Meet The November Winner Of The MTV Score SKINS Music Project!

We’re sure you’ve already heard about the incredible success of the MTV SKINS Theme Song Competition, which gives winner 3D Friends (Daniel Chavez Wright) weekly exposure to thousands of viewers across the country. In November, MTV and OurStage gave even more artists a shot at getting featured on the show by launching the MTV Score SKINS Music Project. Throughout the month, artists competed for the opportunity to get their song heard by the music supervisors at MTV and then featured on SKINS during the show’s first season. And now, we are proud to announce November’s winner!

Meet Vic and Gab, a sister songwriting duo whose passions lie in making catchy indie pop/rock. The ladies caught the ears of  the MTV music supervisors with their song So Long, So Tired, an acoustic driven ballad that champions their delicate vocals and pop sensibilities. Join us in congratulating Vic and Gab on their big win and stay tuned to the OurStage Magazine for when we interview them later in the month. Be sure to check out So Long, So Tired when it airs on SKINS tonight!