Metallica Rumored To Be Planning Performance In Antarctica

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told a San Francisco radio station in an interview last month that the band has something coming up in December that would surprise fans. When asked for more information, Ulrich explained, “There’s a very interesting thing coming our way in December . . . There’s another frontier heading in Metallica’s direction in December. Which, if anybody (at the band’s management) even knew that I just said what I just said, they would hunt me down and silence me. But there is another frontier coming in December, which we’re very excited about.” Fans began gossiping about the possibilities, but I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the actual event Ulrich was referring to.

Jump to yesterday, when a Columbian web site for Coca-Cola Zero began marketing a new promotion that claims Metallica will be performing in Antarctica at some point in December 2013. Due to unpredictable whether changes no exact date has been nailed down, but the ad does claim the The Coca-Cola-sponsored event will take place between December 2 and December 15. You can view the advertisement below:

Metallica may be the latest band to head to the southernmost continent, but they actually are not the first. In 2007 a band made up entirely of scientists stationed in Antarctica performed at British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Rothera Research Station as part of the global Live Earth celebration. The band performed for only seventeen people in person, but the event was broadcast throughout the world.

It should go without saying, but reps for Metallica have yet to confirm this news. The website for Coca-Cola is legit however, so the likelihood of this announcement being a prank is pretty low. We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.

Metallica Release Live "Master Of Puppets" Single From New Film

Metal legends Metallica have released a live cut of the classic “Master Of Puppets” taken from their upcoming 3D film, Through The Never.

Surfacing online just two weeks after the trailer premiere for Through The Never, the performance of “Master Of Puppets” offers fans their first true taste of Metallica’s first theatrical effort. The film combines concert footage, some of which is shown in the clip, with a plot about young boy trying to make it to the venue in the midst of a massive riot. We knew the performance would be larger-than-life, but we had no idea just how epic things would get until this performance rolled through HQ this afternoon. You can stream the clip on Rolling Stone.

Through The Never opens in IMAX 3D at the end of September, then expands to regular screens nationwide in early October. We’ll be in attendance opening night. Will you?

Watch The Full Trailer For 'Metallica Through The Never'

This Fall music fans around the world will have their first chance to experience legendary metal group Metallica in a way never before possible.

An IMAX 3D live concert film, Metallica Through the Never features a one-of-a-kind performance from the world’s loudest band. Woven through the concert epic is a visionary narrative, which until this morning had been completely unseen by outsiders. Click here to view the official trailer.

Metallica Through the Never opens on September 27 on IMAX screens, and then it will have a wider release on October 4.

Metallica's 3D Movie Is Going To Be Larger Than Life (Literally)

Legendary metal act Metallica have revealed information regarding the release of their upcoming 3D film.

Scheduled for an October 4 release this year, Metallica Through the Never is now headed for an IMAX release a week early. A post on the band’s official website reads, “Starting September 27, 2013 our movie will be shown exclusively on EVERY single screen in EVERY single IMAX theatre in North America for a full week. That’s over 300 theatres that we’ll be unleashing Through The Never to… an IMAX first! There really is no better way than this to experience film and promises to amount to an unprecedented and very unique visit to the movies.”

Starring Metallica, a cast of thousands of their fans, and breakout star Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Metallica Through the Never is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Nimród Antal (Predators, Kontroll) and produced by former IMAX film producer Charlotte Huggins (Journey to the Center of the Earth). The film marries groundbreaking footage and editing techniques with a compelling narrative, in which a band crew member (played by DeHaan) is sent out on a mission during Metallica’s roaring live set in front of a sold-out arena. While on this mission, he unexpectedly has his life turned completely upside down.

A trailer should be available soon. Comment and let us know if this is one feature you plan to see this Fall.

Metallica, Danzig, Five Finger Death Punch Announced For Revolver Golden Gods Awards Show

Awards Show season seems to last later and later every year, but I think we can make an exception for a show as heavy as this.

Revolver’s Golden Gods awards show is set to take place May 2 in Los Angeles, Ca. The show, which will be aired on AXS TV, will be headlined by this year’s recipient of the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement award, Metallica. Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, (more…)

Vans And Metallica Team Up For Custom Shoe Line

In a continuation of Vans’ partnership with Metallica, the California shoe company has just released four new custom shoes, each representing one member of the legendary metal act. To design the shoes, Vans encouraged the band members to take inspiration from music and action sports to create shoes that represented their own individual styles. The results are unique takes on four classic Vans shoes: the Sk8-Hi Deconstruct, Era Laceless, Slip-On, and Escuela.

While these are the first custom shoes designed in partnership with individual members of the band in mind, it’s not the first time the brand and band have collaborated. This past October, marking the 20-year anniversary of the Half Cab Pro, Vans released a Metallica version of that shoe featuring the artwork to the band’s debut album Kill ‘Em All. This February, Vans plans to release two more shoes celebrating the album. Check out James Hetfield’s custom shoe below, and see the rest after the jump.

If you’re a fan of Metallica, check out OurStage members Twelvestep.

James Hetfield’s Sk8-Hi Deconstruct


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Dave Grohl To Direct And Produce 'Sound City'

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is set to helm a documentary about the famed Sound City Studios located in Van Nyus, California.

As reported by Variety, Grohl was inspired to make the film after purchasing a 1972 Neve 8028 recording console from the studio, when they closed for commercial use in May of last year. The console is known for legendary sound quality and was the workhorse on albums by everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Tom Petty, Neil Young, Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, and Metallica. Grohl himself recorded Nirvana‘s 1991 revolutionary album Nevermind at the star studded studio.

Sound City is a film about America’s greatest unsung recording studio,” Grohl said. “Deep in California’s sun-burnt San Fernando Valley, it was the birthplace of legend. It was witness to history.”

The documentary will focus on the albums recorded there through interviews with the artists and producers, as well as featured performances, and a discussion on the human element of music in such a digital age. Still no word on a release date, but we’re hoping it’s because they are taking their time mixing the audio on that gorgeous Neve board that Grohl has laying around.

Metal Monday: Metal Soundtracks

Inspired a bit by Rami’s Soundtrax column, this week’s Metal Monday focuses on the most metal movie soundtracks Hollywood has to offer. You might be wondering “Are there even enough metal movie soundtracks to make a list?” The answer is yes, absolutely. Admittedly, however, some of these albums are much better than others. While not totally metal, the idea of a metal soundtrack started with movies like This Is Spinal Tap and similar films. So, where should we start? How about with the most “Extreme” soundtrack on the list?