Matt Bailie Launches Kickstarter

Matt BailieI always get really excited when I hear about an artist launching a Kickstarter. There’s nothing that quite compares to a fan’s dedication to their favorite artist, and Matt Bailie is about to prove that all over again. After all, he did take home the country prize for our 2010 Intel Superstars competition, and then emerge as the big winner of our 2011 OurStage Panel”there’s no doubt this artist has talent and a surging fan base to back him up.

With a dream to fund his sophomore release, I Wanna Live Like That, along with the music video for “Dress Down,” Bailie has launched a 30-day Kickstarter. Having worked with ACM and CMA award winning producer Darran Smith on the album, Bailie is seeking funds to cover the cost of everything from manufacturing to promotion, with the aim of getting the attention of industry giants CMT and GAC. Some of the pledge prizes include the new album, handwritten lyrics, recording session, cover video, and a full band house show. Check out the Kickstarter video below, and pledge right here to be a part of Bailie Nation. (more…)

Jae Apollo Releases "Rock Bottom" Music Video

jae apollo OurStage member Jae Apollo isn’t just any hip-hop artist. Not only has he placed repeatedly in our Best of the Best rankings, but he’s a frequent recipient of our monthly channel Top 10 award as well. After releasing his brand new music video for “Rock Bottom,” it’s not hard to see why. After all, we did write a piece a while back comparing him to the widely hailed Jay Z. You can check out the new music video below. Like what you hear? You can download Apollo’s mixtape, Late For My Arrival, which dropped Dec. 18 right here. (more…)

The Vibrant Sound Release "Gravity" Live Video

The Vibrant SoundWasn’t it just last week we were bringing you the news of The Vibrant Sound‘s concert giveaway? While the giveaway is to celebrate the unveiling of a new song at their Feb. 28 show, the band hasn’t left fans completely empty handed while we wait. In preparation for this week’s show, the band has released a new live video for “Gravity.” If you happen to be in the Provo, UT area this Friday, be one of the first to see their new song. Not in Utah? Dont worry. The band will be hitting the road with The Knux for a few dates this March. Check out the video below. (more…)

Air Traffic Controller Release "Pick Me Up" Music Video

Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controller are just plain catchy. There’s no fighting that. If you’re looking for comparisons, the pop majesty of ELO with hints of Vampire Weekend‘s Paul-Simonization of modern indie rock come to mind (their track “Pick Me Up” lifts a rhythm straight from “Graceland” to great effect). But we think that combination produces a sound that’s all ATC, and the band’s new animated video for “Pick Me Up” is just further proof. It’s not easy to do the animation/live-action combo this well, and on a budget to boot, but it works in so many ways. Check it out below, and catch the band at this year’s SXSW. (more…)

The Narrative To Release New Music & Video

The Narrative New York’s The Narrative recently teased fans with a big announcement…if they hit 20,000 likes on Facebook. With hardly any effort at all, the duo surpassed that marker and revealed plans to mix and master 12 new songs that were recorded nearly two years ago. Although the details on the potential release are still a little hazy, the band has also promised the premiere of a new music video and song in the near future. As much as we love the suspense and anticipation of new tunes, we’re a little anxious to learn when we can really hear them. At least with the band’s promise that “lots of new music and a music video [will be] coming your way from The Narrative in 2014” we know the wait can’t be too long. Check out the full Facebook post from The Narrative here.

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The 1975 "Settle Down" Live Performance

exclusive-the-1975-bed-hauntAfter dropping their mysterious new music video for “Settle Down” last week, we had a tough time believing The 1975 could top that kind of audio/visual pairing. But after checking out their new professionally captured live video for the track, we’re pretty happy to be proven wrong. True to the band’s aesthetic (i.e. black and white), the video documents the band having, by all accounts, the time of their lives as they play to an adoring audience.  If this is in any way an accurate representation of their live shows, then I’ve been missing out. You can check out the video below, and catch the band on their US and UK tour this February through June.  (more…)

Foster The People Release "Coming Of Age" Music Video

Foster the PeopleFoster The People have been making a lot of waves with their recent comeback. Not only did they create a massive mural in downtown LA (based on the cover art for their sophomore release, Supermodel), but they’ve also been announced as headliners for many an upcoming festival. On top of that, they have a headlining tour of their own in the works. Now, the band has released a new music video for their single, “Coming of Age,” comprised of teenage flashbacks and an ’80s vibe that would make John Hughes blush. Check it out below. (more…)

The 1975 Release "Settle Down" Music Video

exclusive-the-1975-bed-hauntThe 1975 enjoyed some hard-earned success last year, after wooing the industry with hits like “Chocolate” and “Girls.” With the recent release of their new music video for “Settle Down,” it’s not hard to understand why the industry became so enamored. This black and white portrayal of two young boys discovering their supernatural powers in a small town is catchy as ever, and makes me wonder why I haven’t been listening to this album on repeat for the last four months. Check out the new video below, and catch the band on their UK and US tours this spring. (more…)

Paramore "Ain't It Fun" Music Video

Paramore-2013Somewhere between planning a new line of hair dye, and adhering to a crazy tour schedule, Hayley Williams and the rest of Paramore found time to film and release their new music video for “Ain’t It Fun.” The single comes off last year’s self-titled album, and features the band smashing tons of records, guitars, and other expensive things that probably shouldn’t be smashed. Besides destroying things, the band can also be seen catching feathers, walking backwards with stuffed animals, unwrapping a “mummy,” and other attempts at setting and breaking world records. Check out the video below. (more…)

For Today Seeking Fans For Music Video Shoot

For TodayFor Today will be shooting a new music video for “Break The Cycle” today, Jan. 28, and are seeking fan involvement. The shoot will take place from 1pm-5pm in Los Angeles, and will feature Memphis May Fire‘s Matty Mullins on set. All interested fans have to do is show up to 1200 Hope St with a few friends, and prepare for your 15 minutes of fame.

You can check out more information below, and grab the band’s new album, Fight the Silence when it drops Feb 4.