Your Country's Right Here: Phil Vassar Reminds Fans "Don't Miss Your Life"

Phil Vassar’s new video for his song Don’t Miss Your Life should come with the following warning: Side effects may include a lump in the throat and tears.

Although fans know the story of how Vassar was hard at work on an airplane while traveling between gigs when a conversation with another passenger inspired him to write the song, the just-released video gives the emotional song even more power. Doubt that? Vassar played the song for a friend in radio who insisted”his exact words were something to the effect of “I’m not leaving until you agree to let me play that song on the air” ”he release it as a single sooner rather than later.

I would never, ever have put out a ballad in the spring or summer, but this is a good song and really deserves to come out now,” said Vassar, who is working on a new album to release on his own label. So I had a friend of mine (videographer and director Steve Condon) come on the road with me and my band [to film parts of the video)”.


Exclusive Q and A: Lee Ann Womack Readies Her Next Album

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsThe rumors are true! Lee Ann Womack plans to release new music this year.

Perhaps the writers at Billboard summed it up best when they recently wrote: “When you consider the quality of her albums, any time Womack releases a new album is truly an event!”

Fair enough. Just consider the popular and critical excitement over her last album, Call Me Crazy. The 2008 album set the bar high for those that hope to meld contemporary and traditional country. What you hear in Womack’s music is flavorings from both sides that can only be from this very modern artist with a love for country greats of the past.

Although Womack is knee-deep in work, she took some time out to talk to OurStage about her new album, future acoustic shows and just what you might expect if you spent an evening at her house!

OS: I know you’ve just done the tour ” Girls with Guitars and a Piano Man” with Sara Evans, Sunny Sweeney, Joanna Smith and Phil Vassar, and I hear that you’ll be doing more intimate shows in the future, too. What prompted your interest in acoustic shows?

LAW: I was on stage opening for George Strait last year. I spent two years doing that, well, for this round actually. I did it earlier in my career, too. He’s a great man and I love his music and it was a great experience, of course. But we were in these huge venues. The problem in those situations is that those buildings aren’t built for [concerts].”

Your Country's Right Here: Phil Vassar Goes Home for Charity

Just when you think Phil Vassar has filled his tour schedule to the brim, he adds even more appearances including several for charity.

The Lynchburg, VA native who cut his music biz teeth as a songwriter”penning such beloved tunes as “Right on the Money” by Alan Jackson, “For a Little While” by Tim McGraw and “I’m Alright” by Jo Dee Messina” has been recording his own songs for more than a decade with such Billboard hits as “Carlene,” “In a Real Love” and “Just Another Day in Paradise.”  But Vassar”who’s currently on the Girls with Guitars and a Piano Man Tour with Sara Evans, LeAnn Womack, Sunny Sweeney and Joanna Smith”also makes plenty of time for charity.

“We’ve done more shows [in the past year] than I think we’ve ever done,” said Vassar who last year released Noel, a holiday CD and has several more projects in the works.

If his recent schedule is any indication, this year may well be even busier. Consider that, despite his regular tour schedule, Vassar has just announced his fourth annual Phil Vassar Benefit Concert for Miller Home for Girls on April 4th and 5th in Lynchburg. The home, as the name indicates, is for four to twenty-one-year-old girls who are not able to live with their families.

“Miller Home has been near and dear to my heart for many years, because they do so many great things to help young women,” said Vassar who is donating 100 % of the proceeds from both concerts to the Miller Home.  “I can’t wait to get home to play some music and support this wonderful organization.”

Many of the charity shows by Vassar are in support of the military and for its members. When asked about the time and effort such concerts take, Vassar is quick to point out how much the shows mean to him.

“I moved offices recently and [found] some of the emails I received and some of the letters,” he said. “I sat down in my garage and read them and realized some of this stuff I had never seen before, which is something I hate. A lot of them were from military guys, writing me after they’d seen [a show]. Some were by guys who wrote ‘I’m sitting in a fox hole and listening to one of your songs and it is so great to hear your stories. Those songs mean a lot to us.’ Reading those letter really gets to you. They mean a lot to me.”

Tickets are currently on sale for the April 5th show, and tickets for the April 4th Acoustic Show go on sale February 6, 2012.  All tickets can be purchased at Miller Home of Lynchburg, 2134 Westerly Drive or by calling 434-845-0241 during regular business hours.

Find out more about Vassar and his upcoming performance on his Web site.

Your Country's Right Here: Scotty McCreery, Ricky Skaggs, Lauren Alaina and Others Add Country to Your Holidays

Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Ricky Skaggs and Phil Vassar are just some of the country stars that are ready to brighten your holidays with their down-home music. Sure, you’re overwhelmed with all kinds of lists”shopping and otherwise”during this season but take a look at the stellar line up of artists offering you holiday-themed country music and enjoy.

Think of American Idol alums Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina as melodic bookends of the holidays. McCreery, who performed in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, is also featured in the Disney Christmas Day parade that will be televised on ABC. Find out when it will be aired in your area by going to the Disney Web site. Lauren Alaina will join other artists on American Country New Year’s Eve at 11 p.m. on December 31 on FOX. Find out more about the show on this Web site.









Country Call 'Em: December CD Releases You Should Be Excited About (And Buying for the Holidays)

OSBlog02_CCE_MASTERDecember is always filled with stress, expectations and I suppose a bit of joy as a result of all the hard work that goes into making the holidays special. This season one man stands alone with his tireless efforts, giving fans a full-length album with 12 original tracks (unlike most of the holiday albums out this month.) If you’re looking for something to enjoy all year round, look no further than this awesome December album release.

Phil Vassar has always been a pioneer in country music. First starting as a songwriter for the stars, Phil started recording his own hits in 1999. On December 15th, Phil comes out with Traveling Circus, his fifth studio album. Fast-tracked for release from it’s original February 2010 date, the album arrives just in time to save country fans from the holiday madness.

Mr. Vassar

Mr. Vassar

The title is in reference to the style in which the country songwriting legend feels he’s lived his life for the past few years as a musician. Some new tracks include his singles Bobbi With an I and Everywhere I Go.” Phil has a history of turning out hit after hit, so this album is sure to be a success. His reputation for mixing fresh vocals with smart lyrics makes his sound enjoyable for all country ages. No matter the listener, disappointment is never a word associated with Phil Vassar. It’s a safe bet that all of Nashville, as well as the entire country music community appreciate this album’s fast forward. Its just in time to play on repeat while idling thanklessly in mall parking lots all over the country, in anxious wait of a lone parking spot.

So whether you choose to stuff stockings, wrap it in bows or keep it for yourself, make sure that Phil Vassar’s Traveling Circus makes it way onto your holiday shopping list.


OSBlog02_CountryCatch_MASTERLook out Country Channel! Branan Logan is here and he’s ready to take over the country community. His twangy voice and classic country lyrics team up to make his songs something worth tuning into. The potential for stardom is both  tangible and undeniable for this songwriter. Branan’s tunes have garnered so much attention in Nashville that his tunes have been pitched to superstars like Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts. His sound is totally his own, and he is sure to be noticed for his unique approach to country music.

Branan Logan

Branan Logan

You don’t have to be certifiable in order to appreciate Branan’s catchiest diddy “Borderline Crazy”. With a Phil Vassar sound and Kenny Chesney island-themed lyrics, its only a matter of time before everyone blasts this tune through their speakers. Logan tells his 60-hour weeks “Adios!” but the only thing I see country fans saying him is “Hola!” and  “Muchas Gracias!” for making such great new music.