Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Featured As Rolling Stone Daily Download

It’s no secret that we think OurStage favorites Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are destined for big things. Led by their eponymous 21-year-old guitar prodigy, the group has already rocked the stage at the OurStage NMS showcase in New York City and had their music featured in a Guitar Hero game. Now, they’re premiering a song over at Rolling Stone and getting ready for their rightful rock ‘n’ roll takeover. Check out the bluesy stomp of “Last One Leaving” from their upcoming album Wild Child at the Rolling Stone Daily Download page all this week.


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Small Room, Big Sound And The Next Huge Rock Band

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown Perform at OurStage's NMS Showcase in NYC

If you’ve looked at the Billboard Rock Charts lately you may be wondering what’s happening to the state of the genre. With chart-toppers like Grouplove, fun., and M83, it feels like the industry is in need of a good ole rock revival. Enter Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown. The Nashville quartet have made it their mission to perserve all that is holy with rock ‘n’ roll and are converting followers one live performance at a time.

Last week the audience of the East Village haunt Arelene’s Grocery were treated to an electrifying performance by Tyler Bryant (vox, guitar), Graham Whitford (rythymn guitar), Caleb Crosby (drums), and Gabe Anderson (filling in on bass). The band was in town for a few days to attend the premiere of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer (Bryant played guitar on the film’s score), to attend OurStage’s Artist Advisory Board meeting, and to showcase at the New Music Seminar. Check out their performance of “Kick The Habit” live at Arlene’s:


OurStage Takes New York: Inaugural Artist Advisory Board Meeting And NMS Showcase

Artist Tyler Bryant and OurStage's SVP of Marketing Scott Nelson

This past Wednesday, executives representing OurStage.com met with with members of the newly formed Artist Advisory Board to discuss the direction of the company and the future of music. Board members included Tyler Bryant, Graham Whitford, and Caleb Crosby of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown,  Mieka Pauley, Jesse Terry, Xolie Morra, and Jonquil Anderson (emcee TAMPPA). During the inaugural meeting, OurStage previewed a slew of artist-centric offerings designed to fortify revenue streams for independent artists.

Later that evening, members of the board represented the online music discovery community during the New Music Seminar (NMS) showcase at Arlene’s Grocery in the East Village. The night kicked off with an acoustic set by Xolie Morra (accompanied by David Nolf), followed by Jesse Terry (recently nominated by NMS as one of the Top 100 “Artists on the Verge”) who was accompanied by drums, rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Mieka Pauley took the stage for an impromptu a ccapella rendition of “Marked Man”, track seven off her forthcoming LP, The Science Of Making Choices. Rounding out the bill was Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, whose highly anticipated first full length record drops this summer. The showcase closed with a set by NYC hip-hop duo, Metermaids.

Mieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley

Xolie Morra & David Nolf

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Jesse Terry

Check out the songs by the OurStage Advisory Board and NMS showcasing acts:

Fan Files: OurStage Fan Gets Hooked Up With Free Tickets To NMS

It all started with a tweet. These days all you need is a little social media savvy and some good luck to score free stuff on the Internet. That’s how the cookie crumbled for Becky Clawson, who scored free tickets to this year’s New Music Seminar in Los Angeles, just for liking yours truly on Facebook. A friend had entered the sweepstakes and reposted the info on Twitter, recalls Clawson. I thought, Nobody actually wins these things (well, I mean, of course someone does… but no one I know ever does), but what the heck. It sounded like a great opportunity and was super easy to enter.

Just like that Clawson was entered into the New Music Seminar Live At The Roxy Sweepstakes on OurStage. It turns out that fortune would go on to smile on Clawson, as she was selected from among the many to be the recipient of the sweepstakes Grand Prize. Clawson attended the 2011 NMS conference in Los Angeles, and was kind enough to share her experience with us. Read on to hear more about her story, and be sure to check out the OurStage fan competition page, where you can get the scoop on more ways to snag more fan prizes from OurStage. For the NMS artist perspective, be sure to scope our interview with The Well Reds, winners of the New Music Seminar Live At The Roxy Competition.

OS: What was the vibe like at the New Music Seminar and The Roxy?

BC: The vibe at NMS was one of wide-eyed enthusiasm and anticipation. Many of those who attended seemed to be on a mission to complete the puzzle, so to speak. Everyone I met was eager to learn from the pros (the panelists) and discover the tools that would strengthen their product and business strategy and propel their career to new levels. At the same time, there was a real sense of camaraderie” the unspoken “we’re all here for the same reason” for the love of music; let’s support each other.”

OS: What are some of the ways that you discover new music on the Internet? Did attending the New Music Seminar give you some new places look?

BC: Pandora and Last.fm were once my primary online music discovery tools, but increasingly, Facebook has taken the lead, allowing friends to easily share audio and videos. I’d spent a bit of time browsing OurStage in the past, but after learning more about the company at Ben Campbell’s talk at the New Music Seminar, I’m eager to get involved with voting on the site to bring up-and-coming artists into the spotlight and connecting them with great opportunities and exposure.

OS: Was there a particular speaker at the seminar who stood out to you?

BC: It would be hard to pick just one speaker who topped the rest, so I’ll tell you about a couple of the moments that stood out for me.

RuPaul, while facilitating a discussion on creating one’s personal brand, asked Moby where he got his personal style. Moby, without hesitation, explained, “I grew up in a crack neighborhood. And I learned that if I dressed like I was homeless, I was less likely to get mugged.” RuPaul was totally taken off guard. The point? If your music is good, it will do the talking. Even if you look homeless.

Angela Hunte, co-writer of “Empire State of Mind”, told attendees that after the song’s success, a lot of people asked her, “So now that you know the secret (to writing a huge hit), when are you going to write the next ‘Empire State of Mind’?” or suggested, “Do that again.” But she replied, “I already did that. I’m not writing another ‘Empire State of Mind’. I’m on to the next thing ”something different”something better.” And I thought, “What a different music marketplace this would be, if everyone wrote that way instead of formulating hits.” Sounds magical.

OS: Did you get to see winning OurStage band The Well Reds perform at the VIP party? What did you think of their set?

BC: I promise I’m not simply trying to tell you what you want to hear when I say that The Well Reds were my favorite act I saw at the NMS after-parties. I’m a sucker for a well-dressed rock and roll band playing original and well-written songs you can shake your hips to. No over-the-top glam. No cheese”ok, so there’s always a little cheese when singing about the heart, but it’s good cheese. Overall, just solid rock most of us soul-bearing young adults can relate to.

Atlanta Pop Rock Quartet The Well Reds Perform At New Music Seminar 2011

Every year, the New Music Seminar (NMS) gathers the innovators of the modern music industry under one roof to discuss the state of the business and what’s on the horizon for upcoming years. This year, NMS teamed up with OurStage to give one artist a shot to perform at the 2011 closing party in Los Angeles at The Roxy Nightclub, where artists the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie have taken the stage. In addition, one lucky fan won round trip airfare and 2 free tickets to attend the conference and closing party just for liking OurStage on Facebook!

Atlanta pop-rock quartet The Well Reds stepped up to the artist challenge and entered their song  6 More Months, which climbed all the way to the Number 1 spot at the top of the channel landing them the gig. Facebook fan Becky Clawson won the fan prize and got to attend the conference and hang out at the closing party, attended by Pete Edge (President A&R Jive Records), Courtney Holt (MySpace Music) and OurStage’s own Ben Campbell to name a few. Fresh off their performance at The Roxy, Torin of The Well Reds sat down with us to talk about their performance experience. Check it out below!

OS: Did you get to meet any music biz big whigs at the party?

WR: We were very fortunate to meet and speak with a variety of industry executives. The “biz big whigs” were incredibly generous in taking a lot of time to speak with the attendees after the panel discussions. We were very impressed with the diversity and scope of music topics covered at the New Music Seminar. The panelists really represented an incredibly eclectic mix of music professionals¦ A&R, Marketing, Booking/Tours, Merchandise/Artists.

OS: Did you have an elevator pitch prepared in case you bumped into any major players?

WR: Not really. There was a lot of pitching going on and it was pretty obvious that a firm handshake and a polite “hello-my-name-is” worked much better than “I am the next big thing, you need to sign me.” We had flyers for our show at the Roxy with show information and band links that we personally handed out to as many of the panelists and attendees as we could. In the event that an industry executive was taking the red-eye out or not planning to attend the show we asked if it would be appropriate to give them a copy of our EP.

OS: What do you think the future holds in store for the music business? Where do the Well Reds fit into this future?

WR: I think the music business will continue to evolve. One of the biggest themes in the seminar was that is does us all a disservice to hold on to the romanticized idea of what was. There are artists that are still finding success throughout multiple traditional and digital media platforms, licensing songs, writing hits, building their fan base¦ I would hope that as The Well Reds continue to grow as a group, we will find sincere opportunities get our music out for others to enjoy. Our goal it to work hard, be professional, and to conduct ourselves in a manner where regardless of where we end up, we can look back without regrets wishing we had done this or that. I think Ourstage is a perfect example of a present day platform that can sincerely provide artists with an opportunity to reach a wide and educated audience. For contest winners, the experiences can be truly career changing.

OS: What was it like gigging in LA? Have you guys ever played there before?

WR: This was the first time we’d collectively played in LA as The Well Reds and it was really great to get to play at the Roxy. We went to the NMS Artist On The Verge contest the night before and were totally blown away with the band the The Daylights. When it came time for us to play we felt very comfortable in the venue. I cannot say enough nice things about the folks at NMS and the staff at the Roxy. Keith, Alex, Sam, Dave, Tom¦ all great professional.

OS: How did the audience respond to your performance?

WR: The audience was great and we definitely made some new friends. We usually measure show effectiveness based on the response of the sound man and Alex (from the Roxy) was very complimentary of our set. We were also able to get some folks out from some of the LA based companies we’ve been working with. Thanks go out specifically to Mike, Mitch, Cindi, Caitlin, Travis and Ramy for attending the show.

OS: How did you get your fans to come out and judge in the competition?

WR: We asked nicely and often on Facebook. I also think there was some residual Ourstage support from when one of our other songs “Violet” placed third in the public voting for the Ourstage Subway Fresh Artist competition a few months back.

OS: Are there any shout outs you’d like to make to the fans who voted for you?

WR:Just that we’re very appreciative of the time that people continue to invest in our band.

OS: What was the most valuable thing you learned at NMS?

WR: As a band we’ve been working with the understanding that each member has to take on a variety of roles within the group. The idea propagated by NMS that really resonated with me is that regardless of who you’re working with or what level of success you’ve achieved it is still absolutely imperative that you’re personally working on the different facets of your career: booking, licensing, perfuming, booking¦ No A&R rep, manager, or booker is going to instantly magically make it so you don’t have to work hard anymore.

Submissions And Judging Still Open For The NMS Live At The Roxy Competition!

The New Music Seminar brings together some of the music industry’s leading innovators to discuss the future of the business and share their insight with tomorrow’s up-and-comers. YOU could land a gig at  the 2011 NMS closing party at LA hotspot The Roxy simply by entering your music into the OurStage presents New Music Seminar Live At The Roxy Competition. OurStage’s very own CEO Ben Campbell will be speaking at this year’s conference!

So what are you waiting for? If your music falls into the singer-songwriter, rock or pop genres, then enter your best original song in the competition by January 23rd for a chance at the grand prize”and don’t forget to tell your friends and fans to come out and judge in the channel. Fans can help OurStage’s best undiscovered stars get their big break simply by judging, and who knows, they might even find their next favorite act. But hurry, judging ends on January 31st. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Perform At NMS 2011 By Entering The Live At The Roxy Music Competition

The New Music Seminar (NMS) is dedicated to helping artists navigate the rough waters of today’s music business, giving them the tips they need to stand out from the competition, keep up with the latest technology and equip them with the tools to help build their musical empires. NMS is teaming up with OurStage to send one lucky artist to Los Angeles to perform at the NMS closing party at The Roxy on February 16, 2011.  The winning artist will have the chance to perform in front of some of the new music industries pioneering personalities, including Michael Doernberg (ReverbNation), Pete Edge (President A&R Jive Records), Courtney Holt (President of MySpace Music), Tim Westergren (CEO of Pandora), Megan Jacobs (The Roxy LA), Jay Frank (CMT), Kelly G (BET), Chris Vinson (Bandzoogle), Jason Floom (Lava Records), Ian Rogers (Top Spin Media), Tony Van Veen (Discmakers & CD Baby), Edward Donnelly (Aderra), Ted Cohen (TAG Strategic), Craig Kallman (CEO of Atlantic Records) Brian Carpizo (Eventric) and OurStage CEO Ben Campbell!

The competition opens today, December 13th, and is open to all singer-songwriter, rock and pop artists. The competition will run throughout December and January, giving artists a full month and a half to get their tunes into the ears of the folks at NMS 2011. A panel of music experts at OurStage will choose the winning artist from the Top 20 ranked artists in the channel at the end of January. For official rules and competition information, click HERE.

Meet The Artists Heading To NMS 2010

New Music Seminar is only days away and the judges have finally selected Hotspur, Comic Book Heroes, and Yonas as the Top 3 Artists on the Verge.  These lucky artists will attend NMS NYC 2010 and perform at an exclusive showcase to compete for a grand prize of over $50,000! Present at the event will be such music industry powerhouses as Jay Frank (CMT), Joe Kennedy (Pandora) and Courtney Holt (MySpace Music). The goal of the competition is to give one lucky artist a jumpstart to their career by hooking them up with a killer prize package. While attending NMS, all three acts will benefit from mentoring sessions, publicity opportunities and press kit critiques given by industry experts at the seminar. The grand prize winner, as picked by a panel of music industry executives on July 20th, will receive over $50,000 worth of consultations including a Gibson SG Raw Power Guitar, a showcase at Santo’s Party House in NYC, a custom designed website and much more! Be sure to check back to the OurStage blog for updates on which artist earns the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kick off their career. Check out the three finalists below.

New Music Seminar Finalists
Listen to Hotspur
Listen to Yonas
Comic Book Heroes
Listen to Comic Book Heroes

New Music Seminar Presents Artist On The Verge

After successful seminars from LA to Chicago, New Music Seminar (NMS) has returned to its roots in NYC, running a 2-day, 3-night seminar July 19th-21st. This event is where artists learn the tricks of the trade on how to rise above the noise floor in the fast-paced and ever-changing music business while networking with other artists, managers, agents and labels.

NMS featured players (speakers) for the upcoming New York City conference will include Eric Garland (Big Champagne), Joe Kennedy (Pandora), Mike Doernberg (ReverbNation), Courtney Holt (MySpace Music), Little Steven (Underground Garage DJ and the E Street Band member), Jay Frank (CMT), Gwen Lipsky (Sound Thinking), Tom Jackson (onstagesuccess.com), Martin Atkins (Tour:Smart), John Simson (SoundExchange), Corrie Christopher (APA), Chris Vinson (Bandzoogle), and Tony Van Veen (Disc Makers). Look for more speakers to be announced shortly. Comedian Margaret Cho will conduct The Artist Movement, featuring superstar artists discussing how they got their break and tips on how to apply what worked for them.

