Abby Payne Releases ‘The Gunfighter Meets His Match’


photo by Elizabeth Leitzell

New York’s Abby Payne has released her long-awaited new album The Gunfighter Meets His Match. Chock full of bouncing melodies, lush harmonies, subversive arrangements, and organic instrumentation complimented by electronic ambiance, it’s an unexpectedly refreshing singer-songwriter album. In fact it reminds us a bit of Mieka Pauley‘s subtly complex recent output.

The Gunfighter Meets His Match is a loose concept album, where Payne builds a character to represent her own struggles as an artist. She’s also adapting the story as a musical, which is due to premiere on August 25-26 at the Dorothy B. Williams Theater in SoHo as a part of HERE Arts Summer Sublet Series.

Though the album was released at the end of May, it’s only now become available on iTunes.

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More CMJ Recommendations

CMJ-NYC-2014Having trouble get in to see, say, Foster the People‘s CMJ set? Why bother when there’s so many great, lesser-known artists showcasing? Here are some friends of OurStage who you should see instead. See also yesterday’s recommendations.

Chris Ayer –> Folky, catchy delightfulness.

FRI, OCTOBER 24, 2:15 PM > 2:45 P

Darlingside –> And another excellent Americana-steeped act.

WED, OCTOBER 22, 8:00 PM > 8:45 PM

Mieka Pauley –> A truly great songwriter and performer with a strong and spectacular voice. One of our all-time faves.

FRI, OCTOBER 24, 1:30 PM > 2:00 PM

Mirk –> 7-piece hip-hop band with a hell of a live show.

WED, OCTOBER 22, 9:00 PM

Shonen Knife –> Not an OurStage artist, but a stalwart Japanese punk band who influenced so many others, and who performed an exclusive session for us a couple of years ago.

WED, OCTOBER 22, 10:00 PM > 10:50 PM

The Field Effect –> Popping and rocking, tight as hell, and catchy as catchy can catch.

FRI, OCTOBER 24, 6:00 PM > 6:45 PM

SAT, OCTOBER 25, 7:30 PM

Have fun.

OurStage's Staff Favorites From 2012

2012 was a big and busy year for music. From Carly Rae Jepsen‘s infectious singles to Chris Brown‘s horribly offensive behavior, so much has happened that we decided to look back and reflect on some of our favorite releases and events by various artists this year, including those on OurStage.

Mikel, OurStage Community
No Gods
Sharks take the best of classic British working-class punk and wrap it up in a shiny package topped off with jagged guitars, shiny harmonies, and hooks for days.  No Gods is a fists-in-the-air call for self-reliance that never takes itself too seriously.  Bloody brill’.

Jeremy SquiresIn The Dark
OurStage artist Jeremy Squires’ 2012 release In The Dark is folk at its most lonesome and plaintive.  Acoustic guitars intertwine with Squires’ delicate and twangy vocals.  Harmonica lines whisper and echo in the background.  This stuff is beautiful.

Mike G, OurStage Accounting
Mumford & SonsBabel

Murder By DeathBitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Royal ThunderCVI

Greg, OurStage Community
When Frank Carter, the original iconic frontman for UK punk hardcore band Gallows, decided to leave in the summer of 2011, fans feared it was the end of the band all together. At that same time, Canadian post-hardcore rockstars Alexisonfire were just calling it quits all together. Before anyone could react, AOF vocalist and guitarist Wade MacNiel was already scheduled to take the place of Frank Carter in Gallows. Their first full-length self-titled album since the lineup change came out a few months ago exceeding all expectations and solidifying MacNiel as the new face for the band. Looks like “death is birth” after all.

Many of us here at OurStage happen to be musicians ourselves, but without bias, I have to say one of my favorite releases of 2012 was
Mountainosaurus, the debut album by our account manager Martin’s band Yellabird. If you like The White Stripes or The Black Keys, then you haven’t heard nothin’ yet because this duo leaves those guys in the dust. The riffs and rhythms will leave you drooling for more. Can’t wait to see what our buddy “Mahty” has in store for 2013.

