Spare Parts


Maybe the best way to first experience Karmin is to start with their cover of Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. Under the direction of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, Lovato’s pop song becomes a sophisticated, swooning piano ballad. Heidemann replaces Lovato’s rocker rasp with her pristine, bell-like vocals, smoothing out all the rough edges. If anything, Karmin’s Skyscraper illustrates their ability to blend instantly accessible pop with elements of jazz and R&B. You’ll see the interplay of all three styles throughout Karmin’s songbook, from the bright acoustic amble of Let’s Get Lost to the languorous, layered Inside Out. Probably the most impressive thing about Karmin is that they can create full, percussive pop melodies with only a handful of instruments”acoustic guitar, cajon, two voices and the occasional piano and trombone. Like musical MacGyvers, this Boston-based duo emerges triumphant again and again using only the sparest of parts.

“Let It Go” – Karmin