Help One Premium Artist Get The Chance Of A Lifetime

Want to help a talented artist win an incredible experience that will further their music career? Here at OurStage, we’re all about getting your music noticed and giving you unique opportunities to learn from the best in the industry in order to get ahead. That’s where all of you fans come in; we need you to judge in the “Artist Access” Channel this month! Not only will you be making a difference in an artist’s career, but you’ll also discover some fantastic tunes from our Premium Artists along the way!

October’s “Artist Access Competition is giving rock, pop, country and urban Premium Members an opportunity to go behind the velvet ropes and meet with music industry consultant Bruce Tyler. While Tyler’s resume includes being the former EVP of both Sony Music and Columbia Records, he currently lends his entrepreneurial expertise to some of the most influential companies and artists in music. Whether it’s working alongside major record labels, artist managers, music producers, radio giants, leading music Internet sites, TV and film production companies or some of the biggest artist in music today (John Mayer, John Legend, Aerosmith, Beyoncé, and The Fray to name a few), Tyler is widely considered one of the music industry’s best resources.

Check out the playlist below for the current top songs, head over to the Artist Access Channel and judge away! If you’re a Premium Artist, it’s not too late to compete with one of your songs for a chance to win; just make sure to enter your track into the competition by October 23rd!

Premium Members Vie For Face Time With Bruce Tyler

As a fan, there’s nothing you want more from your favorite band than success. You show them your support by going to their shows, by buying their merch and telling everyone you know about them. Thanks to you, the devoted fan, your favorite band is somewhere. But this is your chance to take them somewhere even better.

This is your chance to make a difference in your favorite artist’s career: The winner of this month’s “Artist Access” Competition gets an invaluable one-on-one mentoring session with none other than Bruce Tyler”former EVP of Sony Music and Columbia Records who’s worked with artists such as BeyoncéJohn Mayer and John Legend”to get the tips and feedback an emerging star needs to break out and take the music world by storm.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the “Artist Access” Channel through September 30 and let your voice be heard! Premium Members who perform rock, pop, urban and country are all competing for this chance of a lifetime. It’s up to YOU to decide who deserves it the most!


Help A Rising Star Win Valuable Industry Advice

Success in the music business is all about who you know and how much priceless advice you can mine from them. Lucky for OurStage Premium Artists, we’re doing all the heavy lifting for you. The Artist Access Competition Series is designed to help rising artists meet face to face with industry pro’s, and fans can help them get there!

Judge in the May Artist Access Competition by May 31, 2011 and you could play a crucial role in helping one artist win a mentoring session with Bruce Tyler. Tyler worked as the EVP of both Sony Music and Columbia Records, worked with and played a major role in the continuing success of artists like John Mayer, John Legend, The Fray, and many others, and currently lends his expertise to some of the most influential companies and artists in music. He’s what you might call an industry veteran, and for one lucky artist, his advice is just a few battles away…

Haven’t grabbed your attention yet? The playlist below should do the trick.

Enter Now To Win A One On One With Bruce Tyler

It’s hard to put a price on good, old fashioned, friendly advice. So, for artists, we think that professional advice from a living industry legend is pretty much invaluable. That’s why we’re awarding a mentoring session with Bruce Tyler, former EVP of both Columbia Records and Sony Music, to an artist selected from the Top 20 finalists of our Artist Access competition.

Tyler has worked with and played a major role in the continuing success of artist like Beyonce, John Mayer, John Legend, The Fray, and many others. More recently, he’s been offering his expertise as a consultant to major labels, producers, artists and managers alike. Now that’s a guy you want to have in your corner. It’s hard to imagine the kind of experience he’s picked up throughout his illustrious career, and one lucky artist will get the chance to tap into this one-of-a-kind resource.

If you can’t decide what song to enter, don’t worry! Anything that falls under rock, pop, urban or country is fair game, and you can pick two songs to enter. The competition is only open to Premium Members, so if you haven’t upgraded your account yet, then this a golden opportunity to sign up. You have until May 22nd to submit your songs, but there’s no time like the present so enter your two best songs today.

Get Mentored By An Industry Heavyweight By Winning The Artist Access Competition!

It’s that time again, people. Time to enter the Artist Access Competition for April! One artist, selected from the top twenty in the competition will travel to New York City to meet with music biz veteran Bruce Tyler! Bruce has worked with a lot of big names over the years”as an EVP at both Sony Music and Columbia Records and now as a consultant for some of today’s most influential companies and artists in the music industry.

Naturally, this experience has given him a deep understanding of  the many aspects of today’s music business, an understanding that one lucky artist will have access to. The winner will receive a one-on-one mentoring session with Bruce Tyler, gaining valuable insight from someone whose been in the industry for decades. The channel is open until April 22nd”rock, pop, urban and country songs are all accepted. However, the channel is only open to Premium Members . If you want to win a chance to sit down with a veteran like Bruce Tyler, then upgrade to a Premium Artist account today! Did we mention that artists are allowed to submit two songs into the Artist Access Competition? Check out the rules and competition guidelines and enter your songs today!

A Premium Artist Membership is a subscription to OurStage that, for $9 a month, offers artists access to priceless industry advantages. We created our Premium Membership Program to give artists the three things they need to launch themselves in the music industry: exposure, control and access.