Fall Out Boy Perform At Pro Bowl

fall out boyFall Out Boy recently performed at the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl halftime show in Honolulu, Hawaii, playing  their latest hit, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up),” from their LP Save Rock and Roll, as well as their breakthrough track, “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” Although official footage has not yet been released, you can check out a fan video below, and catch Fall Out Boy on tour with Paramore this summer.


Pete Wentz Blogs About Fall Out Boy's Recent Activity

The return of Fall Out Boy has caused celebration and complaints across the blogosphere. If you’re not over the moon with excitement for their comeback you’re probably on the side of the fence that preferred them on hiatus. Either way is fine, but it’s becoming increasingly clear they are not going back to obscurity anytime soon.

Keeping fans in the loop on their activities, bassist Pete Wentz has blogged about everything going on in the world of FOB since their return became official at the end of January. It’s a short piece, but it covers a lot. You can read his thoughts below: (more…)

Fall Out Boy Reunion Confirmed

After Property of Zack broke the news of a Fall Out Boy reunion this past Friday, the Internet has been buzzing with high hopes and anticipation. Coming nearly three years after the band announced their split, it’s all but confirmed that the hiatus is about to end, leaving fans speculating about the possibility of new music, new festival shows, and even new tours.

While we can’t tell you much, we will say that after a recent tweet from guitarist Joe Trohman, that read, “The rumours are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world! *shreds gnar, does surf’s up hand signal*. Seriously, it’s not going down,” we can’t help but join fans in wondering if the “denial” is a subtle reference to Skate & Surf Festival, which the band has been long rumored to play.

Check back for more updates, and let us know your thoughts on a reunion in the comments.

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Pete Wentz Announces Book Tour Dates

Former Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has announced several book tour dates to support his latest novel Gray, a semi-autobiographical story about a musician who struggles with identity, fame, and depression on the road with his band.

Though Wentz and the other members of Fall Out Boy have all been keeping busy with their respective musical and non-musical projects in recent years, the speculation surrounding a possible reunion tour has amplified as the ten-year anniversary of their 2003 album Take This to Your Grave approaches. The members have individually denied such a possibility in the past, but have stopped short from ruling it out entirely. Fall Out Boy fans should keep their ears open, though. Something big might be on the way soon.

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For the dates of Wentz’s book tour, read below the jump.


Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Soundcheck: Hip Hop Hits…And Misses Playground Music Festival

Hip hop heroes did more than disappoint this weekend when headliners for the First Annual Playground Music Festival skipped their sets, leaving fans and promoters scratching their heads and looking for refunds.

The event was billed as a two-day hip hop, rock and electronic festival, suited for all ages, and promised 200 bands over thirteen stages.  Hosted by Nick Cannon and headlined by The Game, E-40, Too Short, Big Sean,  New Boyz, Panic! At The Disco and The Bravery, it even boasted appearances by Lindsay Lohan and Pete Wentz.

When gates at Hidden Valley, Irvine opened at noon on Saturday, the mostly vacant parking lot was an early warning sign that the 30,000 capacity outdoor venue might not be packed that day.  Once inside, fans found their way across thirteen stages strewn throughout the Hidden Valley property, ultimately leading to the main stage, where Game was expected to perform his Number 1 album, R.E.D. later that evening.

With no signage or announcements of show schedules and stages, it was tough for fans to find the sets they came to see.  Luckily, we caught OurStage’s own ForestPunk delivering one of the best rap performances I’ve seen in years. The twenty-year old Los Angeles native spit thirteen tracks in his hour-long set, which included an eclectic range of thought-provoking prose over heart-pounding dubstep beats, up against his softer-sounding songs like Scary Monster over acoustic guitar. His set-closing number, Bad Monkey had tinges of Lupe-inspired sound fused with the insight and confidence expected from an artist twice his age.

As the night moved on, Shiny Toy Gunz and The Cataracs gave lackluster performances to an eager but small crowd.  As the lock neared 8PM, the sound plug was abruptly pulled and an announcement followed that Game won’t be performing tonight. Show is over. Please proceed to the exits. No talk of refunds or rescheduling followed, only herds of fans rushed through the grounds with no explanation as to why.  Too Short and E-40 also missed their headlining slots, with the entire night going up in smoke.