5 Most Anticipated Music Films Of SXSW

It’s that time of the year again: gearing up for the inevitable onslaught that is the South by Southwest schedule. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To make it a little easier to pick through the massive amount of events going on, we’ve highlighted the five best music-related films for you to check out, along with a handy “when to watch” guide to enhance your viewing experience.

Broadway Idiot & ¡Cuatro!


It’s a two-for-one deal for Green Day this year, so we’re grouping the dual documentaries on the band into a single punktastic category. Broadway Idiot focuses on Billie Joe Armstrong’s transition to the Broadway stage for the theatrical rendition of the band’s 2004 rock opus American Idiot, while ¡Cuatro! focuses on the making of the band’s recent trilogy of albums.

Watch it after: Missing your favorite punk band’s set in favor of that “awesome new shoegaze, EDM meets post-punk” act that your friend misguidedly recommended. (more…)

50 Cent Releases "Major Distribution" Video Featuring Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy

Taking a moment to reflect, it’s a little hard to imagine that a decade has come and gone since 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ exploded onto the hip hop scene. That releases would go on to sell more than seven million copies worldwide and launch 50 Cent into superstardom, but with every great triumph comes and even greater need to do better next time around. 50 kept rapping throughout the 2000s, but he never found the same level of success that he did with his debut. This of course lead some to say he fell off, but after the clip you’re about to see I think it’s evident nothing could be further from the truth.

Marking the first single and video to surface from his forthcoming 2013 full length release, “Major Distribution” was unleashed earlier today to instant praise from fans and critics alike. The track features assistance from heavyhitters Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, if you’re weird), but the true star of the show remains 50 with each listen. His charisma feels new again, and it’s unlikely any other single would have had a similar impact. You can experience the song below: (more…)

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Bands Behind Bars

What is it about musicians that constantly attracts the close observation of law enforcement? With bad habits and an even worse track record, musicians as a whole appear to be gifted rule breakers by nature. Perhaps there is rebellious mentality that not only inspires so much of their music, but also motivates the urge to push the boundaries set by “the man”. After all, that’s implied in the famous credo, sex drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, which has become more of a manual than a general expression. At the rate some artists get in trouble, there’s bound to be a current case on trial at any given time. And, of course, there is. One specific case seems to have caught the attention of many and is making headlines around the world. Here’s a quick rundown of the dispute, and just a few of the various possible trends and examples that can be picked out from a long history of unruly artists.

We’ll stay away from some of the cases that have been more drama than jury, but instead we’ll talk about one particularly peculiar instance of band-fan interaction that has been making international headlines. We’re of course referring to the exchange between Randy Blythe of the metal band, Lamb Of God, and a disruptive show goer at a concert in Prague on May 24, 2010. Blythe had allegedly aided security in pushing the man off the stage who later died from head injuries sustained during the scuffle. On July 3, Blythe was called upon and jailed over two years after the event with no notification prior, and was ordered to serve a 10-day sentence in a Czech prison. The band issued a statement thanking fans for their support and assuring the front man’s innocence. Since then, however, further evidence has been raised in the case. A friend of former Daniel Nosek told The Prague Post that “He got up onstage only once, at the end of the concert. Randy was brutal, and pushed Dan down where nobody could catch him. I don’t think he meant to kill Dan. But I hope he will be punished.” As the investigation ensued and witnesses were questioned, officers reportedly uncovered a tape that shows Nosek onstage up to four times, interacting with the 41-year-old frontman on multiple occasions. It’s still unclear, however, as to whether Blythe is entirely accountable for the injuries that led to Nosek’s death a month later.