Martin, OurStage Account Management

Meshuggah – “Marrow” – Koloss

King Orchid – “Plaguin’ Me” – For Battle

Baroness – “Green Theme” – Yellow & Green

Tame Impala – “Elephant” – Lonerism

Heartless Bastards – “Got To Have Rock And Roll” – Arrow

Delta Spirit – “Empty House” – Delta Spirit

Angela, OurStage Editorial



It seems that every album Anberlin makes they pour their heart, soul, and tons of talent into. That being said, it’s been a long time coming for an album that hits as hard as 2007’s Cities. This year’s release,


went above and beyond with fast paced, aggressive hooks, and addictive anthems that I still find myself listening to on heavy rotation.

The Glass Child – “Who Am I” and “Letdown”

Last year we were introduced to OurStage artist,The Glass Child ‘s debut EP,

This Is How Ghosts Are Made

. This year, we saw the release of two incredible singles, Who Am I and Letdown. Showcasing her unbelievable vocal range within these telltale anthems of self discovery, the woman behind the talent, Charlotte Eriksson proves once more why she’s at the top of my radar; and why she should be at the top of yours.

Andrew, OurStage A/V
I don’t know if it counts, but for me, a real gem of 2012 was Delta Rae‘s music video for “Bottom of the River.” Now, the video actually came out in October of 2011, but I didn’t discover it until this year when we interviewed them. That video was one I felt compelled to share.

Mieka Pauley‘s emotionally charged Songs Of The Revolution performance of “Wreck” was a standout.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown‘s bluesy rock were a welcome contribution amidst all the pop sounds.

The Tower And The Fool Perform New Song

New England folk rockers The Tower And The Fool have gone through a few lineup changes since their formation a few years ago. They originally started as an acoustic duo-fronted band, but have now downsized to a more electric 4-piece with Alex Correia as the one remaining frontman. Click here to check out their new song called “Let It Ride” from their live performance at Great Scott in Allston, MA last week.

Correia used to be the frontman for Boston post-hardcore band Therefore I Am before they broke up in 2010. The band will be coming together again for the first time in 2 years for two “end of the world” reunion shows tomorrow night and Saturday night at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. The first show is sold out, but tickets are still available for the second one. Click here to buy them online.

If you like The Tower And The Fool, then check out OurStage artist Mieka Pauley.

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OurStage Presents: Mieka Pauley Live & Unplugged Online!

#FreeTicketFriday may be done for the year, but that doesn’t mean Friday is going to become just another day of the week! Tomorrow at 4pm Eastern Ourstage will be kicking off a brand new web series of live and unplugged performances with a one-of-a-kind appearance from Mieka Pauley! Mieka will be performing a solo acoustic set, telling the stories behind the music, and answering questions from fans all over the world.

In order to participated in this one time only event with Mieka, please use the following link:

Once you click the link above you’ll be redirected to the official event page which allows for RSVP and registration in advance of the performance. Please let us know if you’ll be joining the festivities, and use the social sharing tools to tell your friends about the show!

OurStage Originals: Mieka Pauley

Introducing OurStage Originals, a series of features created to introduce you to some of the great artists on We begin with a longtime friend of OurStage, someone whom we are big fans of, singer and songwriter Mieka Pauley. Mieka has been kicking ass across the country for a few years now, and just released her most fully-realized album to date, The Science Of Making Choices. Watch this to hear some music and learn a bit about Mieka’s background, her approach to her music, and how OurStage has impacted her career.

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SoundTrax: Songs Of The Revolution

Songs of the Revolution is the product of OurStage’s belief that music, when it finds the right ears, can change everything. We’re bringing a message to the masses, arming citizens with a galvanizing soundtrack of the industry’s most revolutionary acts. This week’s SoundTrax is packed full of exclusive tracks from the OurStage Songs Of The Revolution recording sessions. These buzz-worthy artists touring in the Boston area took some time to perform a few originals in a way never been heard before. We’ve put together a playlist of some of the original recordings of these songs so you can see how they’re remodeling the industry with their unique sounds and styles. Kick back and relax as these acoustic renditions help you float on into a warm weekend with the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar and authentic vocals, then rock out to them in a whole new light that’s changing the way we see music.

Songs Of The Revolution from OurStage on 8tracks.

Revolutionary Rockin’ from OurStage on 8tracks.

Songs Of The Revolution: Mieka Pauley

It’s time now for the next installment of Songs of The Revolution, our new series in which we throw free downloads around like we’re made of free downloads. Simply put, we catch some of our favorite artists as they come to town and record an exclusive session with them. As a nice little bonus, you can watch and listen to video recordings of the sessions before you download the tracks.

