Friday, February 10th, 2012

The EditoriaList: Top Seven Senseless Appearances In Rock Documentaries

You’re sitting there, enjoying Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, when all of a sudden Gore Vidal appears on screen to discuss the political implications of Bieber’s evolving hairstyle. OK, that didn’t happen, but the following actual rock doc commentators are just as jarringly inappropriate:



7. Stones in Exile, Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair

I don’t even want to hear what thinks about The Black Eyed Peas, never mind what he has to say about The Rolling Stones’ masterpiece Exile on Main Street. Sheryl Crow shows up to tell us how much musicians revere the album. Was there literally no one else available? Due respect to Sheryl Crow, but her music doesn’t exactly evoke the gritty swinging awesomeness of Exile. And finally, Liz Phair seems to be included strictly by virtue of the reference in the title of her first LP, Exile in Guyville.

6. The Flaming Lips: The Fearless Freaks
Adam Goldberg, Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis

Unless they have some direct connection with the artists, I can’t get down with listening to actors talk about being a fan. Yeah, I’m a fan, too, that’s why I’m watching this. What possible insight are you providing me? What’s that you say? Yes, I know, I feel the same way. We’re both fans, you see. Wait, did you produce their last record? Oh, me neither. I think these three actors are all great, but what are the chances that the (at the time) romantically-linked Goldberg and Ricci each have something independently valuable to add to my understanding or appreciation of The Flaming Lips?


Discourse & Dischord

The Good

T.I. is officially back

T.I. was released from prison back in December after serving 7 months for felony drug charges, but in the months since has kept a relatively low profile ¦ until now. This week the Atlanta rapper unveiled his video for I’m Back, the lead single off the forthcoming King Unchanged LP. The video shows T.I. rapping in front of the American flag, cruising through his hometown in a black Ferrari, hitting the studio to lay down some vocals”oh yeah, and setting a warehouse on fire. Still, it’s pretty stripped down footage for the king. Did lawyer’s fees cut into the production budget or is T.I. just getting back to his roots? You be the judge.

The Bad

Bret Michaels hospitalized for brain hemorrhage

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels, former Poison front man, Celebrity Apprentice competitor and stripper connoisseur, was rushed to the hospital last week after experiencing an excruciating headache. Doctors discovered a brain hemorrhage and in the ensuing days have sought to stem the bleeding and locate the source of the hemorrhage. As of Wednesday, Michaels was conscious and talking. Let’s hope he continues on the road to recovery and is back on the Rock of Love bus in no time.

The Ugly

M.I.A. releases NSFW video for Born Free

Put it this way, M.I.A.’s video for Born Free makes the ultra-violence of A Clockwork Orange look like an episode of Hannah Montana. Directed by Romain Gavras, the video is heavy on the carnage, politically charged and incredibly NSFW. If you’re sensitive to violence, you may want to hang out here. Otherwise, check out the video below, preferably not within sight of your boss.


How To Put Together Album Art

OSBlog_HowTo_AlbumArtBefore the days of listening to an album in the record store or online, music shopping was more of a gamble. And, believe it or not, a lot of bets were placed solely on album art. I remember trading a Tiffany cassette for Poison’s Look What The Cat Dragged In because I thought the girls on the cover had better hair and makeup. Thus began the seminal hair metal phase of my adolescence (Do not judge me).