Metal Monday: The White Trash Metal Brigade Are Back In Full Effect

Norway’s Shot At Dawn have been shredding up and down the OurStage metal charts for a handful of years now. From the release of their 2008 EP Pre Bellum to 2010’s Seize The Night EP and now White Trash Metal Brigade, Shot At Dawn have stayed true to the things that helped them become a band in the first place: high fives and good times. Don’t believe them? Well, the band’s “about” section on Facebook simply reads “Stage dives and high fives! We rule!” That enough evidence for you?


Metal Monday: The Oslo Metal Scene, with Shot At Dawn


Residents of Norway, purveyors of the high five, all around awesome dudes; readers meet Shot at Dawn. In addition to winning the OurStage Metal Channel last January with their song “In Hoc Signo Vinces,” the group has been destroying venues around Norway. We wanted some feedback on the Oslo/Norway metal scene” where it was, and where it’s headed” from a band who is in the thick of it. Here’s what they had to say:

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A good breakdown hits you like a punch to the chest (one you’ll ideally enjoy), and switches the pace and mood of a song for a small amount of time. At a show, these breakdowns are the moments when the crowd erupts, where awe and enthusiasm literally explodes before the stage. Over the last couple of years metal breakdowns have been hitting the scene in a big way. The technique is still under fire by the community at large (many metalheads are still clutching to the old ways). Sometimes breakdowns can ruin a perfectly good death metal song. At other times, a breakdown can make the song. For example, the breakdowns in Job For A Cowboy’s Entombment of a Machine are by far the best parts of the song. And bands like All Shall Perish execute deathcore flawlessly, incorporating excess amounts of shredding with their breakdowns.

This playlist features songs involving breakdowns in all capacities. Some songs are comprised almost entirely of breakdowns. Others only have one breakdown. If you’re looking to bust some heads in a mosh pit or not, all these songs rip. Give them a listen.