New Track And Holiday Shows From The Figgs

The mighty Figgs, a one-time OurStage Artist of the Week, have released the first new song from their forthcoming full-length album. Listen to “Your Smile Is A Deadly Thing” below:

As if a great new track were not enough, we (up here in the Northeast, at least) have some Figgs gigs to look forward to, starting this weekend. The band traditionally plays a slew of holiday shows, highlighted by unpredictable set lists and this time, no doubt, by more new music. Dates:

12.11.15 New York, NY – Bowery Electric (w/ Doug Gillard)
12.12.15 Albany, NY – The Low Beat (w/ The Charlie Watts Riots)
12.18.15 Pawtucket, RI – The Met (w/The Upper Crust)
12.19.15 Allston, MA – Great Scott (w/The Upper Crust)

We Are The In Crowd Stream "Long Live The Kids"

we are the in crowdWe Are The In Crowd are gearing up for their Feb. 18th release, Weird Kids, and have released a sneak peak into the album with their new single, “Long Live the Kids.” Every bit full of pop-punk goodness as you’d expect from the band, “Long Live The Kids” transitions from a soft piano to those powerful, catchy chorus’ we’re used to hearing. Check out the track below, and catch the band on tour with William Beckett, Set It Off, and Candy Hearts this winter. (more…)

Prince's "Da Bourgeoisie" Demo Is Great



It’s Prince! It’s a new song! We shouldn’t have to pitch you on this!




Prince – “Da Bourgeoisie” by Consequence of Sound

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Aer "Won't Smile" In New Video

Popular underground pop-rap outfit Aer has released the official video for their new single, “Won’t Smile.”

In the early days of any artist’s career, there is a hunger in their vocal delivery that reflects just how much making it means to them. As the artist begins to find success, some of that aggression gives way to perspective, and suddenly they have a slightly more tame sound to offer listeners. “Won’t Smile” is the softer side of Aer, but lyrically it’s just as hard-hitting as anything in the group’s discography. The song and video deal with the differences between people and the struggle we all go through in order to gain acceptance and/or belong. Everyone has their own path to follow, and Aer won’t judge you if you don’t judge them. You can view the video at the end of this post.

Aer have garnered international attention for their blend of urban and Top 40 sensibilities, but for whatever reason they’ve yet to crack the Top 40 stateside. “Won’t Smile” could be a game-changer, offering a relaxed and fun track at a time when bass-heavy club beats are dominating the pop landscape. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Aer’s new material.

A self-titled album from Aer is expected to arrive in January. Follow OurStage on Twitter for updates on the group’s activity in the weeks ahead. (more…)

U2 Debut New Song, Plan To Finish Album Before End Of Year

After a quiet three years, iconic rock band U2 have debuted a brand new song as part of the promotional push for an upcoming film about Nelson Mandela.

Released as the musical accompaniment to a new trailer for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, the new U2 song is as yet unnamed. The song is only available through the extended film preview, which you can stream on NME, but will later appear as part of the film’s official soundtrack. No release date has been set for that collection.

This song is apparently only the tip of the iceberg as far as new material goes. U2 bassist Adam Clayton recently revealed that the band are aiming to finish a new album by the end of November. No word yet on a release or potential single, but it seems safe to assume a new album could hit shelves sometime in 2014. Will it be followed by a tour? Only time will tell.

Taking Back Sunday Debut New Material Live

Long Island natives Taking Back Sunday have spent the better part of the last two years riding a wave of nostalgia thanks to their debut, Tell All Your Friends, crossing the decade mark. Fans know that the band took a few months off during winter 2012 to record in Michigan, but their recent live appearances have been so focused on yesteryear that the idea of hearing something new from the band had become the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Now it seems the guys in TBS are finally ready to step back into the present, and last night they debuted one of their brand new tracks to a rambunctious live crowd.

