Generation DIY: New Release? Big Show? Start The Campaign!

It’s a new season and that means only one thing: time to release new music, head out on tour, hit the festival scene and, of course, score your band more opportunities to spread your music. Just like a business needs marketing campaign initiatives, so do bands targeting various markets to hook their music to the end-user. As I have mentioned in the past, look at your band as a business and your music as your product”it’ll be the easiest way to separate yourself from the lovable musician looking to connect with your fans and the manager looking to push your band into the industry. Every summer there is an influx of new releases (usually in June “ I know of at least a dozen CDs being released on June 22nd alone), as well as large festivals and tours. Since many of the music fanatics out there are in their 20’s and younger, summer break is the time to target these kids and get them out to your show. This week’s Generation DIY will touch upon how to create and run a PR campaign for your CD release, larger scale local shows or tours. Let the games begin!