R.I.P. Country Star Mindy McCready

Tragic news this morning, as we have recently learned Country songstress Mindy McCready died yesterday at the age of 37.

McCready, known mostly for her strong of hits in the mid-90s, reportedly shot and killed herself last night at her Arkansas home; her body was found on her front porch by local authorities. She is survived by two children, Zander and Zayne.

More information on McCready’s death can be found on PopDust.

Losing a member of the music community at any age is hard, especially when there is children involved. Please join us in honoring McCready’s career by clicking below and enjoy her hit, “Guys Do It All The Time.” (more…)

Levon Helm: 1940-2012

Some people think of The Last Waltz – the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary about The Band and their star-studded farewell concert – as the greatest rock film ever made. Others will say that it is an overblown, Hollywood-engineered, ego project on the part of guitarist Robbie Robertson, bordering on fiction.

Levon Helm, The Band’s singer and drummer, fell definitively into the latter category. He made as much clear in his entertaining memoir, This Wheel’s On Fire.

Be that as it may, that film opens (after the encouraging warning that “THIS FILM SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD”) with The Band’s last song of the night, a cover of “Don’t Do It” sung by Helm. This was my first conscious exposure to The Band and it was mind blowing. To see this guy, playing drums with such style and subtlety on the most swinging of tracks, all while singing his ass off, and really leading the band, is to see a performer at the top of his game. And this after hours and hours on stage.

By virtue of his songwriting and ambition, Robertson is remembered as the de facto leader of the group. And you can’t say that any one of the guys was the soul – not when you’ve got Richard Manuel and Rick Danko – but Helm always seemed like the heart, the center of The Band. He was always a substantial presence and the model of a drummer.


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