Rumored to be titled everything from “Anywhere You Want To Go” to “Beat Up Car,” the latest material from Taking Back Sunday is most certainly built on the same structural concepts that helped propel them into the spotlight all the way back at the dawn of the new millennium. The band’s emo-tinged alternative rock sound pulses below vocalist Adam Lazzara‘s signature wails about heartache and separation, all of which mixes into a smooth rock concoction that slowly builds to a dual-vocal bridge that harkens back to the band’s Where You Want To Be days. It may not be reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s sure to please fans news and old. You can stream a fan-shot video of the performance below.

Taking Back Sunday have been debuting new material off-and-on over the last month, which leads us to believe they will soon be announcing a release date for their Hopeless Records debut. Follow Ourstage on Twitter so you never miss another update. (more…)

Eminem Debuts "Rap God"

We all know Eminem is a rap superstar, but is he good enough to be considered a god? If you ask him, the answer is yes.

Having spent the better part of the last two months promoting his upcoming album on the strength of “Berzerk” and “Survival,” Eminem is showcasing yet another side of himself on his new single “Rap God.” The track is the third to surface off The Marshall Mathers LP 2, and as the title suggests, Eminem spends the majority of the near six-minute track spitting bar after bar about how and why he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all time. You can stream the track at the end of this post.

Each “Rap God” verse is more impressive than the last, but unfortunately the beat leaves a lot to be desired. Em’s focus on delivering the most robust lyrical offering seems to have resulted in an overly simplistic accompaniment that runs out of steam long before Em does. Such simplicity is maybe necessary to allow the variety of flows showcased on the single, but considering that this track will eventually appear in the middle of a full album, it’s too mediocre to ignore.

Do you feel Eminem has earned the title of rap god? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is scheduled to be released November 5. (more…)

Chief Keef Debuts "Emojis"

You had to know this was coming. Given the amount of rap released with references to technology and cell phones, it was only a matter of time before someone thought it smart to cash in on the icons that help convey the thoughts we’re too lazy to type out ourselves.

Chicago’s native street messiah Chief Keef has debuted a brand new song just days after releasing his Almighty So mixtape. The track, titled “Emojis,” takes aim at thotties who cannot understand that Keef no longer wants anything to do with them. The teen rap superstar spends bar after bar dissecting the ways digital communication kills relationships, and uses the hook to express how no amount of cutesy icons is going to win over his hardened heart. It’s a street anthem with a silly name and killer production that plays perfectly with everything else has released in 2013, and you can enjoy the track in full at the end of this post.

For those attempting to keep track, Chief Keef has released three mixtapes so far in 2013, and that is following the December 2012 release of his debut album. “Emojis” proves Keef still has a lot to offer, so don’t be surprised if another mixtape of material finds its way online before the end of the year. Until then, comment below and let us know your thoughts on Keef’s latest. (more…)

Lauryn Hill Debuts "Consumerism"

With her prison sentence coming to a close, Fugees member Lauryn Hill has wasted no time returning to music with the release of a new single entitled “Consumerism.”

When most people think of Lauryn Hill they instantly recall the years spent supporting her chart-topping Miseducation album. This was an era in Hill’s career where her hip-hop influence took a bit of a back seat to her more soulful side, and to this day that record plays as well as the day it was released. “Consumerism,” however, could not have strayed further from that gentle, radio-ready sound. It’s a boisterous, high-speed rant on everything from greed to religion and politics that demands your full attention. You can stream the single on HipHopDX.


Pentimento Debut "Just Friends"

Upstate New York rock outfit Pentimento are keeping their string of basement anthems strong this morning with the debut of a new song entitled “Just Friends.”

We’ve all been there. You and someone you consider a friend grow closer and closer over time, until one day being friends is simply not enough. Eventually someone wants more. You may choose to go along with it or you may run screaming, but we all feel the same rush of confusing emotions when those feelings come out, and today Pentimento have given us a soundtrack for that moment.

Hitting the net via our friends at Noisey, “Just Friends” is an alt-rock leaning track that deals with the difficult topic of friends becoming lovers. There is much more at stake in romance than friendship, and when the stress of those stakes becomes too much even the strongest friendships will unravel. That is what happens in “Just Friends,” and we cannot recommend it enough. Head over to Vice for the stream.

Pentimento’s new EP, Inside The Sea, hits stores October 8.