Now, if you’ve been following OurStage lately, you know that we’re big fans of New York-based artist Mieka Pauley. So much so that we just invited her to perform at our showcase for this year’s New Music Seminar and to join our newly-established Artist Advisory Board. And just to show that we can’t get enough Mieka, we grabbed her recently on her way to Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge, where she was having a release party for her new record, The Science Of Making Choices, and asked her to perform a few songs for us. Two of those songs, Marked Man and Wreck, are from the new record, while We’re All Gonna Die is a favorite from a 2009 EP. Check out these fantastic exclusive performances to see what all the buzz is about.



Mieka Pauley Studies 'The Science of Making Choices'

Though Boston-bred singer-songwriter Mieka Pauley swears that she’s never tried to kill a man or steal a husband, the songs on her new album The Science of Making Choices might make you think otherwise.  What jumps out immediately on Pauley’s latest offering is her voice: a bluesy, weather-beaten croon that demands attention without being overly affected.  She can go from a howl to a whisper in seconds, and lines that might seem hackneyed coming from other singers sound natural and convincing in her hands.  When Pauley sings I wanna wreck your home / I wanna get your husband alone, you don’t think twice about her intentions.  Stripped-down songs like Marked Man showcase her ability to project equally intense emotions with little more accompaniment than a single beating bass drum. Yet, Pauley’s music is not all about lust and revenge.  Those emotional extremes are balanced out with a wounded tenderness on tracks like Never Fuck a Woman You Don’t Love and He’ll Never Quite Love Me Enough that display the full range of her songwriting.

While Pauley’s voice is the centerpiece of the album, the strengths of The Science of Making Choices do not end there.  Organic-sounding arrangements courtesy of producer Geoff Stanfield (Firehorse, Sun Kil Moon) support Pauley’s vocals and fully flesh out her compositions.  Blunt drums thump and thud throughout the album, echoing the world-weary aesthetic of Pauley’s voice.   Chains jangle, glass breaks, and keys rattle, providing eerie background percussion.  Even when electronic sounds are used, they sound less like synthesizers than the fuzzed-out whistling of wind in telephone wires.  What ultimately works so well about the organic production of Pauley’s album is the way in which it mirrors her lyrical descriptions of the natural world as both oppressive and beautiful.  She laments that she can wake up the next day and the sun is too bright, and that our branches may reach up to heaven / but our roots dig where they can.  In Pauley’s songs, the outside world can be painful and harsh, but it is also a thing of wonder. Such is Pauley’s own voice: a powerful force that can express feelings from rage to desperation, all of which coexist compellingly on The Science of Making Choices.

The Science of Making Choices is out today, June 26.  Purchase it online from Mieka Pauley’s Bandcamp page.


OurStage Takes New York: Inaugural Artist Advisory Board Meeting And NMS Showcase

Artist Tyler Bryant and OurStage's SVP of Marketing Scott Nelson

This past Wednesday, executives representing met with with members of the newly formed Artist Advisory Board to discuss the direction of the company and the future of music. Board members included Tyler Bryant, Graham Whitford, and Caleb Crosby of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown,  Mieka Pauley, Jesse Terry, Xolie Morra, and Jonquil Anderson (emcee TAMPPA). During the inaugural meeting, OurStage previewed a slew of artist-centric offerings designed to fortify revenue streams for independent artists.

Later that evening, members of the board represented the online music discovery community during the New Music Seminar (NMS) showcase at Arlene’s Grocery in the East Village. The night kicked off with an acoustic set by Xolie Morra (accompanied by David Nolf), followed by Jesse Terry (recently nominated by NMS as one of the Top 100 “Artists on the Verge”) who was accompanied by drums, rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Mieka Pauley took the stage for an impromptu a ccapella rendition of “Marked Man”, track seven off her forthcoming LP, The Science Of Making Choices. Rounding out the bill was Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, whose highly anticipated first full length record drops this summer. The showcase closed with a set by NYC hip-hop duo, Metermaids.

Mieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley

Xolie Morra & David Nolf

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Jesse Terry

Check out the songs by the OurStage Advisory Board and NMS showcasing acts: