Metal Monday: The Art of the Metal Solo

“Shred ’til death” ” the battlecry of thrash metal dudes (and chicks) around the globe. With the advent of faster and more extreme metal genres like thrash,  the tradition of the metal solo has been a mainstay.  A great way to prove one’s chops, there are a few schools of thought when it comes to soloing which vary according to different metal camps.

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Metal Monday: OurStage Metal Awards '09

OSBlog02_MetalMondays_MASTERAt the end of the year, when all is said and done, 10 top albums is simply not enough to give credit where it’s due. As a supplement to last week’s  Top 10 of Metal, I’m giving props to all the other bands who did something right this year. Think of the following lists as the “superlatives” section of your yearbook”but for metal albums.

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