Warped Tour Announces Real Friends, Motionless In White, And More

Warped Tour 2014One thing fans of Warped Tour seem to have a love/hate relationship with is the diversity of acts on the tour. In one corner, pop-punk rules; in another, metal prevails… and tucked away in another, we find ska, reggae, or even the acoustic tent. Say what you will, but the diversity does add a certain level of mystique, especially when trying to guess who the new additions will be. Fuse TV ended the suspense on last night’s episode of Warped Roadies by announcing another diverse mix that includes Real Friends, Motionless In White, The Word Alive, The Wild Life, and Courage My Love. Check out previously announced bands along with the new routing below. (more…)

Iron Maiden Uses Piracy To Sell Out Tours

Iron Maiden Iron Maiden may have stumbled onto a goldmine by taking advantage of music piracy. Pairing with analytic company Musicmetric to determine where their music is being pirated from, the band has taken to outlining tour dates in those areas to increase ticket sales. While the U.K. and U.S. markets are predictably high for piracy, there has also been a large spike in South American piracy for the band, particularly in Brazil. As it turns out, a large number of the band’s followers on Twitter are also from that region.

Gregory Mead, CEO and co-founder of Musicmetric explains, “With their constant touring, [the] report suggests Maiden have been rather successful in turning free file-sharing into fee-paying fans. This is clear proof that taking a global approach to live touring can pay off, and that having the data to track where your fan bases lie will become ever more vital.”

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Mötley Crüe's 'The Dirt' To Get Film Treatment By 'Jackass' Director

The A.V. Club reports that Jackass director Jeff Tremaine will direct a movie version of Mí¶tley Crüe‘s ridiculously F’d-up tale of dumb depravity, as told in their 2001 official autobiography, The Dirt. Tremaine, obviously no stranger to translating dangerous excess to the screen, still has quite a task ahead of him. As A.V. Club’s Sean O’Neal puts it:

Tremaine acknowledges of the band’s tales of debauchery, Some of what they went through is funny, but overall this movie is not going to be a comedy. It’s pretty dark ” owing to the fact that Motley Crüe behaved like some real shitbags, and not in the fun, Jackass prank sort of way. With that in mind, the process now moves on to casting actors who play, or who understand how to deliver the charisma it takes to be onstage, as well the charisma it takes to be in a story that has them degrading and even raping groupies, then killing a guy, while still remaining oddly likeable. They should also be able to fake-sing Dr. Feelgood.

I hate these Oscar-bait movies.

Fit For An Autopsy Keep Metal Alive With "Tremors"

Breakdowns are a dime a dozen in modern hard rock. So much so that no amount of 808 can cover the fact most bands are just carbon copies of one another with more-or-less melodramatic-sounding names. In the face of this, Fit For An Autopsy press forward with a sound entirely their own, and this afternoon they’re sharing a brand new song with anyone ready to hear the future of heavy metal.

“Tremors” is the latest track to debut online from Fit For An Autopsy’s highly-anticipated new album, Hellbound. According to the band, the track “is a song about giving up. Things just don’t get better sometimes. People go bad and you lose the ones you love to death, to drugs and to the darker places in life. It’s not easy to go through life and expect every day to be better than the one before it. Bad shit happens and it’s going to keep happening and that’s that.”

While there is no questioning the negativity running through their new music, “Tremors” is bound to play like a gift from the deities of rock for anyone longing for a new take on death metal. If you think you’re ready to experience all “Tremors” has to offer, head over to Soundcloud and prepare to mosh.

Karnivool Streaming 'Asymmetry'

The work week is quickly coming to a close, so why not kick back and headbang away the rest of the day?

Karnivool have released a full album stream of their forthcoming effort, Asymmetry.

Partnering with GuitarWorld for the premiere, Karnivool have unleashed their latest heavy offering on the rock world more than a week ahead of its August 6 shelf date. The album boasts the band’s tightest, most technically savvy sound in their already critically acclaimed career, and contains more than a few tracks that deserve steady rotation at rock radio. You can stream the record over here.

Karnivool will begin the Asymmetry World Tour in Australia in late July and North American tour dates will be revealed soon. All tour dates can be found on the band’s official website.

