Brood Music

It Girl

It Girl may not have been together long, but they have a mission: world domination ¦ and maybe, along the way, finding Richey Edwards, rhythm guitarist from the Manic Street Preachers. So says their one-line bio. Edwards, who disappeared back in 1995 was an enigmatic force, but Glasgow’s It Girl seem capable of establishing their own cult status, provided they keep doing what they’re doing. And what they’re doing is this”crafting stark, jarring post-punk redolent of Interpol and Joy Division. Hailey Commits is angular and unwieldy”wiry guitars wind up over a monotone chorus of I am nothing without you. On Locust 1 those same guitars sputter against a punchy beat. The mood is expanded in Locust 2, a nervy concoction of scraping riffs and ticking drums. Is their music bleak? Sure. Frustrated? Most definitely. But troubled is often the hallmark of great artistry. Besides, we all need music to brood to.