House of the Rising Star

Sheila Star

Having the last name Star bodes well for a music career. Let’s see, there’s Ryan, Mazzie and Ringo to name a few. In time, you may see the name Sheila Star on that list of illustrious musicians. The San Francisco-based singer-songwriter is already active in Bay Area songwriting circles, penning lustrous piano pop that’s seductive and punchy. Keeps Me Alive starts with a somber piano intro before the beat snaps in and transforms the track into a sexy, soaring pop ballad. Star’s breathy vocals bring a feline quality to her songs. In Addiction she coos Every day and every night, yeah it gets me high, adding some headiness to the song’s squelching groove. Bad Dream is pure piano swagger where Star struts around in her bad girl persona: The devil himself he took the good out of me. We think there’s plenty of good to be found, especially if you like your good to break bad sometimes.