The Figgs On WTF Podcast With Marc Maron

The Figgs

We told you about The Figgs a few months ago in our Artist of the Week feature. And just last week, we tipped you off on a solo record and upcoming tour from singer/bassist Pete Donnelly. Now you can hear the guys – Donnelly, Mike Gent, and Pete Hayes – being interviewed by Marc Maron on his great WTF podcast. Maron is a longtime fan of the band, who have now been together for 26 years, and just got some big exposure over the summer when their song was featured in a Lexus ad. Check out the podcast here.


Metal Monday: Podcast 3

They say third time’s a charm, right? Well, I’d like to think that both my first and second podcasts were also pretty charming, but I’ll leave that decision up to you. This is the time of the year when most bands are embarking on a huge fall tour, gearing up to release a new album or just taking a well-deserved break. What this means is this: there isn’t a lot of newsworthy stuff to report since the last podcast. So, this week’s topic will be a bit different. While I’ve heard most of the albums of interest from 2012, I was thinking about the early stages of my “best of metal” tally for the year and comparing it to my list from last year to see how the lineup held up. Let’s revisit some of my opinions from last year this week. Don’t worry, though, I’ve still got some tasty tunes in this week’s podcast for you (because I don’t want to disappoint).

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  • Songs Of The Revolution…So Far: The Podcast

    Hey, this is Scott, producer of the Songs Of The Revolution series for OurStage.

    Just about one year ago, we sputtered forward with an idea we had. We wanted to bring to you, the loyal OurStager, a taste of the vibrant live music circuit we’re lucky to be a part of here in New England. We wanted to capture unique live performances from the talented and generous artists we are so lucky to work with, in an atmosphere more intimate than you might find even in a small rock club. By the end of 2011, we had captured some fantastic performances. And since we relaunched in 2012, we’ve gotten into a groove with a lot of really stellar musical moments.

    And it keeps getting better. Every two weeks, we publish a new session, with free, exclusive audio downloads and streaming video (some of those early sessions were filmed on nothing but a flip cam or, in desperate times, an iPhone, and now we’ve grown to multi-camera shoots with all the bells and whistles).

    But it’s always, always about the music around here. So I’ve compiled a few audio selections from the past year in this newfangled “Podcast” format that all the kids are raving about. Personally, I think they’re on drugs. You can tell by their eyes.

    I digress.

    At your leisure, please take a listen to these songs, accompanied by some powerful, compelling, Morgan Freeman-esque narration by yours truly.

    Metal Monday: Metal Podcast Round 2

    Welcome to the second installment of OurStage’s Metal Monday podcast. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether the first installment was a resounding success or not (it was, right?). We covered some news, we played some great songs, and we had fun. I also featured three OurStage metal jams, and for those that need a refresher, those songs were:
    Before we move on, did anyone recognize the song that was used as the intro track? If you guessed “Pirates” by one of my all-time favorite OurStage metal bands, Derelict, then congratulations are in order. But enough with the shenanigans, it’s time for the second installment of the Metal Monday podcast to smash you in the eardrums.
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  • Metal Monday: Inaugural Metal Podcast

    It’s been just over three years since Metal Mondays began here at OurStage, with the first post ” an interview with former Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris about The Kris Norris Projekt ” debuting July 20th, 2009. Since then, not a lot has changed in Metal Monday land. It’s been a steady stream of metal coverage: reviews, interviews, features, etc. Now, however, we have a major addition to our content: Metal Monday, The Podcast. Every handful of weeks, we’ll be dropping a new Metal Monday podcast, streaming to you some tasty OurStage metal jams, OurStage metal happenings, news, and maybe even inviting some guests on the show. So, without further adieu, here’s the first installment. Settle in.

    The Five Best Music Podcasts Of All Time (As Of Right Now)

    Podcasting is the modern equivalent of pirate radio, with hobbyists and big names all competing for the same ears. It’s a medium that reward the nerdy and obsessive. It’s unglamorous. And that’s why we love it.

    It seems that podcasting has been experiencing something of a renaissance as of late. The iTunes Podcast directory is rich with new programs and series that present the best in pop culture analysis, storytelling, comedy, and music at no charge to the listener. Since we’re so clearly enamored with podcasts, we wanted to share some of our personal favorites that cover music.

    The Needle Drop

    Anthony Fantano describes himself as “the internet’s busiest music nerd,” and that’s not hyperbole. Fantano runs the niche indie music blog empire that is The Needle Drop. Fantano specializes in audio and video reviews, covering albums and individual songs by artists big and small. While his YouTube album reviews are his bread and butter”he puts out a new one every week day”he also releases a weekly podcast covering new releases in, “rock, pop, electronic, and experimental music of the independent persuasion.” He covers a fair amount of rap and hip-hop as well. Warning: this podcast is only for the most curious and forward-thinking music nerds.

    XLR8R Podcast

    XLR8R describes their editorial mission thusly: “designed to break new artists and challenge cultural paradigms. XLR8R constantly strives to challenge its readers and provide a unique and inspiring experience.” Heavy stuff. XLR8R covers and tries to shed light on some of the most intelligent and left field electronic music floating in the broadband ether at the moment. Trance, house, electro, dubstep (mostly the U.K. variant), downtempo, and ambient are all on the table. For their podcast, XLR8R brings in some of the most unique, if not hottest, producers and DJs for exclusive mixes of their favorite artists. The best part? Most of the mixes feature meticulous track listings, with the artist name and a link to their relevant social media appearing as their song plays.

    Who Charted?

    Now for something more lighthearted. Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack are the multi-racial, mixed gendered duo that hosts Who Charted? Every episode features a new comedian or actor who joins Kremer and Vilaysack, or “”WieWie” and “KuKu,” as they discuss the charts of the week. Music charts, movie charts, if it’s in the Top 5 somewhere, they’re going to talk about it. Even though it’s not exclusively about music, the show gets bonus points for the humor, the audio of the songs included (music discovery!), and the wide breadth of comedy people they bring onto the show. If it’s not enough music or a bit too flippant for your tastes, I suggest paring an episode of Who Charted? with some of the musician-oriented episodes from the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. Example: Take Who Charted? episode 79 with Reggie Watts and follow it with WTF with Marc Maron episode 276, featuring The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne.

    NPR’s All Songs Considered

    This one is a bit of an obvious choice. The wide majority of NPR acolytes are probably familiar with the All Songs Considered program. Hosted by the affable Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton, the web-only series began way back in 2000 as the tentpole of NPR Music. The show is still going strong to this day with Boilen, Hilton, and anybody else helping to bring the freshest new music to their subscribers. The show doesn’t really follow a set format, with weekly episodes ranging in length from around a half and hour to a full hour in length. Also the show has that NPR sound and feel, so you’re going to know if you love it or hate before you even start to listen.

    Outside the Lines with Rap Genius

    Rap Genius has been blowing up the lyric analysis game lately. The site has become the go-to spot for crowd-sourced and direct-from-artist verse meanings. Capitalizing on their newfound popularity, the site is expanding the brand with the Outside the Line podcast. Only a few weeks old as of the publication of this post, the show features host SameOldShawn sitting down with hip-hop luminaries. In the first four episodes, we’ve heard revealing interviews from Jean Grae, RZA, Soul Khan, and Kool Keith with more choice guests to surely follow.

    Any podcasts that we missed here that you think are cool enough to include? Let us know in the comments!