New Album Trailer, Exclusive Performance From The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter mainman Casey Crescenzo has announced the April 2 release of a new album, Migrant. The announcement was accompanied by the debut of an album trailer, which you can view here. The Dear Hunter is known for defying the traditional norms of album releases, notably having released his first three albums as a three act narrative of sorts, which was followed by a nine-EP concept collection called The Color Spectrum.

Crescenzo says he tried a new approach this time around: “When I started writing this record, I made sure to limit myself to an instrument and my voice…” As you’ll glean from the trailer, the songs clearly grew into something much greater.

We had the opportunity to hear what Casey sounds like with just voice and guitar when he stopped into our studio to perform for our exclusive Songs of the Revolution series. View those performances after the jump:


The Royal Concept – Exclusive Performance, Free Downloads

Welcome to a rare, on-location Songs of the Revolution, featuring The Royal Concept, filmed and recorded at Brighton Music Hall in Brighton MA. So eager were we to have these guys be a part of our series that we packed up the laptop, a pair of mics and stands, and of course our mobile videographic unit (aka the camera) and made our way to the club, where the band was preparing to soundcheck. The search for a proper location to shoot turned up no secret, well lit, acoustically-tuned rooms tucked away in the club, so we set up by the pool tables. The band put together a makeshift set up, complete with mini-keyboard (the enduring classic, Casio SK-1) and trash bin percussion. Crunched for time, we still managed to get two great, fairly impromptu songs from The Royal Concept, who really couldn’t have been cooler or more accommodating. Enjoy these videos and free downloads.

OurStage's Staff Favorites From 2012

2012 was a big and busy year for music. From Carly Rae Jepsen‘s infectious singles to Chris Brown‘s horribly offensive behavior, so much has happened that we decided to look back and reflect on some of our favorite releases and events by various artists this year, including those on OurStage.

Mikel, OurStage Community
No Gods
Sharks take the best of classic British working-class punk and wrap it up in a shiny package topped off with jagged guitars, shiny harmonies, and hooks for days.  No Gods is a fists-in-the-air call for self-reliance that never takes itself too seriously.  Bloody brill’.

Jeremy SquiresIn The Dark
OurStage artist Jeremy Squires’ 2012 release In The Dark is folk at its most lonesome and plaintive.  Acoustic guitars intertwine with Squires’ delicate and twangy vocals.  Harmonica lines whisper and echo in the background.  This stuff is beautiful.

Mike G, OurStage Accounting
Mumford & SonsBabel

Murder By DeathBitter Drink, Bitter Moon

Royal ThunderCVI

Greg, OurStage Community
When Frank Carter, the original iconic frontman for UK punk hardcore band Gallows, decided to leave in the summer of 2011, fans feared it was the end of the band all together. At that same time, Canadian post-hardcore rockstars Alexisonfire were just calling it quits all together. Before anyone could react, AOF vocalist and guitarist Wade MacNiel was already scheduled to take the place of Frank Carter in Gallows. Their first full-length self-titled album since the lineup change came out a few months ago exceeding all expectations and solidifying MacNiel as the new face for the band. Looks like “death is birth” after all.

Many of us here at OurStage happen to be musicians ourselves, but without bias, I have to say one of my favorite releases of 2012 was
Mountainosaurus, the debut album by our account manager Martin’s band Yellabird. If you like The White Stripes or The Black Keys, then you haven’t heard nothin’ yet because this duo leaves those guys in the dust. The riffs and rhythms will leave you drooling for more. Can’t wait to see what our buddy “Mahty” has in store for 2013.

Martin, OurStage Account Management

Meshuggah – “Marrow” – Koloss

King Orchid – “Plaguin’ Me” – For Battle

Baroness – “Green Theme” – Yellow & Green

Tame Impala – “Elephant” – Lonerism

Heartless Bastards – “Got To Have Rock And Roll” – Arrow

Delta Spirit – “Empty House” – Delta Spirit

Angela, OurStage Editorial



It seems that every album Anberlin makes they pour their heart, soul, and tons of talent into. That being said, it’s been a long time coming for an album that hits as hard as 2007’s Cities. This year’s release,


went above and beyond with fast paced, aggressive hooks, and addictive anthems that I still find myself listening to on heavy rotation.