Watch The Full Trailer For 'Metallica Through The Never'

This Fall music fans around the world will have their first chance to experience legendary metal group Metallica in a way never before possible.

An IMAX 3D live concert film, Metallica Through the Never features a one-of-a-kind performance from the world’s loudest band. Woven through the concert epic is a visionary narrative, which until this morning had been completely unseen by outsiders. Click here to view the official trailer.

Metallica Through the Never opens on September 27 on IMAX screens, and then it will have a wider release on October 4.

Black Sabbath Prove They Have More To Offer With "God Is Dead?"

Making a career out of playing musc is nearly impossible, and even if you do somehow manage to pull it off there are absolutely no guarantees that it will last. In many cases it’s almost impossible to know why some acts last longer than others, while other times there are bands whose music plays in such an indescribable way that you simply know they will be around as long (if not longer) than you. Black Sabbath fall into the latter category, and anyone doubting that need look no further than their new single.

Rumors swirled for months in 2012 that Black Sabbath would return, but metalheads the world over refused to believe it until the group themselves stood on stage and proclaimed reunion. That happened, and now we have a new album fast approaching. The lead single, “God Is Dead?,” found its way online over the weekend and ushered in the most brooding age of Black Sabbath to date. The song is a slow, trudging track with Ozzy waxing poetically about life and death against minimalistic accompaniment aside from a guitar melody that will engrain itself into your subconscious in no time. It never builds to full-on rock anthem, but it does pulsate with life throughout hitting its peak during an all-too-short bridge. You can stream the song at the end of this post.

Sitting down to write about Black Sabbath is the kind of thing that turns my hair gray. (more…)

Vans And Metallica Team Up For Custom Shoe Line

In a continuation of Vans’ partnership with Metallica, the California shoe company has just released four new custom shoes, each representing one member of the legendary metal act. To design the shoes, Vans encouraged the band members to take inspiration from music and action sports to create shoes that represented their own individual styles. The results are unique takes on four classic Vans shoes: the Sk8-Hi Deconstruct, Era Laceless, Slip-On, and Escuela.

While these are the first custom shoes designed in partnership with individual members of the band in mind, it’s not the first time the brand and band have collaborated. This past October, marking the 20-year anniversary of the Half Cab Pro, Vans released a Metallica version of that shoe featuring the artwork to the band’s debut album Kill ‘Em All. This February, Vans plans to release two more shoes celebrating the album. Check out James Hetfield’s custom shoe below, and see the rest after the jump.

If you’re a fan of Metallica, check out OurStage members Twelvestep.

James Hetfield’s Sk8-Hi Deconstruct


Exclusive Q and A: Black Veil Brides Talk Composing, Collaborating, And Classical Music

With their latest release Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones, Black Veil Brides take on the toughest of all rock challenges: the concept album. Sweeping in scope, the band’s new album tells the story of a despotic government that aims to destroy science and creativity while turning the youth into drones. Concept albums are notoriously hard to pull off, but the band’s already epic sound seems tailor-made for such an endeavor. We caught up with frontman Andy Biersack to chat about the process of making the album, the accompanying film Legion of the Black, and whether a stage version of the record may be in the future.

OS: The story behind the album is really compelling. Does it also reflect your view of the current state of the world as well as the story of the band?

Andy Biersack: I don’t necessarily think that the current state of the world is indicative of the story that I wrote, but it’s obvious that it wouldn’t be that hard to make the leap. It’s not a politically-charged record “ it’s not meant to be a parallel for exactly what’s going on in politics or religion or anything else. It’s more meant to be a parable for our own lives and taking the characters that have been negative forces in your life and applying more power to them i.e. making them into these political/religious forces. But it wasn’t written as any kind of social commentary, really. (more…)

Fans Fund Protest The Hero's New Album

Having recently parted ways with Vagrant Records, Protest The Hero has turned to their fan base to fund a new album. Having recently fulfilled all contractual obligations, Protest the Hero has put together this fantastic video in an effort to successfully create an album on their own terms.

The response has been remarkable. With donation levels ranging from $10-$5000, each with a unique reward, the band has raised over $136,000 – far surpassing their $125,000 goal. Check out the video that helped inspire that kind of support from the band’s fans.

Watch it here.

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