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Ron Artest Talks Game 7, Why He Sees A Psychologist, And Working With Dr. Dre

No stranger to controversy, LA Laker, Ron Artest continues maneuver his career to the beat of his own ball. Coming intothe NBA about a decade ago, the proud Queensbridge native has consistently proved his athletic ability on the basketball court. However, his rough play, suspensions and admitted wild behavior early in his career have earned him a reputation as one of the NBA’s infamous bad boys. But with his first NBA championship title in place, Artest has become a hero of sorts to fans on both coasts. Continue reading on…

10 Dope Hip-Hop Beats…According to David Banner & 9th Wonder

Hitting the media circuit in promotion of their new joint album “Death of a Pop Star” MCs/Producers David Banner and 9th Wonder linked up with to discuss what else, their new album but one topic that got the two southern gents hyped was “dope beats and production”. Without any hesitation, the two ran down a list of thier favorite rap beats and explained what songs they wished they produced as well. Continue reading on…

A Long Convo With… Solange

I’m trying to cut down my cursing, admits Solange Knowles as she sits inside a cabana on the roof of Manhattan’s upperWestside Empire Hotel. The feisty and outspoken baby sister of global pop superstar Beyonce has garnered somewhat of a reputation for having a sailor’s vocab. The rebellious chick who sucker punched the music industry after releasing 2008’s critically acclaimed Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, a confident mix of ˜60s pop, ˜70’s soul and underground alternative, made her indie queen aspirations known to the public. Continue reading on…

Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Lourdes Leon launches Material Girl blog

Madonna and Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon and her somewhat famous mother are launching a fashion line together. It’s called Material Girl, naturally. Leon introduced the line with a blog entry that is as adorable as one might expect from an excited 13-year-old. I am totally obsessivo [sic] about ˜80s shorts ¦ you know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, she says. Look out Women’s Wear Dailywe’ve got a fashion writer on our hands. Leon goes on to extol the greatness of My Chemical Romance (They are so awesome it hurts) and reveal that come October and her 14th birthday, she’ll finally get to dye her hair (THANK YOU MOTHER!!) The blog entry is richly rewarding “ take a look at it here.

The Bad

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas subject of badly-timed Teen Vogue cover

Lovato and Jonas

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas’s cover for this month’s Teen Vogue is a mix of denim and awkward. Lovato and Jonas shot the cover and inside photo spread whilst still dating. Alas, their chaste love ended but two days later. Teen scandal! Read the issue and remember the way they were.

The Ugly

Woman buys MJ’s star-studded glove for $190,000

Marking the year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death, $1 million worth of memorabilia went up for auction, including the iconic Swarovski-studded glove Jackson wore on his 1984 Victory Tour. That item alone was expected to fetch between $20,000 and $30,000, but ultimately sold for $190,000 to Wanda Kelly of Los Angeles. Her hand must have looked fierce waving goodbye to all that dough. Hope it was worth it.

Chris Brown cries through MJ tribute performance

Chris Brown

During his four-minute dance tribute to Michael Jackson for Sunday night’s BET Awards, Chris Brown broke down in tears and was unable to finish performing his set. And it wasn’t because he lost the auction for the glove. So which song reduced the troubled performer to a sobbing wreck and delivered a big dose of schadenfreude to his haters? Was it (A) The Way You Make Me Feel, (B) Billie Jean or (C) Man in the Mirror? We’ll give you a hint it’s C.