The Glass Child – “Who Am I” and “Letdown”

Last year we were introduced to OurStage artist,The Glass Child ‘s debut EP,

This Is How Ghosts Are Made

. This year, we saw the release of two incredible singles, Who Am I and Letdown. Showcasing her unbelievable vocal range within these telltale anthems of self discovery, the woman behind the talent, Charlotte Eriksson proves once more why she’s at the top of my radar; and why she should be at the top of yours.

Andrew, OurStage A/V
I don’t know if it counts, but for me, a real gem of 2012 was Delta Rae‘s music video for “Bottom of the River.” Now, the video actually came out in October of 2011, but I didn’t discover it until this year when we interviewed them. That video was one I felt compelled to share.

Mieka Pauley‘s emotionally charged Songs Of The Revolution performance of “Wreck” was a standout.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown‘s bluesy rock were a welcome contribution amidst all the pop sounds.

Songs Of The Revolution: Little Barrie

The shag-haired, leather-clad men of Little BarrieLewis Wharton, Virgil Howe, and the eponymous Barrie Cadogan “ are exactly what you expect. When they stopped into our studio for the final Songs Of The Revolution session of 2012, they were a vision of no-frills rock and roll. Polite, of course, but these guys were there to work. After a chat about the set up “ no isolation, everything in the room, don’t care if it sounds dirty, we don’t really play stripped-down “ the guys jumped into three songs ranging from propellant riffage to groove-based mood rock. Barrie himself is known for his session and touring guitar work with acts like Spritualized, Edwyn Collins (who has produced the band), Morrissey, The Chemical Brothers, and more. This range of quality music, along with his stellar guitar playing, is on display in this exclusive session for OurStage. Watch the streaming videos and download the mp3s for free. See you in 2013.


Songs Of The Revolution: Chamberlin

We’ve got a brand-new, exclusive Songs Of The Revolution session for you”with streaming video and free downloads, as usual. Chamberlin is a band of road-tested performers from Vermont, who play rootsy and roomy songs about the unavoidable twists of interpersonal relationships and the self-torture of jealousy. The heavy subject matter is belied by the affable nature of the band members, who strolled into the studio one afternoon in late September and pulled together three songs, changing up their usual instrumentation and decorating the sound with accordion and banjo. Their recorded stuff is and seems to be moving even more toward lush, moody Floyd-esque rock, with modern touches. Great people, great music, and currently (November 2012) on tour again. See dates here:


Songs Of The Revolution: The Spring Standards

While tuning my UHF dial and fiddling with my foil-covered coat-hanger antenna, I came across the Conan show, which was featuring a pretty dazzling young band. Ok, it was on YouTube. Turns out this entrancing three-piece is called The Spring Standards. Their beautiful three-part harmonies, top songs, spacious, textured arrangements made the transition from the national talk-show circuit to our very own studio in Somerville, Mass, where the trio lined up on some stools, broke out the melodica and guitars, and put on a display that¦well, you’ll just have to watch it to get it. We are thrilled to offer these videos to watch and songs to download for our latest Songs Of The Revolution session.

Be sure to check out the older SOTR sessions while you’re there.

Songs Of The Revolution: Nemes

Nemes joined us for an exclusive Songs Of The Revolution session during a June afternoon, on their way from their hometown of Worcester, Mass. to a show that evening at Church, a club in the Fenway area of Boston.

Named one of Alternative Press‘ Top 5 Unsigned Bands of 2010, this unique rock outfit boasts really solid songwriting, elevated by stellar harmonies and versatile violin playing¦as evidenced on the stripped-down performances here. Nemes is a band of natural performers, who blend with each other so well that we ended up just using a couple of microphones, capturing the ambiance of each song as it was in the room.

