Rock Boat Competition Final Chance To Judge And Win Cruise Tickets!

Bathing suit? Check. Suntan lotion? Check. Sunglasses and an iPod filled with your favorite artists? Check, check. If you’re wondering what we’re preparing you for, it’s the “Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition” grand prize for fans!

This February, The Rock Boat will set sail for Great Stirrup Cay, packed with some major talent from the likes of Sister HazelNEEDTOBREATHERoger Clyne and the Peacemakers and OurStage’s own, Bronze Radio Return. And that’s just the start.

By simply judging your favorite artist in the Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition by Dec. 14, you’ll be entered to win a five-day cruise for you and a friend aboard the Rock Boat, headed from beautiful Miami to sunny Great Stirrup Cay.

So what are you waiting for? Get judging, and don’t forget those summer items. You just may need them.


Judge For The "Rock Boat Lucky 13" Competition!

This month OurStage is hosting a competition that will send some lucky, talented winners off to sea. Artists will compete for a chance to perform on the 13th annual Rock Boat, a cruise packed with all sorts of crazy antics as it heads off to Great Stirrup Cay in February 2013, with performances by Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHE, Rusted Root, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Will Hoge, Tony Lucca, OurStage artist Bronze Radio Return, and many more. Help us decide who will be the Grand Prize Winner of two 60-minute performances on the boat, along with a travel stipend, accommodations, meals, and more! Click here to start judging now.

Want To Rock The High Seas? The “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition Is Looking For You!

Picture it: Waves crashing against the great Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, sent from Miami and bound for its own private island in Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. The wind is blowing in through your hair, there is a cold drink in your hand, and you find yourself tapping along to that incredible music that’s been coming from the stage for the past hour.  Now reverse that. What if you were the one on stage, cranking out tunes for the last hour, watching thousands dance along to your music?

Well aspiring rock stars, you’re in luck. OurStage and The Rock Boat have teamed up to give one lucky OS artist the chance to play alongside acts like Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHE, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, OurStage artists Bronze Radio Return, and many more in February 2013.

The Grand Prize winner of the Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition will play two separate hour-long sets alongside these renowned performers. But we’re not going to leave it at just that. In addition to having your accommodations and meals fully paid for, you’ll also be allotted a travel stipend. Living the rock star life for five days? You bet.

Enter the Rock Boat Lucky 13 Competition right now and you just may find yourself living the dream this February.

"Rock Boat Lucky 13" Competition Gives Artists The Chance To Sail The Sonic Seas

Can you navigate by the North Star, me hearties? Can you tell which way the currents will take you from just a gust of wind? Does the sight of the sea fill you with an inexplicable desire to yell “Yarr?” Well, you’re in luck, sailor, because OurStage and The Rock Boat have teamed up to give one OS artist the seafaring chance of a lifetime.

The Grand Prize winner of the “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition will have the opportunity to rock the stage on the thirteenth outing of the Rock Boat cruise bound for Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas in February 2013. The winner will play play two separate hour“long sets alongside Sister Hazel, NEEDTOBREATHE, Rusted Root, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Will Hoge, Tony Lucca, fellow OurStage artists Bronze Radio Return, and many more. In addition to fully paid accommodations and meals, the Grand Prize will even include a travel stipend, just in case you want to knock back a cold one with a fellow lead guitarist after the show.

Enter the “Rock Boat Lucky 13” Competition now, and you might just find yourself on the high seas come February. Now swab the deck, ye scallywag!

Those Who Rock The Keys Need Your Judging Expertise

Admit it. You’re a sucker for a good piano melody. No matter what genre of music we’re listening to, the sound of a piano is always nice to hear. Well, guess what? It’s National Piano Month, so we recently asked all of you OurStage artists to submit your awesome songs (featuring the piano, of course) to our “Kick Up The Keys” Competition, and now it’s time for all you piano lovers to judge!

Head over to the “Kick Up the Keys” Channel to discover some new favorites and judge the music you love! There’s something for everyone, from R&B to indie pop to traditional country. You can start right now, but remember that judging ends on September 30th. So to all of you who love the keys, show us what you like”your picks could end up on our “Kick Up The Keys” Playlist which will be available to download for free!

