SoundTrax: Ambient Thoughts

At OurStage, we believe that music does not always need to fall in a key, or have explicit rhythms to be “good”. Music that offers listeners a soundscape of textures and gestures can make for an incredibly relaxing and thought-provoking experience. This week at SoundTrax, we’ve dug deep into the Ambient/Chill Channel to cultivate a playlist of some of the best sound collages, atonal masterpieces and spooky-horror-film-soundtracks for your listening pleasure.


SoundTrax: Ambient Thoughts from OurStage on 8tracks.


OurStage on 8tracks: Blue Sky Ambience

Here at OurStage, we like to think of ourselves as music lovers, first and foremost. We’re always searching for the next big thing, and new ways to share our discoveries with all of you”from OurStage artists to mainstream music and beyond. But with all the different styles and personalities here at our office, we were hard-pressed to create just one playlist to show you what we’re made of. Instead, we decided to bring each of our music tastes to the table through this bi-weekly playlist on

Blue Sky Ambience from OurStage on 8tracks.

This week, intern Wake keeps it cool with his playlist Blue Sky Ambience. Featuring the ambient creations of OurStage artists Music2Motion and Sinopsys, this mix also includes tracks from the likes of Aphex Twin and Kaskade. Take this collection with you on a swanky international flight, or just use it as background music to study for an upcoming final. Either way, sit back, relax and let the music take you on a journey.