GuacaMusic: Q&A With Sevi Lieb

Argentinean artist Sevi Lieb was born with music in his veins. He started guitar lessons at the age of six, entered the conservatory at the age of nine and wrote his first song at twelve.

Years later, Sevi is living the dream. He is in the process of recording his first album and fans are embracing his talent with open arms. Sevi has a strong fan club now, thanks in part to his February Grand Prize win on MTV DEMO, a new Spanish-language site powered by and geared especially towards Latin American artists.

We had the joy of chatting with Sevi about his career, his new album and why he loves about singing in Spanish. This is what he told us:

OS: You are in the process of recording your first album, can you tell us what it is about?

SL: Yes. I am recording my first album and the song The hice daño is the first song on it. We started in September of 2010 and we are working on the final details. I am very happy and the album is coming along great. For those of you who want to hear it, there is a preview on my Web site.

OS: You have more than fifty songs. How did you decided which songs to include in the album?

SL: Wow, this was a difficult process. I worked a lot with Diego Luna (my producer) to select each song. We tried to find a balance that was right for the album. I have a lot of songs that didn’t make it into the album and I am still writing songs today. It’s amazing how we haven’t finished my first album and we are thinking about the second one. Recording an album is an amazing experience, hard to describe. It is as if you are putting all your past and present feelings into something.

OS: You have a big fan club in Argentina, do you think about being famous internationally. Where do you want to be?

SL: Yes! It is great! This is the moment where all your dreams are starting to come true; it is when you start to realize that there are people who enjoy your songs and lives through them with you. It really is a unique experience.

Today, I try not to think about limits. Every day there is something new, a new step to take. I would love to transcend the border and have my music enter into other cultures. I would love to share the stage with other artist and above all, I hope that the fans go along with me in the ride.

OS: What do you enjoy the most about singing in Spanish?

SL: Spanish is a beautiful language. It has its own poetry, which you can use to express every feeling at any time. Each word can have a particular meaning but mean many other things at the same time, depending on how you pronounce it and how you interpret it. One of the main challenges that I have for the future is to be able to sing in different languages, because you enter into a whole new universe that is both unique and marvelous.

OS: Who are your favorite artists?

SL: Ever since I started writing music, there are several artists who really influenced my writing. Between the most influential ones are Maná, Alejandro Sanz and Sin Bandera. Today I really admire the music from the guys in Camila.

You can enjoy Sevi’s music and other great Latin American acts on MTV DEMO. Here is the song that earned Sevi the Grand Prize. Enjoy it. ¡Provecho!

GuacaMusic: Pop en Español

Is it Pop en español or Pop Latino?

You can call it whatever you want, but the fact is Latin pop will always be a crowd-pleaser.  Even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish or haven’t been to any Latin American country, you have probably danced to the beat of major artistas del pop such as Shakira, Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias.

Don’t get me wrong. I love these artists and I know the lyrics to most of their songs. In fact, they make my commute worth the while (there is nothing better than singing Waka Waka on the highway). But, I also think that listening to the next pop stars on OurStage is even more enjoyable.

One of my favorite pop artists on OurStage is Jessi Leon, a young singer songwriter who was born in New York City and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jessi describes herself as a typical byproduct of a bicultural and bilingual generation. Her first album Mudanza (which means move) was released in Argentina at the end of 2009, and contains eleven songs in Spanish and one in English.

Most of Jessi’s lyrics portray a sense of mudanza, and invite listeners to be accomplices in her life, to move with her from one place to another.  Her songs are a compilation of her life experiences, bilingual upbringing and the typical issues faced by someone her age. I especially like her song Ya No Te Quiero. It’s catchy, exciting and talks abut the ending of a relationship and the challenges of both remembering and letting go.

Listen to any of Jessi’s songs on OurStage  and you will see why this hot Latin artist is rapidly rising to the top. She’s already been in the Top Ten Charts in March and April of this year. Along with is playing in several venues in Florida, and has been a guest in a few radio and TV shows in Miami. She also recently performed in Telemundo‘s League Against Cancer Telethon.

Jessi wanted to be an artist since she was little, and started singing and dancing lessons at the age of 7. We are glad she did. She is definitely on her way towards enormous success.

Does it matter if it’s Latin Pop or Pop in Spanish? Not whith a voice like this.