Artistic License: Our Favorite Multi-Talented Musicians

Last week, we told you about musicians like Karen O and their crazy musical side projects. (Seriously, how awesome is Goat Punishment?) This week, Tom Morello’s upcoming comic book series Orchid inspired us to take a look at the incredible visual side projects that some of our favorite multi-medium musicians are working on. Let’s get cultured!

Tom Morello isn’t the only musician getting into the comic book game”he actually got hooked up with publisher Dark Horse Comics courtesy of My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way. Way has been working on his own series, The Umbrella Academy, since September of 2007. Currently on its 15th issue, the series follows the antics of a group of misfit superheroes who”what else”unite to save the world. We’re mostly just jealous of The Rumor’s superpower”she can instantly alter reality by lying. That would be SO USEFUL.