The band will be playing with OurStage faves Air Traffic Controller and last month’s Songs Of The Revolution featured artist Will Dailey on September 23 in Shirley, Mass. If you’re in the area, check out this great bill.

In the meantime, watch the videos and download the songs at the low, low price of no dollars.

Chamberlin: "Maryland" Above The Valleys Part II

The members of Vermont’s Chamberlin haven’t just written an album about the difficult road back from betrayal and resentment. They’ve lived it. When founding members Mark Daly and Ethan West left for Nashville to write the band’s latest EP Look What I’ve Become, they took the Chamberlin name with them, informing bassist Chuck Whistler and drummer Jamie Heintz that they would not be playing on the EP. After recording the album, Daly and West realized the vital need to reconcile with their bandmates. Once they the band at their Vermont cabin, though, their keyboard player quit on the spot.

The second part of their Above The Valleys video series finds the rest of the group reunited at their Vermont cabin, describing their recovery from the setbacks that almost broke the band permanently.  Over the melancholy strains of Maryland, the fourth track from their EP, Whistler recalls being dropped from the group for the album’s recording: I didn’t even say anything. I was “ pissed isn’t even the right word “ I was pretty hurt¦It took a little bit of repair to get back to where we were. Despite encountering the type of obstacles that would have derailed a less devoted band, the group looks like they have never been better. Every once in a while, West says, people bounce back stronger.

Look What I’ve Become is out now on iTunes! Catch Chamberlin on a lengthy US tour this fall, and be on the lookout for an upcoming Songs of the Revolution session with them right here on OurStage.

Songs Of The Revolution…So Far: The Podcast

Hey, this is Scott, producer of the Songs Of The Revolution series for OurStage.

Just about one year ago, we sputtered forward with an idea we had. We wanted to bring to you, the loyal OurStager, a taste of the vibrant live music circuit we’re lucky to be a part of here in New England. We wanted to capture unique live performances from the talented and generous artists we are so lucky to work with, in an atmosphere more intimate than you might find even in a small rock club. By the end of 2011, we had captured some fantastic performances. And since we relaunched in 2012, we’ve gotten into a groove with a lot of really stellar musical moments.

And it keeps getting better. Every two weeks, we publish a new session, with free, exclusive audio downloads and streaming video (some of those early sessions were filmed on nothing but a flip cam or, in desperate times, an iPhone, and now we’ve grown to multi-camera shoots with all the bells and whistles).

But it’s always, always about the music around here. So I’ve compiled a few audio selections from the past year in this newfangled “Podcast” format that all the kids are raving about. Personally, I think they’re on drugs. You can tell by their eyes.

I digress.

At your leisure, please take a listen to these songs, accompanied by some powerful, compelling, Morgan Freeman-esque narration by yours truly.

Songs Of The Revolution: Shonen Knife

For this week’s Songs of the Revolution, we were honored to play host to Shonen Knife, the all-female Japanese pop punk band that influenced a generation of American rockers before ever stepping onto U.S. soil.

The band has just released Pop Tune, their 18th studio album since their debut in 1982. Frequently cited by Kurt Cobain as one of his favorite bands, they had a lot of success in America in the mid-late ˜90s, and during that time made one of their best-loved recordings, a cover of The Carpenters‘ Top Of The World, which was included on a popular tribute album.

Despite a few lineup changes over the years (singer Naoko Yamano is the remaining original member), the band is currently as strong as ever, as evidenced on this session. We naively requested a stripped-down set, in keeping with the vibe of the SOTR sessions. When the band arrived at the studio, we set up and suggested maybe just a hi-hat for cymbals. Sure, they nodded and agreed. Drummer Emi Morimoto asked for another cymbal stand. Okay, maybe just a ride cymbal, we hinted. Soon enough, she was wailing on the kit with a nice, high crash invading all the mics. We had to respect that. And, in the end, we’re glad we’re not the ones who got Shonen Knife to water it down.

Enjoy these streaming video performances and free downloads, and try not to let Banana Chips drive you mental with its insistent catchiness. Atomic-level earworm.

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