Confused and Puzzled…? – Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 (Updated 02/23/12)

Expect the unexpected. Converse has announced they’ll be releasing a collaborative track and music video featuring three top names: Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000. Due to drop February 23, the anticipation increased after Seattle ‘s alternative rock station 107.7 The End posted a making-of video on their show – the Daily Swarm. Here’s what we know: it’s entitled DoYaThing and the video will be “ of course “ a hybrid of cartoon animation and film. In addition to this sneak peak, Jamie Hewlett, the cartoonist behind the Gorillaz characters, released a storyboard/teaser of the video. However, the direction of the video remains unclear because of the two additional artists involved. To leave you even more confused than you already are…lets just say, I smash 2-D’s face in the wall… and Get out of my bed… (see videos).


Take out your Converse and enjoy “DoYaThing!” Holding true to the Gorillaz’s signature sound, the track’s groove is funky and downtempo, but Andre 3000’s abstract lyrics and fast rapping style provides the upbeat energy of Outkast, giving the song a truly unique favor.  Also, Jamie Hewlett’s input provides some cool electronic sensations. Overall, it’s simply a bangin’ collaborative tune you’ve got to experience for yourself. Check it out by clicking the link above and keep on groovin’!

Below is the official making-of video released by Converse, as well as Jamie Hewlett’s storyboard: