Our Final Warped Tour Recap (Part 1)

Hello Everyone!

TM James here again. Wednesday morning, I woke up in a hotel just outside Cincinnati, OH, and thought to myself, “Wow, it’s really over.” The time was 8:05 AM, my flight was just hours from departure, and I had a pain in my stomach reminiscent of the final days of summer camp. A month had passed like a week and I was no longer beside Larry g(EE) and his bandmates, but the memories of our adventures on Vans Warped Tour 2012 were still fresh in my mind. It would take weeks to share everything, so Larry and I decided to pick five of our favorite moments and share them with the masses. This is what I will never forget about my summer on the world’s largest traveling music festival:

1. Bonner Springs, KS – Starting in Detroit, the initial dates of our month on Warped Tour passed like a busy blur of handshakes, bass lines, and checklists. The shows were good, but the band was still adjusting to the challenge of being a soul band on what most consider a punk-heavy festival, and it was not until we rolled through a tiny, uneven parking lot in Kansas that we first hit our groove. I clearly remember standing on the side of the stage in the early, albeit hot afternoon and finding myself unable to stop smiling as the band hit the bridge of “Higher.” There was an energy in the air unlike any other and it lifted our sweat-drenched souls to new heights. Michigan may have been the beginning, but this was the first day things really came together.

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