Philadelphia Slick’s ‘Earth Rocks Harder’ Out Now [VIDEO]

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One of our longtime faves, Philadelphia Slick have a new LP out today. Listen to AND buy Earth Rocks Harder right here, right now. If you need a little enticement, check out the awesome new video for “State of Your Plate,” which was just released in conjunction with the record.

Philadelphia Slick Return With ‘Earth Rocks Harder’

Renowned hip-hop band and OurStage artists Philadelphia Slick is back with a new album, due out on April 28th. It’s called Earth Rocks Harder, and the first single “Not At All” is out now. You can download it for free right here.

The band has also revealed the artwork and track listing.

philadelphia slick front


philadelphia slick back

Philadelphia Slick: Pro Artist Of The Week

We were fans of Philadelphia Slick long before they won the opportunity to perform on the stage at last summer’s Warped Tour, and so we’re very happy to feature the band as this week’s Pro Artist of the Week.

Describing them as a hip-hop group, while not inaccurate, fails to represent the breadth of the music they create. Each Philadelphia Slick song is a verbally punctuated vibe “ a lush atmosphere created out of organic loops, horns, pianos and other keys, strings, and more.

As for the raps, Slick delivers attention commanding streams of consciousness that you’ll spend at least five rewarding listens parsing. It’s a rapid-fire series of thoughts and references that end up as a whole, in contrast to the more meaningless, non-stop pop-culture references you might be used to from some of the renowned clever hip-hop artists out there.

Check it out.


Soundtrax: Hip-Hop Out The Box

Sometimes, your average, run-of-the-mill hip-hop just won’t cut it. You need some beats and rhymes that are a little…different. This week, OurStage’s own technical liaison Jordan has put together a playlist for all those alternative hip-hop fans out there. Here’s a mix of rappers who are all thinking outside the box, creating odd combinations of sounds and lyrics to form a synthesis of head-bobbing tunes. These unusual rap songs from artists like Outkast, Philadelphia Slick, Gorillaz, and many more are sure to give you a whole new way to look at rap music. Post up, and contemplate the unique stylings of alternative hip-hop.

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Second Round Of Winners Announced For The OurStage Warped Regional Competition

Yesterday we began unveiling the twenty-two regional winners who will perform alongside Larry g(EE) on the Stage during the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, and today we’re announcing three more acts. You can view the winners below, stream their music and discover which dates they will play. For the full stage lineup and more, head to the Stage official Tumblr page.


Cure For Caska

Performing at: Central Florida Fairground

City/State: Orlando, FL

Date: July 27


Philadelphia Slick

Performing at: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

City/State: Uniondale, NY

Date: July 21

Squid The Whale

Performing at: First Niagra Pavillion

City/State: Burgettstown, PA

Date: July 12


Stay tuned for more regional winner announcements in the coming days.


SoundTrax: Headphones On, World Off

The weather over the last few days has been marked by an overcast, chilly gloom, and after being teased by summer so frequently I feel like my taste in music may have switched seasons a bit too early. I find myself constantly drawn to warm, sample-heavy hip hop”a sound that’s quite removed from the over-synthesized, over-produced, dance-hop populating the airwaves currently, and more inline with the vinyl crackle infused genre of the ’90s (heck, a couple of these songs actually come from the ’90s). The lyrical content places more of a focus on conveying a story rather than shocking the listener with clever one liners (ahem…Drake). In the words of Masta Ace… “this is how hip hop is supposed to sound”. So find your best pair of cans and switch the outside world off for a little bit.

SoundTrax: Headphones On, World Off from OurStage on 8tracks.