Discourse & Dischord

The Good

Katy Perry cakes her fans

Like a modern-day Marie Antoinette, Katy Perry let her loyal subjects eat cake on her twenty-seventh birthday, only they had to scrape it out of their hair and off their clothes. Not exactly the nicest way to serve your birthday guests. Just goes to show you never know what to expect from a California gurl … AMIRITE?

Black Keys debut Lonely Boy video

The Black Keys’ label was probably elated when the band presented the budget for their Lonely Boy video. Who knew that one man grooving in an empty parking garage could be so entertaining? The Black Keys, that’s who.

The Bad

Steven Tyler takes a tumble in Paraguay

During Aerosmith’s tour in Paraguay, Steven Tyler slipped in the shower, busted his face and knocked a couple teeth out. But don’t worry, after some emergency dental work and a couple of stitches, Tyler emerged from the hospital as beautiful as ever. Less lather next time, Steven.

Amy Winehouse’s toxicology results revealed

Amy Winehouse’s toxicology results came in this week, revealing that the singer died from accidental alcohol poisoning. Winehouse’s blood alcohol was five times higher than the legal drunk driving limit. Sadly, Winehouse had successfully abstained from alcohol for three weeks before the night of binge drinking that led to her death.

The Ugly

50 Cent and Mike Tyson pimp Street King

50 Cent recently confessed to being a bully in his youth, but he didn’t have to do much arm-twisting to get Mike Tyson to help him promote his new energy drink, Street King. Watch Fiddy, Mike and Floyd Mayweather experience an evening eerily reminiscent of The Hangover below.

Bigmouth strikes again

Back in 2007, English music pub NME quoted Morrissey as making anti-immigration statements regarding the influx of other ethnic groups into England. This enraged the Smiths singer, who filed a libel lawsuit against the magazine. The case was granted a trial this week, meaning NME and the boy with the thorn in his side will find themselves in a courtroom in 2012.