Founders Dave Lory and Tom Silverman are once again on the search to find some of the best up-and-coming artists to give them a jump-start to their career. The New Music Seminar and OurStage are teaming up to offer emerging artists the opportunity of a lifetime! The Artist on the Verge project is a closed competition for nominated artists who have privately been notified. These nominations are from some of the biggest names in the industry such as OurStage, MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation and Tommy Boy Records. Artist on the Verge is designed to expose these talented artists to some of the top media, tech and music industry executives.  Three lucky Rock, Pop, Urban, Singer/Songwriter or Specialty artists will be selected from the NMS Artist on the Verge entries to showcase at the New Music Seminar and be critiqued by a panel of industry executives on July 20, 2010 in NYC. The grand prize winner, from the artists showcased, will walk away with over $40,000 in consultations, promotion, marketing and music equipment!

Judge here on OurStage for your favorite artists and give them a chance to be the grand prize winner and rise above the noise!


Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

The New Music Seminar announces the final program for the Chicago NMS Symphony. This one-day educational and networking event for Artists, Managers, music labels, and others in the music business,  will reveal the secrets of the emerging new music business; its new paradigm and new opportunities,  as well as tools and examples of how to achieve success in the new era.

The New Music Seminar, which for 15 years was the #1 music conference in the world, will again be the number one place for networking and building business partnerships that will become the foundations of the new music business. The NMS will provide delegates with opportunities to meet with the leaders of the new music business, get the advice, information and tools to do it themselves.

The New Music Seminar has replaced the old panels and moderators approach with a Symphony of ideas in four Movements. Each Movement will have a Conductor and four or more Players. The following is the full listing.

Keynote Address: Michael Spiegelman-Head of Yahoo! Music



Setting your targets to the new definition of winning.  The Story of 1000 true fans. Fan Relationship Management and an introduction to the new science of The Fan Pyramid and how to maximize revenues from your different types of fans.

Conductor:  Tom Silverman-Tommy Boy/NMS


Emily White “ Whitesmith Entertainment

David Hazan “ The Bizmo

Lou Plaia – ReverbNation

Martin Heath “ Lizard King Records, UK

2nd Movement

Expose Yourself! Marketing for the next music business; MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are not enough.

Radio and Video are no longer the gateway to success for most developing artists.  Breakthroughs happen on line, at shows, occasionally at press and college radio and specialty shows. But they happen slowly over a longer period of time.  How do you get enough exposure to escape from the cursed swamp of obscurity?

Conductors:  Paul Resnikoff “ Digital Music News


Brian Calhoun “ Soundexchange and Music Business Toolbox

Dean Raissen “ Raise Up Music and Booker, Viper Room, Los Angeles

Ariel Hyatt “ Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR

Corey Denis – Reapandsow

Greg Estes – Mozes



The creative quartet and how to stand out in songwriting, production, image and the live show.

Conductors: Steve Silk Hurley “ S & S Records

KB, OurStage.com


Bad Boy Bill “ Artist

Amy Phillips – Pitchfork

Howard Greynolds “ Overcoat Management, The Swell Season

Plus surprise guests

4th Movement



Dave Lory – Chairman/CEO, Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc.


Martin Atkins “ Author, Tour:Smart & CEO Invisible Records

Tom Windish “ The Windish Agency

David Cooper “ Founder, Foxman/Direct to Fan

Joe Carsello “ Talent Buyer, The Metro

Martin Folkman “ Musician’s Atlas/Independent Music Awards

In between the Movements, delegates will network and visit the NMS Partners in attendance who are supplying complimentary promotional and marketing tools to the delegates and other useful items to assist them with their careers.

The NMS After Party Schmoozathon at Park West begins at 8pm. This private event will include artist performances by the stars of the New Music Business DIY movement.

On Monday night, October 5th, the New Music Seminar will hold their opening night reception where registered delegates can schmooze with the Conductors, Players and other heavyweights attending the Seminar the following day and make new contacts to promote your career.

For more information on The New Music Seminar, you can go to www.NewMusicSeminar.biz. To receive a 10% discount, enter NMSCHICAGO24986 through “Google Checkout” on the registration tab.