Never Shout Never Announce 'Christmas' EP, Stream New Song

OS Members Never Shout Never have joined a long-running industry tradition and announced plans to release their own collection of holiday music just in time for reindeer to land on your roof.

Never Shout Never shared with fans their plans to release new EP, titled Christmas, on November 25 of this year. The album will be a collection of holiday songs, including at least one original song. That track, titled “Everything Is Cool,” can be streamed starting today, exclusively on Alternative Press.

So what do NSN bring to the holiday table? For starters, “Everything Is Cool” harkens back to the group’s early days of creating mainly acoustic songs built on easy-to-memorize lyricism. The “cool” in the title refers to the climate, and as the track plays on, frontman Christofer Drew recounts the many things that come to mind when thinking of the holiday season. It’s not likely to be a modern classic, but it’s certainly a refreshing new take on the spirit of the season.

Preorders for the Christmas EP have yet to be announced, but we expect at least a handful of purchase options will be unveiled in the weeks ahead. Follow OurStage on Twitter to ensure you never miss an update.

Never Shout Never Stream 'Sunflower' On Pandora

OS members Never Shout Never have partnered with popular streaming service Pandora to preview their upcoming album, Sunflower.

Set to be released on July 2 through their own label, Never Shout Never’s new album comes less than a year after Indigo made a splash with critics and fans alike. Coupled with the new release comes a slightly new sound, building on the neo-folky foundation that helped launch NSN to fame a few years back, and moving away from Indigo‘s more experimental moments. You can stream the album over on Pandora’s fancy new player.

Never Shout Never are one of dozens of bands participating in Warped Tour this summer. If you like what you hear on Sunflower, be sure to check out their set.

Never Shout Never Debut "Knock Knock"

OS Member Never Shout Never have released another song off their forthcoming album Sunflower, and fans should prepare now to fall in love.

Entitled “Knock Knock,” the latest efforts from the brainchild of Christofer Drew harkens back to the early days of NSN. Drew leads accompanied by an acoustic and light percussion on a tale of love and the open road. It’s the kind of Dylan-inspired pop goodness Drew has been pulling from for years, but it feels fresh as it did the first time we heard it on “Knock Knock.” Click here to experience the song for yourself.

Sunflower hits stores in July. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the new material.

Never Shout Never Premiere "Malibu"

OS Member Never Shout Never has released a stream of a new song entitled, “Malibu.”

The second song to surface off this summer’s Sunflower, “Malibu” harkens back to an earlier time in the career of Never Shout Never. The simplistic heartfelt lyrics are met with instrumentation inspired by early Dylan and are later made complete with the addition of Christofer Drew‘s signature croon. You can stream the single on Purevolume.

Sunflower is currently scheduled for a July 2 release through Drew’s own label. Will you be picking it up? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

OS Member Never Shout Never Announces New Album

OS Member Never Shout Never has had a career unlike any other. Starting as a solo project by frontman Christofer Drew, NSN went from Internet obscurity, to major label deal, to independent artist with a label to call his own in less time than it takes many to finish college. Now, the group is prepping to release their second full length independent album, and this morning we learned the title.

According to a tweet sent by Drew recently, the new Never Shout Never album will be titled Sunflower. It will be the first NSN release to hit shelves since November 2012’s Indigo, as well as the first album since Drew famously went sober earlier this year. No material has surfaced at this time, but we expect to hear new music soon.

Never Shout Never Perform "Subliminal Messages" Acoustic

OS Members Never Shout Never have made a career out of constantly pushing themselves to create more and experiment further than the vast majority of artists that could be considered their competition. This morning, the Missouri-based folk act unveiled a video performance of a new song entitled “Subliminal Messages” and once again the members of NSN have given fans a reason to stay on their toes. The song is vast departure from the material found on 2012’s Indigo, and according to frontman Christofer Drew it will appear on the group’s upcoming effort, Sunflower. You can stream the acoustic performance below. (more…)