'Skrillex Quest' Joins Music Video Game Roster

Right on the heels of 2 Chainz and Juicy J’s 8-bit adventures comes another retro video game that features a digitized major musician. In Skrillex Quest, the dubstep superstar gets the Legend of Zelda treatment. When a speck of dust invades an old game cartridge and threatens to unravel the entire virtual world, Skrillex’s tunic-clad avatar must destroy the game’s glitches and save the virtual princess. His music is prominently featured, which is fitting, as game creator Jason Oda notes that Skrillex’s tunes sometimes sound “like a broken video game.” Oda has previously made games for Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin, and Chemical Brothers as well. Who could be next to hop on the online retro video game bandwagon? It might be a longshot, but we’d love to see Escape From The Rihanna Plane. That one might be impossible to beat, though.

If you dig Skrillex, check out OurStage artist DJ Tranzed.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OWSLA Announces First Label Tour, Will Be Brining The Noise To A Town Near You

It pay to be friends with Skrillex, assuming of course that every artist signed to OWSLA, The Undercut One’s imprint record label, is friends with him. The producer/DJ has effectively reshaped the pop and electronic landscape ever since he broke through with his second EP Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites nearly two years ago. Since that time American audiences have become much more receptive to EDM, especially EDM performed by artists that slot well into the sonic mold that Sonny Moore helped popularize.

So it’s about time that the coterie of artists that make up OWSLA’s roster (and a couple of their closest musically inclined friends) hit the road together. And that’s exactly what they’re doing this fall.


Jekyll & Hyde: Rockers And Their Alter Ego Side Projects

It’s always interesting to find out that one of your favorite artists, known for a particular genre, is quite talented in another style of music. Sometimes fans get so used to a person as a specific character fulfilling a familiar role that, at times, it can be a surprise to hear the musician’s alter ego. Often times though, it can be and eye-opening experience, creating crossovers and introducing listeners to a new style of music that they would have otherwise been oblivious to. So, with that in mind, I’d like to acknowledge and pay respect to a few eclectic rockers who have challenged their fanbases with side-projects that are almost polar opposites from their main work. Some you may know, others may surprise you. In the end, you may feel inspired to finally start that pseudo-electronic jazz fusion folk band you’ve been dreaming about for so long. (more…)