Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg laugh in the face of the apocalypse

The world’s is supposed to end tomorrow, but no one’s said what time. Let’s hope we all get to watch at least the first half hour of the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Justin Timberlake is hosting, and Lady Gaga is performing. Talk about going out with a bang. Check out the promos below.

Pearl Jam celebrates twenty year anniversary

Hard to believe it was twenty years ago that we were all wearing flannel, combat boots, and saying things like, Mom, Eddie Vedder is in Pearl Jam not Nirvana”GAWD YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING. To celebrate the two decades that have passed since Pearl Jam’s breakthrough record, Ten, the band is releasing a book and a documentary by Cameron Crowe and embarking on a tour. Maybe by their thirtieth anniversary we’ll have finally decoded the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter.

The Bad

Cali Swag District rapper M-Bone killed in drive-by shooting

In a violent death all too similar to Tupak Skakur and Biggie Smalls, rapper M-Bone was killed outside of a liquor store this week, the victim of a drive-by shooting. The rapper was one-fourth of the hip hop group Cali Swag District, who rose to fame with their dance hit Teach Me How To Dougie. M-Bone was in his hometown of Inglewood, CA, at the time of his death. No arrests have been made. R.I.P.

Oprah knocked off her power throne by Lady Gaga

Oprah hasn’t even finished her farewell tapings, and already she’s been dethroned by Lady Gaga on Forbes‘ Most Powerful Celebrities list. Gaga earned $91 million in 2010, has 32 million Facebook fans, and 10 million Twitter followers. Oprah can console herself with the fact that she still made more than three times Lady Gaga’s income last year. Here’s a $1,000 bill”wipe those tears away and go have lunch with Gayle.

The Ugly

Nicki Minaj dumps Diddy as manager

After only a year together, Nicki Minaj has fired Diddy and James Cruz as her managers. The rapper is now reportedly working with Gee Roberson and Kyambo Hip Hop Joshua at Hip-Hop Since 1978, who also steer the careers of Drake and Lil Wayne. Looks like Diddy knows about making the band, just not managing it.

Rihanna and Chris Brown following each other on Twitter

This week many of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s fans were aghast to discover the two had begun following each other on Twitter. Rihanna promptly (and harshly) put her most vocal critics in their place, tweeting, [sic] its f”kin twitter not the alter! calm down. Note to self: Never criticize Rihanna.