Fall Out Boy Frontman Speaks Out Against Hate Culture

Patrick Stump has always been someone who strayed from the public eye when not standing in front of a room full of people. His level of celebrity could very easily hit the kind of level that warrants weekly news clippings (much like fellow bandmate Pete Wentz), but Stump has always chosen to remain in the grey. Such a lifestyle has allowed Stump to remain away from rumor mills for the most part, and in the case of this story, given more importance to the times he chooses to share his thoughts with the world.

In a new blog posted on his rarely updated Tumblr, the frontman of Fall Out Boy goes in depth on his feelings about modern day “hate culture.” Stump speaks about the importance of having one’s own opinion, and even goes as far as to say people need to stop being so over-the-top about hatred for folks like Dane Cook and Nickelback. You can read his post below.

Hey! Don’t You Just Hate That (every)Thing?

How many people reading this are fans of Nickelback? How about Dane Cook? Now, I can safely assume that, unless this blog gets reposted on a site dedicated to those respective artists, those questions would be met with tumbleweeds and the distant sound of crickets. Like Creed or Limp Bizkit or the Dude! You’re getting a Dell! kid, they’ve become ubiquitously hate-able. I would not be exaggerating to state I’ve simply never heard someone admit to liking them. (more…)

Pete Wentz Announces Book Tour Dates

Former Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has announced several book tour dates to support his latest novel Gray, a semi-autobiographical story about a musician who struggles with identity, fame, and depression on the road with his band.

Though Wentz and the other members of Fall Out Boy have all been keeping busy with their respective musical and non-musical projects in recent years, the speculation surrounding a possible reunion tour has amplified as the ten-year anniversary of their 2003 album Take This to Your Grave approaches. The members have individually denied such a possibility in the past, but have stopped short from ruling it out entirely. Fall Out Boy fans should keep their ears open, though. Something big might be on the way soon.

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For the dates of Wentz’s book tour, read below the jump.


Patrick Stump Denies Fall Out Boy Reunion Rumors

Yesterday afternoon, the earth saw a brief shift as Fall Out Boy fans spent a few joy filled hours jumping up and down at Insider employee Keltie Colleen‘s Twitter announcement that the band was writing new material.  Patrick Stump, no stranger to reunion rumors, quickly put an end to that, stating that “One of these days there may actually be news and you won’t be able to hear it over all the rumors. That’s no disrespect to @Keltiecolleen btw. She’s awesome.

Fans may remember back in August, Stump was confronted with the same rumor, from blessthefall‘s Beau Bokan. While Bokan claimed that sources had confirmed Fall Out Boy were writing a new album, when questioned by a fan, Stump simply responded, Another day, another rumor.

Hang in there, Fall Out Boy fans.

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