If You're Mean On The Keys, This One's For You

September is National Piano Month, and frankly, we’re all in the mood for a melody. If you’ve got a track that shows off your prowess of the eighty-eight keys, then enter the Kick Up The Keys Competition by September 22nd.

Talent that catches the ear of the OurStage Editor at Large could be featured in our Kick Up The Keys Playlist, which will be promoted and offered for free download to the entire OurStage community. So what are you waiting for? Step up and sing us a song.

Eligible submissions are limited to those featuring piano as the primary instrument throughout the composition.

Accepted genres: r&b, soul, pop, indie pop, modern rock, soft rock, singer songwriter (male), singer songwriter (female), indie rock, rock, alternative, southern rock,  traditional country, country, alternative country and acoustic

Your Summer Playlist Has Arrived!

It’s official, summer’s here”time to kick out the jams. It’s no surprise that with great weather comes great tunes, and we’ve got plenty on OurStage.

With this in mind, we’re launching the Rock ‘n’ Popsicles Competition to give OurStage artists a chance to show us their best summer songs. The prize? Promotion directed to the entire OurStage community in our exclusive Rock ‘n’ Popsicles playlist, of course! Enter by June 22, 2011 and you’re ready to rock. At the end of the month, the OurStage Editor at Large will comb the channel for the juiciest cuts to include in the playlist.

All submissions must contain summer-themed lyrics and fall into these genres: singer songwriter (male), singer songwriter (female), folk, pop, indie pop, indie rock, soft rock, rock, alternative, southern rock, funk, modern rock.

Not sure if your song is a good fit? Check out the playlist below to help you decide.

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Throwback Suburbia

Don’t be surprised if Portland, Oregon’s Throwback Suburbia instantly remind you of Death Cab for Cutie or The Shins. After all, their album was created with the help of the same legendary producers who worked with both bands, plus John Lennon, The Who and David Bowie among others.

Though this roster is certainly impressive, Throwback Suburbia are well on their way to great achievements themselves. Their 2007 single “Circles” earned regular rotation on LA’s KROQ radio station and became the most played song by an unsigned artist on several other national stations. They also landed television spots on Fox and FuelTV and were named Eastwood Guitars’ favorite new act.

It’s always nice to have a breath of fresh air in the pop-rock scene, even when the sound is, well, a throwback. This power pop quintet boast some retro ’60s charm in their clean and simple song structures, perfectly timed harmonies and complimentary keyboard parts. The sweet and sugary “Head Over Heels” will definitely get you dancing, as the piano, bells and vocals make this feel-good tune a stand-out track. Soft-rock ballad “You’ll Never Know” could easily be a Beatles song. The track is surprisingly hopeful as vocalist Jimi Evans sings, “Clear those cobwebs inside/Don’t wait for tomorrow/You’ll never know ’til you try.”

After spending 23 weeks in the Top 100 on our Best of Pop Charts and sharing the stage with Rooney and The Gin Blossoms, Throwback Suburbia are on the fast track to hitting it big. Be sure to check out their latest album, Throwback Suburbia, on their official Web site!

The Next Big Thing: August Rising

August Rising is one of the best rock bands on OurStage if their near constant status as chart toppers during much of 2009 is any indication.  The band has eight Top 10 finishes, including their song “And I Will” which won first place in March on the Indie Rock Channel.  But, considering 4 of their songs placed in December’s Top 10 on the Soft Rock, Premium “Artists on the Verge,” Modern Rock  and Acoustic Channels, the band can really fit in to just about any rock genre they choose.

l_e5744b6eacce2950fdee6b23fc08871d[1]Besides playing shows in their native California, the August Rising has been approached to open for some major established artists on upcoming tours.  The band has worked diligently to surround themselves with a great team of people working to make their success a reality. By utilizing social networking, the band has begun reaching out to over 30,000 fans across multiple platforms.

Jeff (vocals/guitar) had this advice to offer to other bands: “We’ve really learned over the past year how important the whole idea of ‘who you know’ in this industry really is. We don’t look at who we know as a substitute for hard work, but rather taking advantage of opportunities when they’re given.”

Take a listen to some of their songs below and keep an eye on this ever-evolving band!