Enter The May Tr3s Latin Music Channel Featuring Celebrity Judge Sensato

Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at time of entry and must reside within the 50 United States or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of the Sponsors, to be classified as Latin, as defined on the OurStage FAQ’s will be deemed valid entries.

Download the ¡Viva La Música! Playlist

In honor of this past Cinco de Mayo, we launched the ¡Viva La Música! Latin Song Competition in search of the most sizzling Latin tracks on OurStage. The Latin community on OurStage and MTV DEMO stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park, offering up their finest cuts for the ¡Viva La Música! playlist. We’ve been shaking our hips ever since, and we hope you do too. Download the OurStage ¡Viva La Música! playlist and throw a little Cinco de Mayo bash of your own.


May Monthly OurStage Prize Winners

OurStage is known for its many talented artists in dozens of different genres. Every month, we award prizes to those that have made it to the very top of the charts. Join us in congratulating the artists that ranked Number 1 in their channel!

Remember, while enormous talent accounts for a lot, your fan support also helped bring these musicians to the top. Keep judging, and next month you might see your favorite artists featured here!

Grand Prize Winners

Top-ranked artists in the seven finals channels win $1,000 to go toward recording their next album, funding their next tour, getting new gear or anything else to take their career to the next level!

Click on the artist’s name to view their profile, or click on the song title to listen to their winning song.

Urban Winner: Jeremy and Rebecca – “Rise and Shine

You saw them featured here last month with their song “Miracle”, and now Jeremy and Rebecca are back with their signature sound! “Rise and Shine” is a captivating song with influences from both pop-rock and R&B. One listen and you will understand why this duo is consistently topping the charts.

Rock Winner: Endless Grey – “Once Again

Endless Grey has been regularly appearing towards the top of the Metal and Rock Channels, and listening to their winning songs, it’s easy to understand why fans love their “melodic goth-rock” sound. In May, their song “Once Again” hit Number 1!

Country Winner: Graham Greer – “You’re the One

You’ll find your mood lifting just a few seconds into Graham Greer’s “You’re the One”. The upbeat tempo and catchy melodies combined with the sweet lyrics makes this a country song that you can’t listen to without smiling!

Pop Winner: Robyn Dell’Unto – “Ghost

Robyn Dell’Unto’s sound can be described as both playful and haunting, but no matter what words you use to define it, it’s clear that she has talent. “Ghost” showcases her lyrical prowess and stunning voice, so it’s no surprise that this song topped the pop charts!

Specialty Winner: Meghan Beaudry – “You’ve Got A Friend

Meghan Beaudry puts her own spin on this classic cover, making it obvious that she has some serious talent. The beautiful music showcases her even more stunning voice.

Video Winner: Flo Anito – “Uh Oh!

Shot in a local diner, Flo Anito’s video for “Uh Oh!” goes perfectly with the fun, upbeat song. Through a series of amusing mishaps and scenes playing her acoustic guitar, the video is both entertaining and adorable.

Pro Performance Winner: ps1504 – “Around Again Solo

PS1504 is an extremely talented funk/jazz musician. The live video of the solo in his song “Around Again” showcases his amazing skills!

Channel Winners

The artist in the Number 1 spot in each regular channel at the end of the month is awarded a $100 Amazon.com gift code.

Wanna hear/see the highest ranked music in all OurStage genres? Check out the audio and video playlists below.

OurStage Best Predictors

Fans who judge battles with the highest degree of accuracy are deemed Best Predictors and rewarded with Amazon.com gift codes. Meet May’s Top 3 users who possess an outstanding ear for identifying talent and who help build the foundation of the OurStage community for the other members.

Gold Predictor: shiningtear

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Silver Predictor: Kellyterese

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Bronze Predictor: Deborah Diamond

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Help A Rising Star Win Valuable Industry Advice

Success in the music business is all about who you know and how much priceless advice you can mine from them. Lucky for OurStage Premium Artists, we’re doing all the heavy lifting for you. The Artist Access Competition Series is designed to help rising artists meet face to face with industry pro’s, and fans can help them get there!

Judge in the May Artist Access Competition by May 31, 2011 and you could play a crucial role in helping one artist win a mentoring session with Bruce Tyler. Tyler worked as the EVP of both Sony Music and Columbia Records, worked with and played a major role in the continuing success of artists like John Mayer, John Legend, The Fray, and many others, and currently lends his expertise to some of the most influential companies and artists in music. He’s what you might call an industry veteran, and for one lucky artist, his advice is just a few battles away…

Haven’t grabbed your attention yet? The playlist below should do the trick.

PyInfamous To Rep The Dirty South In Search For The Coldest Finals

In just a few short weeks, the world will witness a hip hop battle of epic proportions. Four finalists in the Coors Light Search for The Coldest Competition will clash head to head for a chance to open for N.E.R.D. and PacDiv at Essence Music Festival 2011 and be crowned the Coldest MC in the country.

But first, the final four will get to open for N.E.R.D. and PacDiv in select cities nationwide. Hailing from small pond Clarksdale, Mississippi, MC PyInfamous will get his chance to represent the Dirty South in the final competition and is performing in Atlanta on May 25! Py’s effortless flow and alt hip hop vibe on “Bliss (Cooler Than This)” proved a winner with the OurStage fans and competition judges, securing him the top slot in the Search for the Coldest South Channel.

His upcoming performance will be taped and posted on OurStage and searchforthecoldest.com alongside Search for the Coldest finalists from the North, West and Midwest competitions. Fans will then be able to vote for their favorite performance and decide once and for all who is the Coldest MC. Congratulations to PyInfamous and good luck at the show!

Check out the Coors Light Facebook page on May 25, at 10:45pm EST to see PyInfamous, PacDiv and N.E.R.D. live in Atlanta! Click here to stream the show.


All Found Out Win A One-On-One With Bruce Tyler

After a long journey, the second round of OurStage’s “Artist Access” Competition is over and a decision has been made. The Dallas-based rock group All Found Out secured a trip to NYC to learn firsthand from one of the titans of the music industry: Bruce Tyler.

The extent of Tyler’s experience is boundless and its value incalculable. Tyler climbed to the position of CEO at Active Industry Research in the 80s, which was the industry frontrunner in music and radio promotion for twenty years, but he didn’t stop there. He earned the title of EVP at Sony Music and Columbia Records, worked alongside the US’s most powerful labels, and worked with and played a major role in the continuing success of artist like Beyonce, John Mayer, John Legend, The Fray, and many others. Now he offers his invaluable expertise as a consultant to players in every facet of the music business.

There’s no need to be jealous, though, because we’re hosting our “Artist Access” Competition again this month. If you haven’t entered yet, sign up for a Premium Account and submit your songs by May 23rd. Take a minute to get inspired by the five top ranked songs from our April “Artist Access” competition below: