’ve grown to love.

Mariah Carey Streams "Hermosa"

Spanish friends, this one is for you.

After promising multiple remixes of her new single “Beautiful,” pop diva Mariah Carey has decided to kickoff festivities by unveiling the spanish version of her latest hit.

“Hermosa” is the first spanish song from Carey that we know of, and it works even better than the original track. Her angelic vocals pair well with the smooth transitions of the language, and it ultimately makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. You can stream the remix below.

Dance remixes of “Beautiful” should begin surfacing soon. Stay tuned! (more…)

Mariah Carey Releases "#Beautiful" Video

Diva Mariah Carey has released the official music video for her Miguel assisted single, “#Beautiful.”

A sonically different, but altogether fitting addition to her singles catalog, “#Beautiful” continues to be an a-okay song with a perfectly acceptable video. At this point in her career there is very little mystery to the formula for Carey’s video. and that isn’t necessarily a complaint. Mariah appears, looking glorious as ever, and everything that follows is in some way a sequence designed to showcase her physical (and vocal) assets as much as digitally possible. Whether or not it sells the song is anyone’s guess, but why fix what isn’t broken, right? Click below and enjoy “#Beautiful.” (more…)

Stream Mariah Carey's New Single "#Beautiful"

Mariah Carey is gearing up to make a return to music, and this morning her latest single found its way online.

Hitting the net following a series of all-too-brief teasers, “#Beautiful” is Mariah Carey 101. An infectious pop melody met with abundant percussion serves as the background for Carey’s heart-melting falsetto. Miguel makes a guest appearance on the track, but it’s hard to imagine most thinking his contribution is all that memorable. Click here to stream “#Beautiful.”

A new album from Mariah Carey is expected this Summer, but no release date or title has been revealed at this point.

Mariah Carey Releases "Beautiful" Preview

Pop diva Mariah Carey is gearing up for a return to the music world, and this morning the first preview for her latest single found its way online.

Collaborating with Miguel, Mariah has decided “Beautiful” will be the single that reintroduces the songstress to the masses. The video released this morning showcases very little of the actual song, but it does offer glimpses at the accompanying visuals and, of course, plenty of Mariah. You can view the clip below.

The video for “Beautiful” will be released May 6. If you would like to help promote the video, use the term “#beautiful” on Twitter. (more…)

Mariah Carey Reveals Her Contribution to 'Oz The Great and Powerful'

Pop singer Mariah Carey has never left the public eye, but there is no denying that it has been a minute since Mimi knocked us off her feet with her signature vocals. That wait, however, is now over.

Yesterday Mariah Carey released a stream of her new single “Almost Home,” which is taken from the official soundtrack to Disney forthcoming blockbuster, Oz The Great and Powerful. The Stargate-produced track has a startling rhythm and twinkling chorus, but it’s the vocal track that really wins you over. Carey is at her best here, with plenty of room for expression and not a single over-the-top moment her voice is both controlled and heartwarming.

Unfortunately, most of the embeddable version of the song premiere have been taken down by Carey’s label, so those wishing to hear the song will have to click here to do so. That said, it’s worth the added effort. If you need a preview, you can stream one below: (more…)